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"Rex," I moaned after seeing what he did to my room. What he did was left his smelling jacket; on my bed, took my journal, and the few books I had. "Please tell me he didn't take my IPod." I look in my spot and it wasn't there. "Damn him."

Ok my name is Rain, Rex and I were found together and been working for Providence and living in the keep since then. I had dark brown hair that reached my mid back with hazel eyes with golden circles around the pupils; I stood at 5'9 ½. I was in dark jeans with a dark grey t-shirt that have blue star with right side of the shirt. I slipped on my black high collar jacket with a hood that could be attached. I looked for my silver wings necklace and found it next to my silver celtic ring. I slipped it over my neck, there a small click as the ring tap one of the wing. I headed out to find Rex first place first his room.

No luck,

I next try to the mess hall,

No luck again,

I decided to look in Doctor Holiday lab, I found Doctor Holiday in her lab coat, an orange top, grey long skirt, and knee-high boots. She was working on something her dark brown hair was pulling into a bun like normal, she look up from the microscope that she was using to see me, her green eyes gave me a look.

"Yes Rain?" She asked.

"Have you seen Rex?" I asked.

"He's in the petting zoo." Doctor Holiday said.

"Thank you." I said running to the elevator and headed down to the ground.

As the elevator doors open, I thought and my nanites kicked on forming my white angel like wings I jump off. I took off flying dodging some of the Evo out tree that always try to get hold of me. I started to look for Rex or Bobo or both of them. I heard the sound of Rex's motorbike. Rex had spiky black hair with dark brown eyes that hints of red in them. He was wearing black jeans with bluish black boots, white, blue and orange t-shirt, his red and orange collar jacket, and he always had orange goggles upon his forehead, his hands were cover in blue gloves with orange Bobo was a talking champ that had an eye patch over one eye and fez on. I follow the sound and follow them driving like crazy's. I nose dived them, slapping Rex in the back of the head. Rex looked up to see my annoyed face. He lost is control and went flying into the ground, he pushed himself up.

"Oh hey Rain." Rex said.

"What's the big deal?" Bobo asked.

"Rex, can I have my IPod back please?" I asked landing in front of them.

"Why would take your IPod?" Rex asked back.

"Rex, please." I said giving him that look.

"Fine." Rex said, pulling my small silver IPod out of his pocket and handed it to me.

"Thank you," I said. "Oh by the way please stop your jacket on my bed and steal my stuff without asking, or else."

I started to walked away, went I felt a hand on my shoulder stopping me.

"I didn't steal your books I borrow them alright." Rex reasoned.

"I know that but still," I said back. "Rex you need to ask or that least let me you borrow them."

"I know I know." Rex said rolling his eyes.

"Thank you Rex." I said.

I kicked my nanites back on and wings came back out and I took off. Rex and I have been together was seem like forever and to be honest I wouldn't change even for all my forgotten memories.

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