A/N: Harold will be in eleventh grade, so he's 17 and can drive. Marian is 14 ½ and in eighth grade. They both attend River City High School. So, there was your background on the two main characters. By the way, The High School is up on a hill in a country area of the city with barely any houses.

Summary: Marian is waiting for her mother to pick her up after a track and field practice. Harold shows up. Read to see what happens. Please R&R! Enjoy.

Marian Paroo sighed as she turned the page of her book. She was sitting on the bottom step leading down from the field house. The field house is where the track team put their bags during practice. There were two baseball games and a softball game going on, but she didn't feel like being around people at the moment. She looked up when she heard a car and saw Harold Hill turn into the school parking lot. She started reading again and was so absorbed in her book, that she didn't notice Harold park his car by the curb next to her and get out. She gasped in surprise when she saw his shadow in front of her. She looked up as she closed her book and stuffed it in her bag.

"Hi," she said shyly. She had a crush in the eleventh grader, but only her best friend, Ethel Toffelmier, knew. Unlike some girls, though, she didn't act crazy around him.

"Hi Marian," Harold said. Marian was astonished when Harold sat on the steps next to her and instinctively moved her hand to her hair to fix it. When she was halfway through taking out her hair tie, Harold stopped her.

"Don't, you look fine. What are you doing here?" Harold asked curiously.

"Track practice was over ten minutes ago. I made Districts, so it was a small practice. My mother isn't coming until 5:30," Marian answered as she stopped fixing her hair. Harold spied her cell phone in her pocket and reached over. She always said she needed a new phone and she was right. He'd never say anything, though. He sent a message and handed her back phone, earning a confused glance from her.

"Your mom isn't coming until 7:00. It's only 4:30. You have two and a half more hours here," Harold answered her unasked question.

"What are you doing here, Harold?" Marian asked.

"My cousin has a softball," Harold said.

"You better get up there, then" Marian said, trying to hide the sadness in her voice.

"I was at her last two and I'll probably go to the next one. You look like you need someone to talk to, and that is more important right now," Harold grinned a bit.

His kindness made Marian remember why she had instantly liked him when they met during drama club.

"You don't need to say anything if you don't want to, but I'm here," Harold said as he stood and grabbed her bags. He tossed them into the backseat if his car and locked the it.

"What are you doing?" Marian asked.

"You'll see," Harold said mischievously as he grabbed her hand and started leading her across the field. "Close you eyes and don't open them until I tell you to," he added. Having already put Harold on her 'list' of older boys she could trust, she obeyed and let him lead her to wherever he was taking her.

Harold's POV (this is for the sake of explaining some things, so don't expect more pov's)

I wonder if it's normal to like someone younger than you. Then again, I know some relationships where people have an age difference of twenty years. I'm glad I already arranged those four surprises, well five if you count the last one, with people along the trail. I was wondering when I'd be able to get her to come. Thank goodness Danielle (Harold's cousin) had a softball game today, or I would have missed this opportunity. Something is on her mind, I can tell. I wish she'd tell me. I want to help. Oh, wow, it's been ten minutes already. I can see my 'secret destination' just ahead.

Normal POV

Marian had been wondering where they were going for the past ten minutes. She had felt Harold lead her up two hills, down one, over a dirt road, and stop. Wait, he stopped.

"Can I look now?" Marian asked, her curiosity becoming unbearable.

"Sure, go ahead," Harold said as he reached into his pocket for his wallet.