The raging fire engulfed the ship, surrounding them in its unforgiving embrace.

In fury he watched them flee, escaping the justice they deserved.

He had earned this moment. How could he allow them to slip away so easily? They had taken advantage of his naiveté before. But not this time. This time he would teach them a lesson.

Raising his gun he aimed through the scope targeting the departing ship. His vision passed briefly over the prone image of his brother dangerously near edge; His dark red form barely distinguishable from the flickering flames. He re-aimed his scope pushing the image to the back of his mind.

His brother would understand the importance of this. He, out of all of them, would understand. There was little difference between their grievances.

The fleeing ship grew smaller on the horizon. His finger hesitated on the trigger. The sound of the fire's crackling burned the memory of the girl's taunting laughter in his mind. He tightened his grip on his weapon determined to earn his justice.

But over the roar of the fire he heard his clan calling out to one another in confusion.

They could all die here tonight.

Was that worth his pride? His clan? Were they worth it?

Would his brother forsake him for his vengeance?

Casting away his gun, he pulled his brother to safety as they lifted into the air. The rushing of cold water sucked the metal ship down into its depths, dousing the flames…

"Thanks for savin' my bacon…before it got fried,"

"Hey I'm use to it….besides it helped me get my priorities straight,"

Here's Lexington. This scene is from Leader of the Pack where Lexington's desire for revenge has him making a hard decision between having it or saving Brooklyn. I always liked how Brooklyn reached out to him by talking about his issues with Demona. The other scene I was thinking about was the motorcycle...which I may do later. Sorry for the delay. I've had a series of bad events including having my apt broken into and my laptop being stolen to occupy my time. Next up: Hudson.