AUTHOR'S NOTES: One of the reasons I love writing the character of Kelly Gibbs is because you always have to wonder what she'd really be like. And bringing Kelly back from the dead is always interesting because it forces Gibbs to reconcider his motives for his actions in Mexico.

STORY SUMMARY: The discovery of a 19-year-old body leads to NCIS and an investigation into Gibbs' past which brings more than just Gibbs' secrets to light.

A/N: I will be doing the chapters in this story like an actual episode, complete with discriptions of the 'phoof' shots.

NCIS: Secrets and Lies

(Phoof of a woman in Interrogation looking surprised.)

19 Years Ago

High on a Mexican hill, surrounded by scrub bushes, Leroy Jethro Gibbs lay on his stomach, waiting for his target to come into range. Deep down he knew what he was doing was wrong but his final memories of his wife and daughter drowned out all other thought. Shannon smiling at him as they kissed good-bye… Kelly begging him not to leave…

531 meters away, an old pick-up truck started down a deserted road. The driver unaware he was being targeted.

His sniper rifle cocked and ready, Gibbs took his aim and squeezed the trigger but as he saw the blood spatter on the windshield, he rolled over, letting out an anguished cry as tears rolled down his face.

Present Day

NCIS Special Agent Tamara Taunae (A/N: Last name is pronounced 'tawny') sat in one of the interrogation rooms across from one of the most respected agents in NCIS: Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. To Taunae, Gibbs looked every bit of his 50 years and his eyes—although still a bright piercing blue—seemed even older. Behind the two-way mirror, Taunae knew Director Leon Vance was watching along with the members of Gibbs' team as well as the M.E. Dr. Mallard and the forensics tech, Abby Scuito.

On the table between Taunae and Gibbs was a case file and several recent photographs of a very old corpse. Tapping her fingers on the case file, Taunae asked, "You're not going to deny it?"

"Deny what?" Gibbs replied, calmly as he glanced at the file. He knew what was in it. He could remember seeing the wrecked van… the blood spattered…

Taunae folded her hands on the table and leaned forward. "You went to Mexico to find Pedro Hernandez, the drug dealer who killed your family."

Gibbs nodded shortly. "Yes, I did."

Pulling a picture out of the file and laying it on top, Taunae said, "We've ID'd the corpse. It's Hernandez. Bullet's down in the lab." Meeting Gibbs' eyes, she asked, "Is there anything you want to tell me before this becomes an official investigation, Agent Gibbs?"

Gibbs was equally calm but his eyes were searching as he said, "I don't know. Is there anything you want to tell me… Kelly?"

All Taunae (aka: Kelly Gibbs) could do was stare in amazement.