3 Days Grace

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Summery: Alfons wants to show Ed that he isn't a dream. Takes place over course of three days.



Warnings: Contains kink, smut, and yoai.

Ch.4: Day 3

When Ed awoke, he was surrounded by warmth. His hazy golden eyes blinked open and the first thing he saw was Alfons' peacefully sleeping face. He blinked a couple times to clear his sight before his mind finally caught up with him and he smirked; it seemed as though someone was smiling at him today. Slowly, he wormed his way out of the cocoon of the German boy's arms. Looking around, he found the time placed hours before they were due to be at work. It seemed he had time to do everything he wanted. Carefully, he pulled the blanket away from their bodies, making sure that Alfons stayed asleep. Said blond squirmed a little and rolled onto his back, making Ed smirk in satisfaction.

He glanced around the room until he spotted the make-shift lube Alfons had previously used. Making sure it was within easy-reaching distance, Ed reaches down to lightly rub Alfons' hips before brushing his fingertips against his cock. Encouraged by Alfons' moan, he begins to pump him until he was hard and throbbing. Glancing up to check on the stirring boy, he leans back down and starts pressing butterfly kisses along his length before kissing the tip.

When he heard his name breathily moaned above him, he glanced up, pleased to see that Alfons was panting and blushing, but disappointed to see that he was still asleep. He smirked and hoped that this would wake him up before leaning down again and deep throating him.

Alfons awoke with a shout, tangling a stained hand in Ed's golden locks while he thrusted up. Ed eagerly took all Alfons gave, only giving a wince when his hair was pulled. After a moment, however, he gripped Alfons' hips and held him down. Alfons whimpered but stayed still, releasing a whine when Ed Began to pull off. Growling when he saw that Ed had no intention of continuing, Alfons gripped the golden strands he held and yanked down, moaning breathily when Ed tried to yelp in pain and surprise around his dick.

Glancing up at his younger lover, Ed hummed loudly before he began to bob his head. Alfons was finding it very hard to convince himself that Ed did, in fact, need to leave the bed occasionally, and that he had to leave to work sometime. His excuses fled, however, when Ed began to do the most amazing things with his tongue in addition to the absolutely sinful humming and sucking his mouth was doing. It was heavenly. But he needed more.

"E-Ed! Please! Muh-More!" He gasped. When Ed denied him however, he growled and yanked at Ed's long strands. The smaller man gave a strange kind of gagging-gasp that made the taller man moan. Rolling his eyes, Ed deep-throated him again and swallowed around him. Alfons came with a strangled shout, back arching and hips twitching as Ed swallowed everything in his mouth before slowly pulling up and off. Staring at the younger blond thoughtfully, Ed then turned away to grab the oil and smirked secretly. Dipping three fingers in, he swirls them around a little before pulling them out.

He gives a little mournful sigh before before pretending to think out loud, "Since Fons finished early, I'll have to finish myself, I guess."

He leans forward until their chest were pressed together and brought his other hand to clutch at Alfons' shoulder. Dropping his head to the other blonds' shoulder, he moves the hand with oil-slicked fingers to his own entrance. Pressing one against himself, he gathers his courage, feeling his face burn with the knowledge of doing something so private in front of someone else. Taking a deep, shuttering breath, he pressed in, tensing reflexively and releasing his breath upon feeling both the tightness around his finger and being penetrated. Gate, it was delicious.

Forcing himself to relax, he quickly adds another finger and begins to thrust them inside himself. He moans and arches into the German under him when he strikes his prostate. He continues to thrust his fingers into himself until he was pushing back and moaning into the juncture of Alfons' neck. Quickly adding a third, he pauses to catch his breath before harshly thrusting into his prostate, gritting his teeth against the pleasure burning through his veins.

Alfons, meanwhile, was watching Ed intently. With every sound and movement Ed would make, his cock would twitch, forcing him to restrain himself from gripping Ed's hips and thrusting up into him. He was painfully hard and leaking precome, but didn't dare touch himself; that was for Ed, and if he did, he would get to 'help' Ed 'finish the job'.

But when Ed arched into him again, groaning "Gott!" into his ear, his hands snaked up to Ed's his, gripping them hard enough to bruise. Ed barely had time to pull his fingers out before Alfons was pushing himself inside, pulling Ed down to push deeper. Giving his lover enough time to get comfortable, Alfons places his hands on Ed's hips, rubbing them soothingly, before gripping his ass and using it to push Ed up. When their hips met again, he pushed up, thrusting deeper into the smaller blond. Judging from his strangled gasp, the older man didn't mind much.

Pushing Ed up again, Alfons smirks and shifts when he notices that the other blond was visibly fighting himself to not move. Quickly grasping Ed's hips, Alfons smirks again and holds him in place, keeping only the head inside. He stayed that way until Ed grew impatient, whimpering and attempting to wiggle free. Alfons tightened his grip.

"Alfons, please! Don't stop! Anything you want! Just please. Don't. Stop." Ed panted; his hips had always been sensitive. He gasped again when Alfons pulled his head down while leaning up to nibble on his ear, unintentionally slipping in a few inches and making Ed whimper.

"If you want it, finish it yourself." he breathes, delivering a parting nip just under Ed's ear. Leaning back, he shifted into a comfortable position before loosening his grip on Ed's hips. He whimpered, balancing, before shoving his hips down, forcing Alfons against his prostate and crying out. Ed continued to lift himself before dropping down, breath catching at the alluring sight of Alfons sprawled beneath him. His arms were flung out to the side, his lips parted just enough to let him breathe. Even though his cheeks were lightly dusted pink, his hazy blue eyes were calm, collected, and in control.

Shuddering, Ed keeps their locked and doubles his efforts, ignoring the long strands of hair that clung to his face. Smirking, Ed raises himself before clenching tightly around the head and dropping, kissing the blond German under his chin when Alfons threw his head back. He yelped when he suddenly found himself lying on his back with Alfons gripping his hips tight to keep him from moving while pounding into him, hard and fast, while roughly attacking his throat.

He moaned loudly before giving a shriek when Alfons bit harshly at the 'special spot' from before. He whimpered at the smirk he felt, but growled when he felt the other man purposely miss his prostate. Reaching up and tightly gripping the others' short blond hair, he yanks Alfons' head over and away from his own neck before attacking Alfons'. He groaned in delight when Alfons jerked after he nipped the younger man's pulse point before he was pushed away and his leg draped over the other's shoulder.

He released another shriek when said blond began to thrust even harsher and faster into his prostate, making him writhe and release multiple loud pleasured sounds; he didn't even want to think about what sounds he was making, he knows they were embarrassing.

Alfons' growls of pleasure rumbled in his chest and echoed in Ed's ear, pushing him to his release faster. With one last thrust to his prostate, Ed came, giving a keening scream mix he didn't think he could ever repeat. Feeling Ed clench tightly around him pushed Alfons to release as well, riding out his orgasm before pulling out and rolling over.

Once he caught his breath, he reached over and picked up a stray shirt, using it to clean them both to the best of his ability. Tossing it to the side, Alfons pulls Ed close to him and snuggles deep into the covers he'd pulled up. He'd almost slipped into unconsciousness when he suddenly remembered something.

"Hey, Ed?" he asked, pulling away slightly.

"Mmm." Ed groaned while trying to snuggle closer.

"You remember the night before all of the started?"


"What were you dreaming about?" Alfons had pushed himself onto an elbow to watch Ed. He blinked in surprise when Ed blushed deeply, squirming in a fruitless attempt to keep him from seeing it.

"Nothing, Fons. Don't worry about it. Go to sleep." Ed mumbled, blushing deeply and shifting his lower half away; he hoped Alfons wouldn't notice. His dream wasn't something you'd just come out and tell someone about. Peeking up at his younger lover's confused face, Ed vaguely wondered if they could convince the others to let them stay late so they could try out a few things he'd dreamed about.

This is the final chapter of 3 Days Grace. Hope you enjoyed it. If you'd like, I come write Ed's dream as a sequel. I'm sorry if there are any misspellings or problems with this chapter. It was typed in a hurry. Hope you enjoyed!