Sasori couldn't believe it. He was now fired. He looked down at the paper in his hand; a pink slip. He frowned and filled all of it out. His boss had asked what he had done that night and all he said was drink 'till he was drunk; and he was now fired. He sighed. Maybe he could be with Deidara now? He doubted it if his father was the protective kind... But come on! He was only nine years older then him! Wait... Maybe that is bad?

He sighed as he sat in his couch, looking at the adds in the newspaper. 'Let's see... No, I'm not going to clean up cow dung... Not baby sitting, hate kids. After ten minutes Sasori gave up the search and opened his cell phone to find a text message.

"Meet me at my house. Love Dei.

Sasori sighed and got up from the couch. Maybe one visit wouldn't hurt would it.

-Four Hours Later-

They both lay panting there in the bed, exhausted. Deidara snuggled into Sasori. "Mmm, that was great, un."

Sasori sighed. "Whenever I see you and it's going to be sex, I think I want to break up." Sasori said breathlessly; Deidara looked at him with hurt in his eyes.

"Please don't, un."

Sasori looked at the teen and frowned. "Well then don't always try to seduce me whenever I'm over."

Deidara giggled and nuzzled Sasori's neck. "No promises." the click of the door opening alerted them and Deidara shoved Sasori off the bed, so he could go under.

"Deidara are you in there, I heard screaming from outside," Kevin said a little worried.

"Oh no dad I'm fine, un," Deidara said while he stretched (of course sheets over him).

"Why are you still in bed?"

Deidara yawned, "I'm tired, un."

"It's one o' clock, and why are you all sweaty?"

Deidara blushed. "I had a nightmare, probably why I slept in, un."

The older man just nodded. "Okay, just making sure you didn't have a boy hidden up here," He said as he gave wink to Deidara and left with the door closed.

"You can come out now, un," Deidara said in a whisper.

Sasori crawled out from under the bed in boxers. "Maybe we should tell him," Sasori said as he pulled on the rest of his clothes.

Deidara smiled. "Okay, tonight, un. I'll invite you to dinner and tell my parents I have a special friend coming over here."

Sasori sighed. "I guess that will do, see you at..."

"Six, un." Sasori nodded and gave Deidara a quick kiss before he left.

Sneaking in was easy, because it was nine o' clock, but now the house was active and it was harder to sneak out. Sasori did some math in his head... They'd been having sex for about three hours and an extra hour of mostly talk and kisses. He carefully opened the front door and sneaked around the guard dogs, and went down the driveway to where his car was.

Once he got in his car his phone buzzed and he answered it. "Hello?" he sounded annoyed like he didn't want to talk to anyone.

"Let's go to the mall, un."

Sasori sighed. "Deidara I really don't have the time, I need to find a job real soon, or else my rent will be late."

Deidara groaned from the other end. "But I'm bored-"

"Why don't you hang out with your friends?"

Again another groan. "They're all away on vacation, sense school is over, un... Please?"

Sasori sighed. "Fine, but only for a little while-"

"YAY! Thank you, Danna, un! Be here in a half hour."

Sasori scoffed, "By that time I'll be at my apartment."

Deidara giggled from the other end. "See you soon, un."

Sasori sighed. "Yeah yeah, see you soon, too." he closed his phone and started his car and drove a couple of blocks to wait.

He was glad there was a recent newspaper in his car, so he could look up some jobs. 'Hmm, landscaping... Sure." He picked up his phone and called. They asked all sorts of questions like if he had the skills, he told them he had a major in art so that could be in handy. They also asked if he was fit (A/N Of course he's fit! He's Sasori!) and he just replied average.

After about half an hour of talking they said he could come in for an interview. Well, he was sure he would have a job now. He looked at the clock and cursed. It was thirty-eight after. He drove down the driveway to find a very upset blond waiting there. He stopped the car and waited for him to come to the car, instead Deidara just went back inside.

Sasori sighed. Okay if that's how he wants to be. He paused when Deidara came back out dressed in all girls cloths. He was in jean shorts and a flowing tank top that was pink and brown, he had pink earrings that almost touched his shoulders, and a small chain necklace that had a pink jewel at the end; and was in again black flip flops. He opened the door and sat in. "What the hell are you doing?"

Deidara flipped his hair so he could sit down properly. "You're late, so you have to now go to the mall with a transvestite, un."

Sasori sighed. "Fine by me, just don't try to get up on me."

Deidara snorted. "You're so full of yourself, un."

"Yep, you tubbed off on me," Sasori stated the car and went on driving.

Deidara frowned. "I don't wanna go to the mall anymore, we're fighting, un." Deidara pouted and turned so he was facing the window.

Sasori smiled and turned his head to the blond. "It's not all going to be fights."

Deidara turned to face him and smiled lightly. "Can we go to Cold Stone, un?" Sasori smirked and nodded.

Once at Cold Stone Deidara ordered the mix with all of the chocolate and Sasori the coffee. They sat there talking eating, trying each other's ice cream out, seeing if they were any good. There was a wolf whistle behind them and a few chuckles. Deidara and Sasori ignored them until they started to flirt with him, saying cheesy things like "Hey good lookin' what's cookin'?"and the like.

"Do you wanna go, let's go, un." Sasori nodded and helped Deidara up, since he was still sore from their previous work out. They began to walk out, but one of them tried to grab him, but he was not going to let that slip by. He grabbed the wrists and twisted it, so the mans arm was twisted and Deidara forced him to the ground in just the turn of the wrist. "Do. Not. Touch. Me, un." he let go of the wrist and walked off with Sasori following him.

Deidara buckled up and waited for Sasori to come. Once said redhead was there he spoke up. "What was that about?"

Deidara just shook his head. "It was nothing, just a bunch of guys hitting on me, un."

Sasori sighed and kissed the blond's cheek. "If it will make you feel any better I'll let you drag me to stores and dress me up," Sasori said, trying to get the blond's spirit's up, which of course it did.

"Let's go, un!" A hour of dress up later!

Sasori sighed this was a lot like last time. He was in a tight black T-shirt that had the band Hollywood Undead on it. Black sunglasses, but still had eyeliner on, much to his disappointment. His nails were colored black and he had his own personal dog tag on.

His pants were black jeans and he was wearing white and black checkered Vanz. He had on a black and red studded bracelet on and had a purple ring on his left thumb. He even got his ears pierced! He had little studs in both ears, which were starting to itch like crazy!

"Oh I love it, un!" Deidara gushed as they walked through the mall hand-in-hand.

Sasori groaned. "I don't see how you guys wear earrings. They're so itchy."

Deidara giggled as Sasori tried to scratch his ears without hurting them. Sasori took off his sunglasses and put one end in his pocket. Deidara dragged Sasori to the movies and paid for a ticket to Iron Man 2.

Two Hours later "That was so awesome! We're gonna see it again, un!"

Sasori sighed. "Yeah sure it was good, but we have to get going."

Deidara pouted. "Why, un?" Sasori rolled his eyes and looked at his watch.

"Because it is five o' clock an-"

"Shit, un!" Deidara ran out the doors with Sasori being dragged behind him. Deidara went to the passenger side and jumped in.

Sasori rolled his eyes and got in. "You just have to go home, tell your parents you want them to meet someone, and they will probably suggest dinner."

Deidara glared at Sasori. "It's not that easy, un. Now drive!"

Sasori tried to drop the blond off as quick as possible so he could change into something a little more him. "Can I take out these earrings?" The Akasuna said into his phone.

"No, you have to keep them in for six weeks, un."

Sasori sighed. "Well I'm changing my cloths in-"

"Just change the shirt, necklace and bracelets, put on a white shirt and try to take off the eyeliner, un."

Sasori rolled his eyes. "Okay, will do. See you soon."

"See you, un."

*Ding* *Dong* Deidara ran to the front door and opened it. There stood Sasori, looking formal but hot. "Oh good, you're here; my moms been getting impatient, un." Deidara pulled the redhead in, just in time to here the click clack of high heels.

"Oh Deidara, is that..." she looked at Sasori who stared back a blank expression on his face. "Umm, hello Sasori, I thought you wouldn't be driving Deidara around anymore."

Deidara gave a nervous smile. "H-he's my date mom, un."

The smile on the woman's face never left, but it slowly turned into a confused face then anger. "Deidara you can not date him!"

Deidara's eyes widened. "W-why, un?"

She began to stammer. "Be-because he was he-here to work and now th-that's done, he shouldn't be here o-or with you! What about Itachi, Deidara? He was such a gentleman and you go and dump him." The elder blond looked hurt, but Deidara now looked angry.

"Mom, he cheated on me; how can I not dump him, un!" Soon this turned out into a full out accuse/screaming battle and Sasori just stood there looking a little scared as the whole scene folded out in front of him.

"What's going on here!" Kevin stepped out of the kitchen to see Deidara bright red with anger and his wife turning blue from her anger.

"Dei-deidara is dating Sasori!"

The man's eyes widened and he looked at his son and the man known as the devil standing by him."What is going through your mind! You can't go out with him! He's too old for you, and only came here for work!"

Deidara glared at his father. "He's not that old... You never told me how old you were, un."

Both parents groaned. "See you can't possibly be serious with him!"

"I don't need your advice mom, un! How old are you Sasori?"

The redhead sighed. "Twenty-eight."

"Holy shi- Why didn't you tell me this?" Deidara looked at his parents and shook his head. "Never mind, un."

"Deidara maybe this was a bad idea."

Deidara looked at him, hurt. "But, Danna-"

"Danna!" Both parents screamed in unison. "Has he even proposed! Because Itachi proposed once and you turned him down!"

"Stop screaming, un! And Itachi hasn't even seen me naked, we only knew each other for like five months!"

The two elder blonds looked at each other and Sasori coughed at the awkward silence. "So Sasori has seen you naked?" The fake blond said in a hostile voice.

Deidara blushed and remembered what he had just said. "O-oh well, I-i-"

"Oh my god... You two have had sex when you've only known each other for a month!"

"I can't believe you would do something so stupid, Deidara."

Said blond just looked down in shame. "Sasori go home, nows not a good time, un." Deidara looked hurt beyond belief; he ran upstairs arm over his eyes to try to wipe away the tears.

Sasori was about to follow, until he heard a rude cough from the man ten feet from him, telling him to leave. Sasori opened the door and left without a second glance. He went to his silver car and opened the door; he heard the front door open and he turned slightly to glare at whoever was there.

It turned out to be a girl that looked a lot like Deidara, but was a few inches shorter and had a fringe covering her right eye. "Are you here for nii-san?" Sasori ignored the girl and got in the car to drive away.

He was about half way down the driveway when he heard the rev of an engine. He looked in his rearview mirror to see a sports car cruising down the driveway, but before he could get out of the way it hit his car. He took an inhale of breath before he crashed out the windshield.

Kevin jumped out of the Ferrari, and went to see if Sasori was okay. 'Oh god, I didn't see him!' he had gone out for a drive to cool off, but he was now paying. He went over to the car to see it was empty, with a shattered windshield. He looked in front of the car to see the redhead lying there unconscious. He ran over to him to see blood coming from his head. Shaking didn't do anything what's so ever. Then it occurred to him, he could've killed his son's boyfriend. He once killed Deidara's fish and the blond never forgave him.

He pulled out his cell phone and called for an ambulance.

Deidara looked up from his wet pillows to here ambulances coming up the driveway. About ten minutes later they left and someone came in his room. "Deidara."

Said blond looked up from his fathers voice. "What, un?" his voice was still heavy from the tears.

"I may have killed Sasori." Deidara's eyes widened and he cried even harder then before.

"Take me to the hospital, un."

"Deidara I really don't think that's a-"

"Now dad, un! You probably killed my boyfriend, this is the least you can do!" Deidara looked as angry as ever, but hurt was still on his face.

"Fine, come one." they both headed for the garage and headed for the SUV. The ride to the hospital was silent and awkward, but Deidara didn't care all he wanted was Sasori to be fine.

When they arrived at the hospital Deidara ran to the desk demanding where Sasori's room was, only to be told he was the emergency room. Deidara was sitting in the waiting room, ignoring all of the attempts his father tried to make for a conversation. A nurse came out about two hours later saying that visiting hours were over and he couldn't sleep here. Deidara was about to protest, but he father silenced him and took him to the car.

At home, dinner was silent and awkward; Deidara didn't even touch his food and went upstairs to sleep. He sat on the bed and lied down on the pillow Sasori used 'It still smells like him.' He burst into tears once more and cried himself to sleep.

Three days. Deidara had been at the hospital for three days and the only news was Sasori was out of surgery, but in a coma. The teen looked like an absolute mess. Any word from anyone and he would look at them as if they weren't even there, then continue to looked down. A nurse came out to say Deidara could see Sasori now. Once he heard the news he dashed down the hall and to the room. He opened the door and his eyes widened. Sasori looked like he was dead. He was pale and his skin looked clammy like a gross paste, and dark circles were present under his eyes as if he were exhausted. He was hooked up to wires and he had a tube for his nose.

"Danna, un..." Deidara walked over to him and sat down in one of the chairs. The silent beeping of heart monitor was the only sound in the room besides Sasori's calm breathing. Deidara quietly began to cry into Sasori's sheets. 'Please be okay.'

Brown eyes opened to a very bright and ears rung from an even more annoying beeping; and god his head hurt. He lifted up his hand to try and rub it, but wires were n the way. 'What the...' silent sobs reached his ears and he looked down to see a blond crying into his arms, looking like an angel, fallen from heaven. Sasori frowned and reached his hand to stroke the blond head of hair. Deidara immediately looked up in amazement.

"Danna, un?"Sasori gave a weak smile and rubbed the blond's cheek. "Thank god you're okay, un." Deidara jumped on Sasori causing his heart monitor to go haywire.

"D-deidara... Can't breath..." said blond got off with tears of happiness in his eyes and a smile on his face. "What happened?" and the smile was gone.

"My dad was going out for a drive and crashed into your car, un... You flew out of it." Sasori looked at the blond's sad expression and smiled.

"Well maybe we can try the dinner thing again, and I doubt they'll say no."

Deidara gave a nervous chuckle and nodded. "Yeah, maybe, un." Sasori smiled and pulled Deidara close so he was lying next to him. "I'm really glad you're okay, un," Deidara confessed as he snuggled closer to Sasori.

"I am too." Deidara slowly drifted off, with a smile on his face.

-Three weeks later-

"Don't try and exert yourself, Danna, un."

Sasori rolled his eyes. "It's only a few steps, Brat, I'm fine."

They were walking up the steps to the house, but Deidara insisted that Sasori use him as a cane so he doesn't fall. Once they reached the door, it opened the reveal the little blond girl. "Nii-san!" the young girl jumped on Deidara almost knocking over Sasori.

"Ino, be careful, un!"

The little girl giggled and ran back inside. "Mom! Dad! Deidara's back, and he's with somebody!" As if on cue both parents came out of the den to see Deidara help Sasori in. Sasori hissed when he walked the wrong way, getting a small sorry from Deidara.

There was a cough and Deidara and Sasori looked up from their footing to see both of Deidara's parents standing by the den entryway. "Are we still going to have dinner?" Deidara smiled and nodded.

At dinner they talked about things, but sometimes it would drift off to Sasori's surgery, which Deidara didn't want to talk about, but Sasori didn't mind. He had to get surgery for his stomach since that had been crushed when he fell, and had gotten a slight concussion, but nothing major; and he refused crutches. By the time dinner was done they all headed to bed, and since Deidara insisted that Sasori shouldn't be alone for a while, so he was staying with Deidara in his room.

Sasori sighed as he could finally let his body rest. "See, you did tire yourself out, un." Deidara looked upset as he lied down next to the redhead.

Sasori chuckled and pulled the upset blond closer to his chest. "I'm fine."

Deidara sighed and closed his eyes. "Good night, un."

"Good night, love you."

Deidara chuckled, "Love you too, un."

-Three weeks later-

"I finally got a new job."

"Oh that's great, un. What is it?"

Sasori chuckled. "Landscaping, I'm gonna get a new work site today."

Deidara hmm'ed on the other end."Well good luck, un- Oh I have to go. Bye, love you, un."

"Bye loves." he closed his phone and picked up his paper for the new site and see what needs to be done. He got into the landscaping truck and drove off to the house.

He looked at the paper again, and blinked. He chuckled and kept on driving. He pulled up a long driveway and parked in front of the house. He walked up to the front door and knocked. About ten seconds later the door opened.

"Danna, un?"

Sasori smirked. "Guess where I have to work for the rest of the year?"

Deidara looked thoughtful and smiled. "I wonder, un." Sasori brought Deidara in for a kiss, as if to say hello.

*Cough* *Cough* they both pulled apart to see Deidara's father standing there with a blush on his face.

"Oh yeah, sorry Dei, but I'm here to work."

Deidara smirked. "Then get to it, un."

aAnd he left. "Well, let's get to work.

After about two hours of working Sasori took a break. It was about ninety degrees and he needed a break."Danna, come inside, un!" Sasori smirked and did so. Once he stepped into the air conditioned house he gave a long sigh. Deidara giggled. "We have the house to ourselves for three hours, un."

Sasori smirked. "I'm here for work Dei."

"And work is what you're gonna get, un." Deidara pulled Sasori into a very strong kiss and led him upstairs.

Maybe this job was better then the one before?