-September 6th, 2011-

Raven sat on the couch watching the television, her mind slipping from reality. She couldn't believe that two years have already slipped by... she was now a Senior at Tribbleton High. It felt only like yesterday that she just arrived to America from her small town in Essex, England.

"Yes indeed, today is the official day. The first passenger ship will be leaving to the moon in about half an hour from now, and every one is getting excited here in Houston. This is truly a day of history. More info will be giving after the break."

Raven rolled her eyes. Big deal, she thought. Sure, it's pretty cool that humans have finally got a space ship developed to travel from the moon and back in perfect condition, just like an airplane, but what was there to do or look at once on the moon? Seemed like a big waste of money, than anything. Raven tipped her head back and started to think deeply. It was shocking to see how much everything had changed in just two years. Not just technology, but all her friends around her; they have changed so much.

Brad got much taller and muscular. He was now a popular guy just like how he always wanted. But was still the sweet old fella Raven remembered. Tuck was already in middle school and was almost as tall as Raven. It startled her a little bit, remembering when he was just a small boy that came over to her house everytime when he knocked yet another basball into her upstairs window; just yesterday it seemed. Sheldon hadn't changed much physically, but has gained great social skills. For a while even had Jenny as his girlfriend in their Junior year. Much progress for him. But Jenny... she hadn't changed at all throughout the years since she was a robot. And just a month ago something went wrong with her cercets and she stopped opporating. Ever since then, she's been up in Dr. Wakeman's study. Wakeman had said it would take a while to repair Jenny without harming her memory system. But without Jenny, Tuck and Brad were sad and miserably bored, Raven was depressed and leaving Sheldon to cry himself to sleep every night.

Then Raven's mind began to wander a little farther. Farther than it had gone before in a long while. She thought of Austin.

How much she missed him was undescribable. She wondered how much he had changed too. If he had gotten buff like Brad, or prehaps talented with the ladies like Sheldon. She also wondered if he thought of her still. Or has he been able to let go of her unlike she has for him?

These thoughts began to depress her. Raven got up from the couch and clumsily began to ascend up into her work room. Up in there, she was able to think and let her creativity run wild. She got up into the room and looked around. She gave a heavy sigh when her eyes lay fixed on a large box next to her desk. In that box lay the remains of Purple, her robotic hound. Jenny wasn't the only robot that wasn't fuctioning these days. Purple also had broken down and stopped working. But Raven clearly knew why. Purple wasn't as advanced as Jenny and his brain circuits need replacements. But unfortunately, Raven couldn't afford replacements. All her money was going towards collage classes she would be taking next year. Once I'm done with school completely, Raven thought, I'll get him up and running again. But for now, Purple lay in pieces in the box so that he wouldn't be in the way.

Raven plopped herself down in the chair at her desk. Her sketch book of plans lay out in front of her. It depressed her to see all of her wonderful plans ready for action but she lacked money to start any projects.

One of her recent project ideas was going to be pretty pricey. She had designed a large hand held glowstick. A glow stick that was only a handle shaft that would extend to its magnificent glow by a push of a button. It was somewhat like a sword and switch blade combinded, except it wasn't a weapon, but merely a tool of entertainment while raving. The trouble she had for this piece was she wanted to design it to where the glow wouldn't fade and would last forever. The only idea she had for that was to fill it with plasma or some kind of heated chemical that gave off a neon glow. But that would only make it dangerous. She laughed to herself. Or some kind of dorky sci-fi weapon, she thought. Still, she wished there was something else to make a beautiful glow...

Raven put her hand to her forhead as she thought some more about it. She got distracted from her poundering when she heard voices coming from outside of the house. She looked up to the window and peered out. Down in the streets, she saw her neighbors crowded together and looking up at the sky. They seemed to be talking nervously among themselves about something. Raven tried to lower her head and peer up at what they were looking at, but could not see past the roof of her house. She wondered if it was the space ship that was taking off they were looking at. But that couldn't be... they were all the way up in Mishigain. They couldn't see the ship taking off from all the way in NASA, Houston.

Raven sat up from her desk and walked back down the stairs. She came to her door and opened it, walking out on her lawn. She took one last look at the neighbors who figdeted and whispered among one another before she looked up to the sky. She stopped dead in her tracks.

Up in the sky, right next to the sun, was the moon.

Raven squinted up at it and cocked her head. What the bloody hell? The moon next to the sun in the middle of the day... it made no since. No wonder the neighbors were acting so strange. Raven walked over to the people in a circle, only to make it morph away around her. As if she was some kind of sick disease that repeled everything away. They all stared at her uncomfortably. You would think they would be use to her by now. But no, she was still the creepy girl that came from the United Kingdom. Raven stood uncomfortably around them, the silence and their stares making her face flush a little. "Um... wot's going on?" she croaked.

One of the old ladies that liked her the least flared her nostrils at Raven. "What do you think, missy?" She jabbed her finger up to the sky, "The moon is out too early! God is punishing us and making the moon raise the ocean's water so that we will all flood out and-"

"Alright, I know, I know!" Raven shouted over the woman's out burst. "I noticed the moon was oddly placed. Does anyone know why?"

A couple of the people shook their heads or shrugged but remained silent.

Raven gave a heavy sigh.

"Well, that crazy witch doctor might know what it means or why its happening.." one of the men said mostly to himself.

"Good idea," Raven replied. "Why don't we go ask her?"

"Are you nuts? She's insane! She'll turn us into insects or something," the man protested.

Raven glared at him and the rest of the people who were nodding in agreement to his statement. Dr. Wakeman wasn't nuts, they were just scared of her because they have never seen her before. Forget these lame cowards, Raven thought, I'll just go ask her myself.

Raven wheeled around and marched across the street over to the Wakeman house. She came up to the door and knocked on it. No answer. Figures, was probably still up in her study trying to fix Jenny. Or prehaps she already noticed the moon's strange position herself. Raven grabbed ahold of the door knob and thrust the door open. The house was still its fimilar, same old self but with a different atmosphere. A lonely and vacant feeling that swept silently through the hall ways and around the rooms. She walked through the halls, turning this way and that and up the stairs. She came to the last door on the right, the door that read out 'Study' on it. She opened the door slowly. It gave of a startling creek that echoed all around the metallic walls of the large room. Next thing she knew, Dr. Wakeman was bounding up and down in front of her in outrage. "What do you think you are doing?! I was in the middle of an important observation and you came just bar- Oh! Raven. So sorry dear, I didn't regconize you at first."

"That's alright, Ms. Wakeman."

Wakeman looked up at her, her beaty eyes staring through her thick, red glasses. "What can I do you for?"

"I was wondering if you noticed that the moon was out in brode daylight and if you could tell me what it me-"

"It is no moon." Wakeman replied.

Raven fell silent. The doctor turned and walked back over to her desk, looking down at some papers and analyzing them.

"What do you mean?" Raven asked.

"You see this telescope here.." Wakeman asked, tapping its lends that was next to her. The large telescope extended up to the roof of the room and went up and out, looking directly up into the sky. "This telescope can moniter the speed an object is moving or orbiting in space per second. I have been observing the so called 'moon' for half an hour now... and it has not moved from its spot. It isn't even rotating on its axis."

Raven felt a dry sensation take over her throat. She wanted to swallow it but she couldn't. Somehow, this sounded all unreal. Almost like a comic book or scary movie.

"What are you implying?" Raven asked, her voice unsteady.

The docter remained silent for a moment. But then she turned around and smiled back at Raven. "Oh nothing to worry about, dear. I believe it is something similar to the case we solved last year. You remember, the tiny aliens that camoflased their ships to look like trees? I believe its very similar but to a much larger scale. They have camoflased their motherboard to look like our moon. But they did a terrible job at their disguise, wouldn't you agree? Wahahaha." Wakeman laughed to her little joke. Raven chuckled with her, but did not feel any better.

"Um.. but Mrs. Wakeman.. how will you stop the aliens this time with Jenny still unable to operate?"

Wakeman waved a hand infront of her, keeping her smile on her face.

"It's nothing I can't handle. If the aliens attack before XJ9 is repaired, I'm sure her sisters can make do with the job."

Raven gave a fake smile to Wakeman. Jenny's sisters weren't the town superheros for a reason. They usually made more of a mess than fixing the trouble. "Well... I guess I'll see you around then, Ms. Wakeman," Raven said waving a hand. Wakeman nodded her head and turned back to her desk. Raven walked out of the room and down the stairs. The fimilar house was starting to give of a feeling of hopelessness. Strange, she thought. It has never been so quiet and lonely before.

Raven made it out onto the lawn, when she saw the people still standing in a big group. They were all facing her direction, waiting for her to share the doctors words with them. She gritted her teeth, not wanting to talk to them. But it would be rude to leave them out on the news.

"Well? What did the crazy witch say?" the old woman from before asked.

Raven took in a deep breath. "She said that it was not the moon. It was something that was camoflased as the moon. But she said its nothing to worry about.."

The old woman's eyes enlarged as the corners of her mouth dropped dangerously. "I don't believe that rubbish!"

Raven rolled her eyes. "Believe what you want. I'm going home." Raven walked away as the group of people started to talk even louder among themselves. Raven didn't care if they didn't believe her or Wakeman. It was their lost and waste of time to stand out their bickering about nonsense.

Once back into her humble house, Raven plopped herself back onto the couch. The television screen was blank and the light in the room was fading. Raven wanted to believe Dr. Wakeman that it was truly nothing to worry about. But how could she? They hadn't come across something so big. And with out Jenny around to protect them, everything was up in the air for fate's decission. But deep down, Raven knew that it wasn't going to be ok, and something big was about to reveal itself.