3 Days Grace

Disclaimer: I dont own nothing but a cookie.

Summery: Alfons wants to show Ed that he isn't a dream. Takes place over course of three days.



Ch.1 Prelude-Plans

Alfons had finally had enough. Ed was going to see that this was real. He had to. This could be his last chance.

He coughed into his hand and wiped it on his pants. He didn't notice a slight lack of red that stained it. He watched silently from the doorway as Ed turned over in his bed and gave a sigh that sounded like, "Al." Alfons growled lowly at the thought of Ed dreaming of that fake-world while he lied in the real one. He turned and walked to his room, completely missing the other blond's blush.

As he crawled into his own bed, he began to plan how to make Ed see that he was real. Reaching up to scratch his chest, he feels his fingers bump into his suspenders. He smiles when he remembers Ed's curiosity as to how they felt, worked, and were made. Perhaps he could teach him while showing Ed that he's real. Rolling over, Alfons smiles mischievously and falls asleep to plans involving suspenders and a squirming blond.

A couple hours later, the sun fell, moon rising watchfully over them.

Yes, I know that Russel wears suspenders too, but just pretend they didn't meet or Ed has always silently wondered about them but never asked or something. And , yes, I know this is short, but its just a prelude. Next chapter will be longer. Promise.