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A/N: The idea of Andy (Andrea) knowing who the Rangers were is based on the common belief that people knew who the Rangers were. Chip told Luke, and Nicole figured it out on her own based on her own past with the Rangers.

Also, I promise, we've only got another chapter or two to wrap this up before I can get back to my original outline.

Andrea Winter eyed the Red Ranger standing in her living room, "So, I just got a call about my nephew," she said, "saying he's in the hospital because of a monster attack and you're saying that he's under a spell and I'm the one who can break it?"

The Ranger shifted his feet nervously, "Yes ma'am," he said, sounding painfully young. "The creature that attacked Mr. Thorn was called a NyghtMare and is the last of their kind. We don't know where to locate the NyghtMare to destroy it, but we have a spell that can help break the NyghtMare spell."

"How," Andy asked, crossing her arms.

"The NyghtMare of Despair forces her victims to choose between dreams and desires," the Ranger said. "Each choice takes a piece of the person's soul to feed the NyghtMare, until the person dies. The spell we propose to use will allow you to enter his mind and help him escape the choice. We do not know what choice Mr. Thorn is being forced to make, but it is our hope that you will be able to help him."

"I'm the only person who can help Chip," Andy said.

"The spell works best on the people closest to Mr. Thorn," the Ranger replied, "I do not know you, to know if that person is you, but if you are the person Mr. Thorn is closest to, then yes, you are one who can help him."

He tilted his head and Andy thought she could hear someone talking to the Red Ranger. After a moment the Red Ranger sighed, "I'm still trying to explain everything to her," he said quietly. "It's not like I can grab her and magic her to the hospital."

Andy crossed her arms, wondering whom the Ranger was speaking with; he sounded even younger than he had before.

"Whatever, Pinky," the Ranger said, cutting through the speaker's voice, "we'll be there as soon as we can."

Andy rubbed her mouth to hide her smile, "Is everything ok?" She asked.

"My teammates are getting a little impatient, ma'am," he replied.

"Say I agree to do this," Andy said, "how would it work?"

"My teammates will escort our instructor to the hospital to cast the spell, while I bring you and whoever else you feel will be an asset. The spell will be cast, allowing you to enter Mr. Thorn's mind where you will convince him that whatever choice he is being asked to make is unnecessary and that he is trapped by a NyghtMare. Then, it is possible the NyghtMare will show up herself, when that happens, you will have to pull yourself out of the dream and we will go in to assist Mr. Thorn in driving her out. Once we have defeated the NyghtMare in Mr. Thorn's mind, the NyghtMare will attempt a physical attack. My team will be standing by for that and we'll deal with her." The Red Ranger said.

"What will I see in Chip's mind?" Andy asked.

"I do not know," the Red Ranger said, "we don't know what choice he's being asked. All I can really say is that you'll learn something he has been hiding from you and will be unhappy that you've found out. My Green Ranger said that it was like finding out he had anorexia or bulimia, it's not something you want to know, or something he wants you to know, but you knowing has a strong chance of saving his life."

"Ok," Andy said, "I agree to this, how many people do you want for this?"

The Ranger hesitated for a moment, "No more than four people," he said. "I don't know what the hospital rules are for visitors, but we don't want them to regret allowing us to do this on their property."

"Do you have their permission?" Andy asked.

"According to my Pink Ranger, Ma- I mean, my Blue Ranger says that if your family gives us permission then we can do it. The hospital administrator was quite eager to help." The Red Ranger replied.

Andy smiled, "That's the first time you've almost slipped, I'm impressed."

"What?" The Red Ranger sounded panicked.

"Don't worry," Andy said, "I know that Chip's the Yellow Mystic Ranger. Not that he knows I know, I respect that he was asked to keep it a secret. By dent of observation, I also know who the rest of the team is. Except you," she tilted her head, "I think I know who you are, but we've never actually met and now isn't the time. The kids will be back in twenty minutes and I would strongly guess that you want to be gone before they have an opportunity to swarm you."

"Nick," the Red Ranger said with his shoulders dropping, "my name is Nick Russell." He rubbed the back of his helmet, "Madison said the fact that I didn't know you would be my strongest defense."

Andy smiled, "She wouldn't be the first to make an assumption like that." She nodded her head, "I'm going to grab my purse and call Luke and Nicole. The three of us are closest to Chip in the family. I'm surprised you didn't just have Vida, Xander and Madison do this."

"We didn't have an answer when we decided to admit Chip to the hospital," Nick replied, following her, "none of us really know how to handle an unconscious person for long periods and the hospitals are equipped for it, so that's why we did it. It was my idea, but Xander carried it out. Given how we have to free Chip, there was a risk our identities would be revealed. That's why we asked you to do this."

Andy nodded, "Let me call them," she said, picking up the phone and dialing.

"Luke's phone," Luke said.

"Luke, its Andy," Andy replied, "I have some news, are you alone?"

"I am," Luke replied.

"Are you sitting down?" Andy asked.

"I am now," Luke said after a moment.

"Chip's in the hospital," Andy said, "he was attacked by a monster and the Rangers brought him in. He's physically fine, but he's under a spell that is keeping him unconscious. The Red Ranger is here, he says they can break the spell, but they need help from us, being the people closest to him. I need you to knock off work early and go up to the hospital. We'll explain the rest when we get there."

"Where are the kids?" Luke asked.

"They aren't back yet," Andy replied. "I'm going to pick up Nicole and bring her with us to."

"I'll meet you there, then," Luke said and hung up.

Andy sighed as she turned off the phone, she liked that Luke could be so calm. "Luke will meet us there," she told Nick as she dialed Nicole's number.

"Hello?" Nicole said.

"Hey sweetie," Andy said, "it's Mom."

"Hi Mom, what's up?" Nicole asked.

"Are you sitting down?" Andy asked.

"Yes," Nicole said.

"Chip is in the hospital because of a monster attack. He's fine physically but he's unconscious because of a spell. The Rangers can break it, but they need help. I'm going to come get you to come to the hospital with me." Andy said, "The Red Ranger says they need the people who are closest to Chip to help."

"I'll be waiting outside," Nicole replied and hung up.

"Nicole's waiting," Andy said, hanging up her phone.

"I don't know about Luke," Nick said, "but Nicole knows who we are. She figured it out on her own."

"Luke knows," Andy said, "Chip told him." She gave Nick a look, "He told Luke because Chip is an honest young man and he hated lying to us. We won't betray your trust, Nick, I promise." She picked up her purse and pulled out her keys, "Do you need a ride?"

"No ma'am," Nick said, "I'll meet you at the hospital."

"All right then," Andy said, "I'll see you there."

Nick pulled his wand and waved it for a moment before disappearing.