I'm Special

The whole story is AMUS POV.

Chapter 0: Urban Legend come true; Prolouge

I might seem diffrerent, because I am.

I am the worlds most feared predetor. There are movies on my kind. There are books about my kind. The facts that you read and think, well, they are most likely not true. We can live on only animals. We can be the only species on Earth.

I don't like to eat the human species. They acually don't taste good. Okay, scratch that. Their taste is the best out of anything. One human got to the best of me. His name?

Tsukiyomi Ikuto.



Birthday-December 1st.

He is like the most best meal I could ask for. Me?

Hinamori Amu.


Age-17 or maybe 104.

Birthday-September 24th.

I am like nothing to him probably. Though I am a little stranger. There is a simple sentence I say to get people to stop bothering me.

I may seem different, because I am.