All Thanks to Zeke - a story about Tanya being changed into a vampire. AU

Tanya's Point of View--

Before I go any further with this tale of tragedy (no, not Romeo and Juliet), I must explain a few things first.

My name is Tanya Denali, and I was 18 years old when it happened. I grew up in a well-off family, but I was always stereotyped at school, in town, anywhere I went I heard snide comments about the 'rich snob' as I was called. I didn't like being rich. In fact, I would have liked it better if we were just like any other middle-class family in the world. I was pretty nice as far as people go.

I was beautiful. There was no denying it. I had strawberry-blond curls that fell past my shoulders, naturally straight teeth and perfect skin. I was in the imagination of every boy at the high school I attended. I didn't flaunt my beauty; I wore jeans and t-shirts like everyone else, but apparently they thought I looked better than all of them in it.

I can't help what everyone else thinks. It didn't matter what I wore, I was still at the end of every rumour in school.

My life was like a glass vase. Perfect on the outside, but extremely fragile on the inside.

It was a Friday. A Friday night. There was alcohol, there were half-naked couples, and there was weed. I definitely remember the weed, seeing as I took multiple hits.

And there was Zeke. Pale, black hair, striking red eyes that should have creeped me out, but didn't. Charming smile, brooding, attractive.

And made even more attractive with the weed and the alcohol.

It was Jamie Allan's party. Her parents were out for the weekend and, obviously, she was going to throw a party. Practically everyone was invited. I didn't really want to go, but the pressure from my friends (and people I hardly knew) got to me.

But we all knew that the guys were going because of bets made on who could bang me first. So I wore a conservative, yet party-appropriate, outfit consisting of a black skirt, light blue tank top, and blue flip flops. I wore my hair down with my signature barrette. No make-up, but a light dusting of blush and lip gloss.

My two other friends - Krissie and Amy - wore the sluttiest outfits they had; tight tops, skirts, the highest heels you could ever imagine.

And so you ask: how were they ever my friends?

Trust me, even I didn't have the answer to that question.

So we pulled up in my Mustang and of course the first thing out of my mouth was, "Were you guys planning on looking like strippers?"

Cue death glares, cold shoulders, and sneers.

I rolled my eyes and got out of the car. They'd be over it before the end of the night; I was, after all, their ride home.

"Hey, Tanya! Lookin' good!" hooted one of the drunk boys over by the pool. I waved without looking and kept walking.

By the time I actually got into the house, the number of drunk teenagers who said hi to me (not including girls) was 54.

I walked into the kitchen, said hi to more people, and got a wine cooler from the ice chest. I tried beer once and I never will drink it again.

I looked around and sipped my drink, noticing familiar faces.

Until my eyes stopped on him.

He was standing in the corner, nothing in his hands, looking around at all the action. Suddenly, as if knowing I were thinking about him, he snapped his head in my direction, staring into my eyes.

In one swift movement he was in front of me. He towered over me by a few inches and he smelled so good. I wanted to bury my nose in the front of his shirt.

"Hello," he said; his voice was, in other words, pretty. He smiled at me. "How about we get you loosened up? You're really tense for someone who's at a party. I'm Zeke, by the way," he said, looking around for a moment before handing be a lit joint. Before I realized it, I had taken multiple puffs and was as high as a kite.

I danced with Zeke and danced with just about everyone there. I think at some point I may have started making out with a few of the guys, but that memory is still unclear.

At some point during the party, I went for a walk with Zeke. We ended up in the woods only a little ways from the house. I started kissing his ice-cold lips and tugging on his clothes. Jackets were discarded. His mouth started a trail down my neck and I moaned from the sensation of cold lips on red-hot skin.

Suddenly there was a searing pain on my neck. My legs tried to crumple beneath me and fire was coursing throughout my body. I screamed, I tried to throw him off of me, to stop this pain. I wasn't high anymore and I definitely had my inhibitions back.

Every survival instinct was telling me that I was in serious danger.

But before I knew it, I had blacked out.

When I woke up Zeke was gone.

But, smiling down at me was a pale man with liquid honey eyes.

"Tanya? You're safe. Luckily, I got to you in time before he finished you off," the strange, kind man said.

"What, what?" I asked, disoriented. My voice was now like a wind chime, high and light. "I - I don't understand."

"Tanya, you're a vampire now," the man said.

I was a monster now. My life was ruined.

And it was all thanks to Zeke.