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Castiel was slowly becoming accustomed to living his life as a human. His first discovery had caught him off-guard, but luckily the one who had been around to witness it had been the nurse at the hospital. She had been surprised that even though he'd just woken up from a coma, that he didn't know how to control his bowels. That had been an awkward conversation.

Next he'd discovered his need for sleep, which had been a nuisance at first, but he'd gotten used to it eventually. The need to eat, he had anticipated. He forced himself to eat three meals a day, under Sam's advisement. He didn't enjoy food that much though ... not like Dean did. Burgers were okay, but every time he ate them he was reminded of their run-in with Famine. They had become much less appealing.

His relationship with Dean had changed as well. Sam and Bobby still treated him the same as they always had, but Dean ... Dean couldn't seem to get past the fact that they no longer had a super-powered being backing them up. He had been avoiding Castiel whenever he could, and always went out of his way to make sure they weren't alone together. Castiel wanted to talk to him about it, but he didn't know where to start.

A few weeks after his "descension", he, Dean and Sam were eating in a diner before checking into the motel a couple blocks away. Sam and Dean were currently engaged in an argument over sleeping arrangements.

"And I'm sick of all the looks we get when we book one room for three guys," Sam persisted.

"Hey, don't blame me if you're not secure enough with your masculinity, pretty-boy," Dean threw back.

"That's crap and you know it. Besides, I'm sick of crappy cots and sleeping on the floor," Sam lamented, pushing his food around on his plate.

Dean scoffed. "Fine, then I'll sleep on the floor again."

"Great, so you can wake up sore and pissed at me? Sorry, but no thanks," Sam declined.

Castiel watched them go back and forth with confusion, and a little amusement. He'd offered to get his own room before, but they had said that it was better if they were all together, and they didn't want Castiel out of their sight in case something happened that he couldn't handle. It had only been a little patronizing.

His attention settled on Sam when he'd finally declared that he was getting two rooms, plain and simple, and they could work out sleeping arrangements later.

Dean gritted his teeth, clearly prepared to start a new bout of bickering when Castiel decided to intervene.

"Dean, what is that?" he asked, pointing to his plate.

Dean's nostrils twitched a little before he glanced at Castiel, and then his food. "Lemon meringue pie," he spoke.

Castiel made a show of considering the pie before asking. "Perhaps I should order some."

That definitely got Dean's attention. "You want pie?"

Castiel shrugged. "I don't see why not." He waved his hand to signal the waitress, asking for another order of what Dean had. The waitress seemed to find this humorous, but said nothing as she left.

Dean looked around the table uncomfortably before settling his gaze on his pie.

Sam glanced between Castiel and Dean with a half-smirk on his face before excusing himself to go pay for the rooms. Dean's head shot up, opening his mouth to protest something, but Sam was already gone.

The waitress came back a minute later with Castiel's pie, setting it on the table, glancing between the two that were left at the table before retreating with a skip in her step and a poorly concealed grin on her face.

Castiel turned the plate towards him, looking down at the piece of pie with interest. He held up the fork, wondering where to start. He'd never had pie before, so he didn't know where was the best place to start.

"Are you gonna eat that, or stare at it all day?" Dean questioned in a deep voice, making Castiel look up at him. Dean barely maintained eye contact with him for a second and a half before he looked back down at his own plate, breathing air out of his mouth.

Castiel wondered if Dean would ever just come out and tell him what was wrong, but he didn't want to push him. He angled the fork and dug into the pointed tip of the pie, gathering a small amount onto the fork to test it out. He brought it to his face, glancing at it with a curious expression on his face before bringing it to his lips. His tongue poked out to taste it, and he could have sworn that Dean jumped in his seat. Taking the plunge - so to speak - Castiel opened his mouth and the took the piece inside, scraping the remaining bits off the fork with his tongue and teeth as it passed back out of his mouth. He chewed a little, moving the pie around his mouth while his taste buds took in the new experience.

All of a sudden, it was as though a light bulb went off in his head. The complete taste hit him unexpectedly, and he couldn't wait for more. With an eager pace he piled more pie onto the fork and filled his salivating mouth once more. If the burgers had made him "so happy" before, he didn't know how to describe what the pie was doing to him. It was like heaven, and he didn't think that thought was even a little bit blasphemous. It was the closest thing to it he'd found on Earth.

A groan passed his lips without his consent, but he didn't mind. He probably wouldn't mind if he started screaming at the top of his lungs how amazing the pie was ... because it was amazing. It was ... ecstasy. Maybe. He wouldn't know. But if it was, he could definitely see what all the hype was about.

Dean was watching him, his mouth parted slightly with a strained expression on his face.

Castiel swallowed the fruit, crust and meringue in his mouth, causing his Adam's apple to bob up and down with the motion. Castiel watched Dean's eyes flicker to his throat, fixated on the lump as though it were something he'd never seen before. "Are you okay?" Castiel asked him.

Dean blinked, glancing up at him before looking away in a hurry once more. "I'm fine, Cas."

Castiel regarded him for a long moment before returning to his pie. The next bite was just as fulfilling as the others, maybe even more so, and the hand that rested on the table flattened out, thrumming in a pattern before smacking down against the table once more. "That's incredible," Castiel breathed, going for another bite.

Dean made a small, choked-off squeaking kind of noise, causing Castiel to abandon his pie once more to question Dean.

"If there is something wrong, I could go and find Sam for you," he offered.

Dean shook his head, staring at the table. "Definitely don't want Sam right now."

Castiel tilted his head thoughtfully. "Are you feeling ill?"

Dean shook his head again.

"I am confused," Castiel admitted.

Dean's eyes flared as he nodded. "That's an understatement."

He had a few forkfuls of pie left, and he decided to savor them. Eating each piece as though it were some gloriously precious piece of forbidden fruit that he would never again be able to taste.

When he was finished every morsel and crumb he pushed the plate away, cleaning the bits off of his lips with his tongue, a smile on his face.

Dean was practically rocking back and forth, staring straight ahead of him as though every muscle in his body was actively attempting to look anywhere but at Castiel.

"Dean, I can tell something is wrong," Castiel spoke, leaning forwards in his seat. "If you don't want Sam to help you, maybe there is something that I can do to assist you."

Dean groaned in response, throwing money down on the table before grabbing Castiel's arm and hauling him out of his seat and out the door. Neither of them noticed the waitress who was ogling the two of them alongside one of the busboys, whispering to each other about what a cute couple they made.

Dean marched to the motel in silence, pulling Castiel along behind him. When they arrived at the car parked in the lot Dean grabbed the key Dean had left for him, along with the note telling him which room it was for. Dean gripped the key in his hand all the way to the motel room, one thought and one thought only looping over and over in his mind. He contemplated just breaking the door down when the key gave him trouble on the first attempt, but then it gave way and he opened it the legal way. Dean hauled Castiel into the room, slamming the door behind him and tossing the key down.

Castiel wanted to ask why the scenic route, but he figured Dean would be explaining soon.

Dean paced around the small room before turning and rounding on Castiel. "Do you have any idea what that - what you do to me? Do you have any idea what you look like when you're ... devouring pie?"

Castiel looked back at him innocently, honestly not knowing. "No."

Dean exhaled in a sharp burst, running a hand through his hair. "Of course you don't."

Castiel chanced a step forward. "You could explain ... if you wanted to."

Dean glanced upwards at that, shaking his head as though cursing the heavens before his entire body launched forwards, wrapping Castiel up in his arms and ravishing his mouth.

Castiel froze momentarily when Dean's lips touched his, but after he realized what Dean was doing and what it meant he relaxed against him.

Dean could taste the remnants of the pie in Castiel's mouth and moaned, pulling him even closer. All of his reasons for not wanting to risk expressing his feelings to Cas, all of his worries about what might happen when he finally crossed that line disappeared from his mind, and it was all he could to not throw him on the bed and have his way with him.

As it turned out, he needn't have worried even about that, because moments later Castiel was pushing him towards the bed, wanting to discover all the new experiences he could that night.

And Dean was more than willing to guide him through each and every one. Twice.


The end.

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