Elizavetta had walked out of the room, leaving Roderich at his piano.

His only company had been the depressing sound of the rain for the longest time as he stared at the empty room that once held his prize and heart.

Then there was a tap at the window.

Roderich didn't seem to surprised as he roused himself, walking over and opening the gaint window. A quiet figure came in with a gust of wind and the rain.



"I'm not that anymore… don't call me that."

"Why did you come?"

"Why do I ever come?"

Roderich stared at him. Just because he knew, didn't mean he would be any less easy on that man who was responsible for the hurting woman. Even though he knew it was for the best.

Gilbert, seeing as the other wasn't going to comply to answer his question, he sighed.

"Does she still think I'm dead?"

"You heard her sing I'm sure. She thinks you are dead as much as the rest of the world does."

There was a lapse back into silence. It was a miserable silence, but misery loves company as the saying goes.

Finally though, the last question was aired.

"Did I do the right thing?"

"As much as I hate you right now for not telling the truth at the start…" Austria's eyes glistened in hatred caused by loss. "But…" he calmed himself, gaining composure quickly. " For what you would have had to face with her… you did all you could."

With that, the silverette left. Nothing but the pool of water having signified he was not just a wandering ghost.