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"I'm Chris St. Amour."

"Welcome! Welcome!" He grinned, gesturing to a couple of desks near the back of the mostly empty room. I sat down beside Colt, just as the bell began to ring and other people began piling into the room, each casting curious glances at me.

Mr. Jamieson began." As you can see, we have a new student… Chris St. Amour. Make her feel welcome. Today we will be talking about the Illyrian Palace, or rather what we know of it. Later this week, we'll go down to see where the ruins are rumoured to be."

"See it?" A girl said shrilly. The girl had waist-length blonde hair that was almost silver. Even though I could not see her face, a sense of foreboding crept on my back. I had a hunch that it was my despicable Interloper cousin.

"Why yes, Miss Smith." Mr. Jamieson sounded surprised.

"But it's haunted," She screeched, rising up several octaves.

"Miss Smith, I assure you those fears are completely unfounded. All tales about the ruins are completely untrue," Professor Jamieson preached.

"No, no, no." The girl shook her head, as if in denial. All of a sudden, she gradually turned her head to look at me. Ice blue eyes greeted me, and a look of recognition and malice flashed across her perfect features. They were gone in a flash, as if they'd never existed. I was right, it was her. Magdalene… my uncle's daughter… my Interloper cousin… And one of the reasons why the Illyrian Empire fell… and she recognized me.

I stared coolly at her with a raised eyebrow, pooling my own porcelain features into a perfect blank mask. I was an ace at keeping things to myself, not letting any people know things I didn't want them too. She turned back around with a smirk. I would have smirked too, if the situation wasn't grim. There was going to be a confrontation between us and we both knew it. The confrontation was faded to happened, now that the two of us recognized the other. Who knows when it was gonna happen, but I prayed it would be later. Unfortunately, it was not to be. The bell rang and my classmates left, I tagged along until we reached the washroom. She was there, and it was just the two of us.

"Well, well, well… If it's not my favorite cousin, Lena." She said, mockingly.

"It's Christelle, now." I respond, glaring at her. We were once extremely close, like sisters until we were fifteen and from then on as we grew older we split apart until we could no longer get along. In the past, I wished I knew why we split apart and drifted so far from one another, but it was too late damage had been dealt and everything changed. "What do you want?"

"Oh nothing much, cousin dear. Just the throne," She sneered, moving closer to me, with an evil grin on her face.

"You destroyed the Empire, there's nothing left now," I said in a monotone voice. A voice which I often employed and perfected to not reveal anything. It used to drive my mother and fiancée mad because they could not pry anything with out of me, when I got like this, "And even if there was something, you aren't getting it."

"Are you sure?" She questioned, darkly, sitting on a sink.

"I'm a hundred percent sure, traitor." I spat, temporary losing my composure.

"What a pity," She sighed, hopping off. She walked past me, "I was hoping you'd reconsider. Guess not."

"I have no reason too." I said, as she left. I followed her, anxious to get to my next class. I hurried to my choir class after stopping to get directions from other students. The bell rang, a couple minutes after I arrived. The teacher arrived promptly.

"Father," Exclaimed my cousin, who was in my class. Brilliant, he was my uncle, my mother's traitorous younger brother. He was always jealous of my mother, the firstborn, the heir and perfect daughter. Maybe, he looked up at her once, when they were children, I don't know. But whatever it was that he once held for my mom descended into bitterness and hatred, of the worst kind. Then when the invasion occurred he was one of the people leading it. We all thought he disappeared after he had been banished but he hadn't. He had forsaken us, consorting with the enemy. His own people, his family… his flesh and blood… he betrayed us without a care.

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