- I think I'm going insane.

This poision in my brain.

It feels like I'm suffocating.

Fear can be so breathtaking.

- It waits for me in the corner.

It meets me in my dreams.

I'm scared to look ahead.

It's an awful feeling of dread.

- Eating away at my conscience.

It never leaves me alone.

This fear is so dominant.

My suffering is it's home.

- I can't tell anyone.

I'm afraid they'll all just laugh.

When I speak out no one listens.

No, they'll never understand.

- So I keep this burden to myself.

There is no one who can help.

I doubt I'll ever break free,

of the pain you've caused me.

- I gave it my all,

stumbled and crawled.

Here at your feet,

I'm left in defeat.

- You've taken all I've got.

And you don't seem to care.

Even though you've never showed me mercy,

it's the only hope I have left to bear.

- I don't think I desreve this.

This nonsense drives me mad!

But I dare not confront it.

Not even when I can.

- I have little faith,

but maybe it's enough just to believe.

Will I make it through? I might.

I'll never know unless I try.

- And for the first time in a while,

I feel myself begin to smile.