He stood, depositing her on the floor and pushing her slowly to where he thought her bedroom was without leaving his thorough taking of her mouth. When he accidentally slammed his shin into the corner of the coffee table, he released her.

"Bedroom," he said shortly, turning her around and pushing her forward. She laughed, and pulled him through the doorway. He kicked the door shut, reaching for her, pulling her hips flush against his and grinding into her. She gasped into his shirtfront, hands clutching the back of his neck for support.

He jerked up the hem of her sweater and shirt at once, forcing her to raise her arms over her head so he could pull it off. He didn't bother with her bra clasp, instead tugging the straps down over her shoulders and shoving it to her waist. She laughed again, looked at him with such a loving expression on her face that his hands faltered slightly as he pulled both thumbs across her nipples at once. She pulled at the buttons on his jacket, growling with frustration as her fingers struggling. He reached up and began to quickly unbutton his jacket and shirt, yanking them off. She took the opportunity to get rid of her jeans and underwear, reaching back to his waist to work at the buttons on his trousers. More successful than she had been with his jacket, she quickly pushed them and his boxers to the floor and he stepped out of them, pushing her back onto the bed.

He paused then, looking at her splayed across the deep gold coverlet, curly brown hair spread wildly about her face, his cock jutting toward her as he stood between her knees. He was harder than he had ever been with someone, and as she sat up and pulled him down beside her he felt himself grow harder still.

Severus had never been a wizard that placed much stock in affection in the bedroom, believing that sex was solely physical, and any idiotic feelings were left at the door. Yet he was fast losing faith in that belief, because there were so many emotions racing through his bloodstream that he hadn't felt while rutting before, and he wouldn't give them up for anything. His gaze was hazy with lust, and the fierce affection and primal possessiveness he felt towards this witch, his witch, was pounding inside his chest ferociously. This was real.

He pulled her up the bed till her head was resting on a pillow, and covered her body with his own.

"I hope you're not expecting romance," he whispered throatily in her ear, his right hand running down her side, from her breast to her bent knee. "I'm not going to pretend to be something I'm not."

She smiled, he could feel it, though he was busy biting at the skin under her ear.

"I don't need it," she whispered, followed quickly by a sharp intake of air and a soft moan as Severus pressed his fingers to her core.

"Severus, stop it!" she practically shrieked, and he jerked back, releasing her suddenly. But her arms were wrapping behind him, curling over his shoulders, pulling him back down to her. Thank Merlin, the small, small part of his brain that was still thinking about something other than her fantastic quim muttered.

"No, I mean stop teasing me. I need you, now," she said hastily, catching his lips with her own. He knelt between her legs, bending her knees and pushing them apart.

"Hermione, if we do this, it's… It's forever. You can't leave me." He said, sitting back suddenly, feeling almost ill. This was it.

She propped herself up on her elbows, legs still wantonly spread apart, and frowned at him.

"Severus, I have loved you for so long. I am not going anywhere," she said, stressing the words as though she thought he would forget them.

"Now would you mind getting back to it?" she asked, tilting her head to the side and grinning at him.

The corner of his lip tilted upwards, and he dropped over her, bracing himself with his hands on either side of her shoulders.

"If you insist."


The End.

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