By Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Eva or Iron Man 2, or it's characters.

Summery: Shinji Ikari is the new Iron Man, and must help his boss, Tony Stark, protect the world from evil, even as he tries to keep the greatest secret in the world: he has Stark's knowledge!


Mission 1
Iron Man Vs Whip Man


(The Monaco Historic Grand Prix raceway)

Tony Stark, famed inventor and the publically admitted hero known as Iron Man, sped through the tunnel of the race track, accelerating through the sharp twists and turns as he began taking the lead over his fellow drivers. He tried to steady his heart rate even as he moved down the speedway.

Come on, arc reactor, keep those pieces of shrapnel from reaching my heart. He thought as he slid around the turn.... right as his eyes widened.

More than halfway down the track, a muscular man with long salt and pepper hair was walking out onto the track, his orange jumpsuit removed from the upper half of his body. But what caught Tony's eye, apart from the glowing energy whips attached to the man's wrists, was the strange erector-set device wrapped around his arms and torso.... and a glowing sphere-like device in his chest that looked oddly familiar.

An arc unit? What in hell... he gasped as a pair of long whips suddenly shot out from the frames on the wrists and flayed around wildly, right before they started glowing with a white-hot intensity.

"Time to make god bleed." the man hissed as Stark continued to accelerate towards him, right as the 2,700 degree Celsius right whip lashed out and struck the front of Tony's Formula-One racer. The impact was reminiscent of Luke Skywalker cutting off the front end of the speeder bike's nose with his lightsaber on Endor before the white-suited pilot crashed into a tree.

The only difference is that Tony Stark would live. The same could not be said for the other racers tearing down the speedway who had spun out and crashed to avoid the man, or who had been the first to taste his whips before Stark arrived.

From the Bar American, Pepper Potts gasped as she noticed what was going on down on the track. She looked around frantically for her companion and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw he was gone.

Back on the track, Stark was slowly climbing out of his wrecked race car as the whip-wielding man slowly walked down the track, grinning like an approaching predator who had just injured his prey. He was actually enjoying the moment as he made his way to Stark, his whips crackling with energy on the race track.

But in the time it took for the Whip Man to march on Stark, a young Japanese man of about 20 years old had raced out onto the track and into the Stark Pit Stop.

"I hope this works." he said as he set down a red and silver suitcase and punched in a code on the pad next to its handle.

The suitcase chirped its acceptance as it mechanically opened up, revealing itself to be empty. That didn't stop the young man as he placed his feet inside the bootsoles, before placing his hands inside a set of handgrips in the middle of the case, and lifted the device up towards his torso. The suitcase segmented, still attached to itself, as it began forming around the young man. Silver and red titanium plates began forming over his feet and legs as the chest and arms followed.

It was obvious that in the chaos he wasn't being noticed. Which suited him just fine as the silver faceplate came down over his brown-haired, blue-eyed features, wrapping him in a tight cocoon of circuits and metal.

The Whip Man continued to advance towards the injured Tony Stark even as the inventor got to his feet and started down the track.

"Run little rabbit, run." he cackled as he advanced towards the slightly limping inventor.

However, Stark suddenly stopped running and turned to face the man. This alone caused Whip Man to pause in confusion.

"Have you decided to meet your fate?' the Whip Man said with a thick Russian drawl.

"Sooner than you think. However, I do have a question for you." Stark said.

"And what would that be?" the man asked curiously.

"Would you turn around and look behind you?" Stark asked.

The Whip Man started to chuckle, thinking that it was a crude attempt to distract him so that Stark could run away. His laughter stopped, when he heard the metallic crunching of someone walking up to him from behind.

His brow creased as he turned around. His eyebrows raised up as he saw a man, dressed in what looked like polished red and silver armor. Iron Man armor.

What? But Stark is Iron Man! The Whip Man gasped. When did he hire a bodyguard?

"Step Away From The Inventor!" Iron Man said.

Stark actually looked at the armored man with a mixture of admiration and mortification.

"Note to self: teach the kid better heroic catchphrases." he muttered to himself.

"And who are you?" The Whip Man asked. "Another American lapdog to serve the Pig known as Tony Stark?"

"Actually... I'm Not American." the armored man said as he threw his hands forward, twin beams of energy fired from his palms. But not at Whip Man. The beams blasted the ground at the base of his feet, and sent the man flying up into the air and crashing into the ground next to one of the wrecked racers.

"Are You Alright, Mr Stark?" Iron Man asked as he ran up to the injured inventor.

"Been better. Where were you?" Stark asked.

"Suiting Up."

"How's The Mark V?" he asked, meaning the armor.

"Functioning Perfectly." he said. "Though It Does Feel... Light."

Tony looked over and saw that the Whip Man was getting up.

"About face, soldier." Stark said as Iron Man turned around and noticed the assailant coming towards them.

"Right." he said as he crouched down in a stance that looked like a football player about to run a scrimmage. In a second he took off and charged the man even as he lashed out with his energy whips towards the red and silver man.

Tony Stark watched as Iron Man raced toward the Whip Man, his fists thrown up to fire another repulsor blast at his foe. The blasts were deflected by the whips easily, energy striking energy, but that hadn't been the intention. He grinned as Iron Man leapt into the air and tackled the Whip Man to the ground. Tony had to admit that it was appropriate. The Mark V was a lighter armor than his precious Mark IV. It lacked missiles, a stronger repulsor system, stronger armor, and some of the other weapons than he had used in Gulmira more than a year ago. Still, it offered a considerable amount of protection and physical strength, so that was what the kid was using.

A furious tumbling of metal and flesh rolled over and over onto the raceway, eventually breaking apart as the two men turned to face each other.

"I Don't Know Who You Are, But This Ends Now." Iron Man said.

"For one of us." the Whip Man grinned as he brought his whips up again and started lashing out at Iron Man.

The first whip sparked across Iron Man's torso, coming dangerously close to his own chest RT as he cried out in pain. He whipped at him again and again, until finally Iron Man caught the whips with his arms. His left arm wrapped around the right whip, as the left whip wrapped around the right wrist.

"Oh No." Iron Man gasped as Whip Man suddenly pulled him off his feet and slammed him into the chain-link fence, before lifting him up and slamming him into another pile of wreckage from another racer.

The Whip Man laughed as he suddenly felt a tug on his whips.

"What?" he gasped as he suddenly felt himself pulled off his feet, and slam into the ground and back into Tony Stark's racer.

"Now..." Iron Man said as he rose up out of the wreckage, his left hand still with the whip wrapped around it. "...My Turn." he said as he pulled the whip and hurled the man around like he was a kite on a string caught in a maelstrom.

Finally, gripping the energy whip tightly, Iron Man yanked on the whip that was burning through the armor and into his skin, pulling the Whip Man to him, as he cocked his free arm back and brought it forward, slamming it against the man's face. The man crumbled to the ground in a mess of flesh and steel, his eyes closed to indicate he was unconscious.

Looking down at the mini reactor on the Whip Man's chest, Iron Man reached down, gripped it tight, and pulled it off with a metallic shattering that caused the man to jump. The energy whips powered down and became nothing more than limp cables as Iron Man looked at the device in his hand.

If his faceplate hadn't been down, you could have seen the look of confusion on his face.

It is a mini-arc reactor! But I thought Mr Stark and I were the only ones who could create one. He thought as said man walked up next to him. Did this guy build it on his own?

"So tell me, how did it handle?" Stark asked. "The armor."

"It Worked Good, Sir. Not Great, But Good." Iron Man said, looking at his singed and sparking left arm.

"You in pain?" Stark asked.

"Yes." Iron Man replied.

"Wrists hurt?"


"Head buzzing?"


"Right. We'll get that looked at Shinji." Stark said as Gendarmes and medical personnel swarmed the track.

"Thank You, Sir." he said, as he handed the mini-arc device to the older man.

"And this as well." Stark said as he stared at the Whip Man's arc reactor.

The pair turned as they heard a man laughing even as he was being cuffed and carted off.

"I win." the man chuckled even as blood and one of his teeth were spit from his mouth.

Both Tony and Shinji just stared at the man, as a strange foreboding filled their minds.

"What Did He Mean By That, Sir?" Shinji asked. "He Lost, And He's In Handcuffs."

"Somehow..... I get the feeling.... we're going to find out." Stark said as both Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan rushed out onto the track.

"Tony! Are you alright?" Pepper asked.

"No. I'm not." Stark huffed.

"What? Are you hurt? Bleeding?" the lovely young woman asked. "What's wrong?"

"This." Stark said, holding up the RT. "This thing should not exist, but it does. Which means that someone has either access to my servers or my brain." he replied, looking at Iron Man who was being tended to by his newest female assistant. A hot redhead with a very svelte figure. No. He wouldn't have. He didn't have time. He thought as he continued talking. "Neither one of those things should be possible. Maybe we can find out something from our whip-happy Russian friend... or if not, then maybe this will tell us something." he said as he tossed the RT up into the air and caught it as it came down. "Cause I don't think this is over."


Authors Notes:

People are going to criticize me for writing up yet another story for my numerous story list, but I couldn't help it.

It took me about an hour to write this up. And I haven't even seen the Iron Man 2 movie yet. (I never even saw Iron Man 1 when it was in theaters) I basically wrote this in honor of Iron Man 2, so I hope everyone enjoys it.

Also, this is Shinji Ikari in the Mark V suitcase armor battling Whiplash. Most of the fight was taken from the Iron Man 2 novel.

I am still mixed as to what I am going to do with this story. I wrote only a small segment for it. Also, I am very mixed as to whom to pair Shinji with. I like a good pairing, really. But honestly, the only people I could pair him with are Pepper Potts, or Natalie Rushman. Kinda limited, right?

Still, this story was kinda written in the same venue as I wrote 'Agent of Achilles'. I don't know what I'll get back to this, like so many other of my stories, so please be patient with me.