by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Evangelion or Iron Man 2 or their characters.

Summery: Shinji, Tony and Rhodey use their armored suits to take on a small army of Hammer Drones even as Vanko readies himself for a show down with Stark himself. And Mari helps out too.


Chapter 5
It's Hammer Time

(Stark Enterprises Corporate HQ. South Warehouse)

"How's the chest piece feel?" Shinji asked as, backing away from his boss once the new Ununoctium triangle that was inserted into his chest.

The energy from the new element glowed brightly and practically exploded in a glittering flare of light.

"Good. Really Good! Like... tastes like coconut... and metal. Oh Wow!" Tony groaned as the newly implanted mini-reactor pulsed throughout his body.

(Hey, Shinji, I think he likes it.) HOMER said.

"Good." Shinji said as he noticed his assistant off to the side going through all of Howard Stark's notes and information. "Mari-chan? What are you doing?" Shinji asked, walking over to her.

"Just going over the notes and stuff that those SHIELD guys left. Pretty interesting stuff." Mari said, looking at the blueprints and notes for the original Arc Reactor, taking note that Anton Vanko's name was at the bottom, next to Howard Stark's own name.

Behind her the microfilm had been running, playing the clips of Howard Stark making his recorded video logs of the Stark Expo. These were obviously the cut scenes, the ones with the bloopers and questionable content in them. He was a tall man with short brown hair and a mustache, dressed in a basic dark suit and tie, and looked as every bit the talented inventor that Tony remembered.

"But we've already figured everything out." Tony said, his body slowly starting to deluminate.

"I know, but I just thought that..." she paused, a serious voice getting her attention.

("Tony!") the voice of Howard Stark said, getting the trio's attention. ("You're too young to understand this right now, so I thought I would put this on film for you. I built this for you.") Howard Stark said, standing in front of the Expo model that Shinji had gotten the Ununoctium formula from. ("And someday you'll realize that it represents a whole lot more than just people's inventions. It represents my life's work. This, is the key to the future.") the image shifted briefly from Howard Stark to the model, showing certain bits of it, like the Unisphere and even a model of the Arc Reactor. ("I'm limited by the technology of my time, but one day you'll figure this out. And when you do, you will change the world. What is and always will be, my greatest creation... is you.")

The film ended, and the trio (not counting HOMER) just watched as the film finally stopped playing.

"Thanks, dad." Tony said with a semi-sad smile.


"I still don't know about this, Shinji-kun." Mari said.

"Mari-chan, trust me, it's going to fit." Shinji said.

"But it's just so hard and it feels uncomfortable."

"I know. This thing wasn't built for your specific body."

"I think something's pushing into me where it shouldn't be."

"Okay, let me get behind you and I'll use the screwdriver to open up your back plate."

From behind the modified control panel, Tony Stark rose up and just stared back at his technical assistant and his assistant's assistant, whom he believed was making a variety of sexual innuendos. He was mildly disappointed to see that Mari was wearing his rebuilt Mark V suitcase armor and Shinji was working to make it fit and function.

His disappointment was rooted in the fact that his assistant was in the perfect position to get himself some much deserved action, from his assistant who obviously liked him. After hearing about his past life, Tony was well aware of the fact that honest and genuine affection would do wonders for the young man.

Of course, having been denied that sort of thing for most of his life, and considering the people he had associated with at NERV, Shinji was most likely afraid to get close to anyone. Though there seemed to be some degree of hope in the fact that Mari and Shinji were actually smiling and working so close to each other.

"How does that feel?" Shinji asked.

"Better. At least nothing's poking me in the butt." Mari said. Yet, she thought hopefully.

"Well, if we had time I'd get you a better suit of armor." he said.

"And why do I need to wear this? You and Mr Stark should be able to handle this on your own. Especially if Colonel Rhodes will be there as well."

"A good inventor always has a back-up plan."

"So I'm a back-up plan?" she asked mirthfully.

"You're extra insurance to make sure that innocent people don't get hurt if this thing goes sour."

"Which it probably will." she stated.


"HOMER? How's the Mark-6 coming?" Tony asked the AI.

(I just finished painting it.) The advanced AI said as the suit of armor appeared on the main computer screen. The gold and red armor with the upside-down triangle-shaped arc reactor in the chest.

"Nice." Tony said with a smile. "And what about the Mark-3?"

(See for yourself.) HOMER said as it brought up the image for the rebuilt and modified Mark-3 armor, which was now red and silver, instead of the usual gold.

"Wasn't the Mark-3 painted red and gold?"

(Yes, sir. But Shinji thought a slightly different color scheme would make it less troublesome to identify the both of you.)

Tony chuckled at that. "I think having two or three Iron Men there, despite the color difference, will cause more than enough trouble for people. Are the new reactors ready?"

(They are.) HOMER said as one of the nearby machines opened it's chest to reveal two functioning mini-arc reactors.

"Excellent. Shinji! Mari! You two ready?" Tony shouted.

"I'm ready! Mari-chan?" Shinji asked, turning to his assistant.

"Yes, Shinji-kun. I'm ready." Mari said with a smile.

"Alright then. Let's suit up!"


(Stark Expo. Flushing, New York)

Justin Hammer was just about finished with his presentation.

Behind him on the grand stage were four groups of 15-armored battle drones, each one representing the four branches of the American military forces: Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines.

On the front of the stage, decked out in the heavily modified and weaponized Mark II armored suit was Colonel James Rhodes. The suits most distinguishing feature was the six-barreled minigun that was on his back.

"For America and it's allies, Hammer Industries is reporting for-" Justin Hammer said, only to be interrupted as a loud, thundering roar of rocket engines was heard overhead.

It grew louder as suddenly, three figures broke through the night sky and flew right up to the stage. The first to land was a red and gold armored figure whom everyone easily identified as Iron Man, the only real noticeable difference was the glowing upside-down triangle in the middle of his chest. The second figure was red and silver, a glowing circle in his chest, standing off to the left of Iron Man. The third figure was colored similarly to the second one, though the armor was clearly sleeker and looked exactly like the Mark V suit that Shinji had worn in Monaco.

Naturally, seeing three Iron Men just flying in and landing right in front of Colonel Rhodes and Justin Hammer caused everyone to stand up, applaud and cheer. Loudly.

"We Got Trouble!" Tony said as he and his two partners walked up and stood on both sides of Colonel Rhodes.

"Tony, There Are Civilians Present. I'm Here On Orders, Let's Not Do This Right Now." Rhodes said as Tony stood on his left, Shinji and Mari on his right.

"Give Em A Wave!" Tony said, the four armored people waving towards the crowd.

"Yeah, Alright!" Justin Hammer called out, cheering with the crowd. "We got the Iron Man! The War Machine! The Steel Centurion! And Iron Boy!" Justin quickly called out, coming up with the names on the tip of his tongue.

"Iron Boy?" Mari gasped at hearing what she had been called. "Did He Just Call Me 'Boy'?"

"He Can't Tell There's A Woman In That Suit." Shinji stated to her.

"At Least You Got A Cool Name." Mari huffed.

"All These People Are In Danger. We Gotta Get Them Out Of Here. You Gotta Trust Me For The Next Five Minutes." Tony said to Rhodey.

"Yeah, I Tried That And I Got Tossed Around Your House, Remember?" Rhodey replied.

"Then Will You Trust Me, Colonel?" Shinji asked, standing on War Machine's right, with Mari to his right.

"Shinji?" Rhodes gasped in shock. Though he really shouldn't have been surprised.

"Hammer's Working With Vanko." Shinji said.

"Vanko's Alive?" Rhodes asked, truly shocked at hearing that.

"Worse, He's Got Something Majorly Bad Planned For Mr Stark. For All Of Us." Mari spoke up.

"Mari?" Rhodes gasped, now truly shocked.

"Yup. The Gang's All Here." Tony said as he suddenly walked towards Justin Hammer.

"What Do You Mean 'Bad'? Define 'Bad'!" Rhodes asked.

"Best Guess: He's Going To Use The Hammer Drones To Take Out Mr. Stark." Shinji said.

"Where's Vanko?" Iron Man asked Hammer.

"What?" Justine Hammer asked.

"Where Is He?" Iron Man demanded.

"What are you doing here, Man?" Hammer asked in slight panic.

Suddenly, War Machine's armor and guns twitched, the armor locking up and the mini-gun moving on it's own.

"Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! What's Going On?" Rhodes gasped in shock.

"Is That You?" Tony asked, noticing the minigun pointed at him.

"No That's Not Me! I'm Not Doing This!" Rhodes shouted.

"It's Vanko!" Shinji shouted, himself and Mari backing up from the dark and silver armored man.

"I Can't Move! I'm Locked Up! I'm Locked Up!" Rhodey shouted.

Behind them, the rest of the Hammer Drones sprang to life, their weapons coming on-line and aimed right at the Iron Man with the upside-down triangle on his chest.

"Get Out Of Here! Go! This Whole Systems Been Compromised!"

Iron Man sprang from the stage, hovering in mid-air.

"Let's Take This Outside!" Tony shouted as Iron Man shot into the air as War Machine and the Drone opened fire on the armored hero, shattering the glass skylight overhead and causing it to rain down upon the fleeing audience.

"Shinji-Kun! What Do We Do?" Mari asked.

Suddenly, War Machine and the Air Force Drones ignited their boosters.

"No! No!" Rhodey shouted as he took off into the air, immediately chasing down the red and gold armored man.

Suddenly, the other drones came to life and started moving towards the front of the stage.

"We Need To Keep These Drones From Getting Into The Park!" Shinji shouted.

"Right! I'll Take The Marines, You Take The Army!" Mari shouted.

"Got It!"

The Army, Navy, and Marine Drones quickly came to life and started moving towards the front of the stage, towards the audience.

"Let's Do This!" Shinji shouted as he and Mari opened fire with their repulsors, knocking down several of the drone in an instant, even as the others continued to advance.

"On Your Right!" Mari shouted as she shot down one of the Drones.

"I See Them!" Shinji replied as he blasted the Army Drones that got close to him.

"Come On, Tin Man, Show Me What You Got!" Mari shouted as she leapt up and punched down the Marine Drone.

"Don't Let Them Get Off The Stage!" Shinji shouted, blasting another Drone.

"Look Out!" Mari shouted as the Navy Drones moved up.

Equipt with more rockets than the other Drones, The Navy opened fire with their shoulder-mounted rockets at the pair, blasting them full frontal and knocking them into the empty rows of audience seating. However, before the rockets struck, Shinji had thrown himself in front of Mari, taking the brunt of the assault.

"Oh... That Hurt!" Mari groaned.

"Tell Me About It." Shinji groaned.

"Are You Alright?" Mari asked, struggling to get up and check him for injuries.

"Kinda. The Front Part Of My Chest Is Cracked. Magnetic Energy Field I Added Barely Blocked All Those Rockets!" Shinji explained.

"The Drones Are Gone!" Mari shouted.

"I Know. Boss? How Are You Doing?" Shinji asked through his communicator.

(Kinda Busy Right Now, Kid! Rhodey And The Air Force Are Trying To Kill Me!) Tony shouted.

(It's No Picnic For Me Either, Tony! Coming Up On Your Six!) Rhodes replied.

(I Got It!) Tony shouted back.

"We Gotta Stop Those Other Drones!" Shinji shouted as he got back up to his feet.

"Are You Sure?" Mari asked.


"Alright, Then, Let's Go." Mari said as the pair stood up and ignited their rockets. "I Still Don't Like This!"

"You're Getting The Hang Of It, Right?" Shinji asked.

"I Had A Choice?" Mari asked.

"I Told You I Needed You On This."

"Because You Trust Me!"



One of the Army Drones that had been targetting Iron Man paused when they noticed a young boy wearing an Iron Man mask.

Because it was simplistically programmed to attack Iron Man, it's recognition software caused it to turn on the boy with it's cannon like gun mounted on it's back.

Suddenly, a red and silver armored Iron Man flew in and landed right next to the boy.

The Drone turned and aimed at the larger Iron Man, who lifted his hand up and blasted the Drone in its chest with a forceful repulsor blast.

The kid looked up as the red and silver Iron Man looked down at him.

"Nice Work, Kid!" Shinji said as he blasted off into the sky.

"Whoa." the kid gasped.


Mari was flying back towards the Unisphere in an attempt to intercept the flying Air Force Drones. Shinji had momentarily stopped off to stop an Army Drone that was about to waste a kid wearing an Iron Man mask, and told her to go on.

She saw Iron Man flying past one of the observation towers, with Rhodey and the Air Force hot on his heels. She was about to intercept them, when she noticed a barrage of Navy Drones rockets launch from the ground and slam into the observation tower. The explosions caused massive damage to the towers, and caused several people to fall from them.

"Damn It!" Mari shouted as she turned towards them.

Two people, a man and a woman, who had been clutching the edge of the blown out window, had lost their grip and plummeted towards the ground.

Halfway down, they were caught by a pair of metallic gauntlets and lifted back up into the air, back towards the tower they had come from.

"Are You Alright?" Mari asked.

"Yes. Now." the man said.

"Thank you for rescuing us." the woman said.

"You're Welcome!" Mari said as she turned around and jumped back out the window, her rockets igniting and flying away.

The man and woman just looked at each other for a moment.

"Was that a girl's voice?" the woman asked.


Shinji noticed a small pack of Air Force Drones that had split off from the main group that was pursuing Stark, and quickly moved to intercept them.

"Looking For Iron Man, Boys?" Shinji shouted as he flew towards the five drones, blasting two of them with his hand repulsors.

The other three turned their guns and missiles on him, firing at the red and silver hero, who charged his Chest RT and opened fire, right as he was struck by the missiles. The RT-blast struck the three drones, hitting the one in the middle and causing the blast to extend out to the other two. However, when Shinji was struck by the missiles, he was knocked into the Oracle Sphere.

The sphere itself was an enclosed, lavish, Japanese-style garden that was complemented by a small running river, red arched bridge, finely manicured trees and brush, perfectly placed rocks, and a red archway at the far end.

Shinji slammed into the hill near the bridge and groaned as he did came to a stop.

"Wow. That Hurt." he groaned as he looked around before hearing a crash and the roar of rockets. Getting up, Shinji quickly saw Iron Man and War Machine grappling furiously in the middle of the shallow river in the middle of the garden. The black and silver armored man seemed intent on killing the red and gold hero, despite that it wasn't him.

Shinji quickly flew in and blasted the pair apart before tackling Rhodey.

"Argh!" Rhodes shouted.

"Sorry About This, Sir!" Shinji shouted as he wrestled with Rhodey.

"Forget It! Stop Me! STOP ME!" Rhodes shouted as his armor tried to crush, hit, punch, and shoot Shinji.

"Shinji, Hang On!" Tony shouted as he flew in and grabbed Rhodes from behind.

"Trying To, Sir!" Shinji shouted, trying to keep the minigun from blowing his head off.

The three armored men continued to tussle, rolling over and over in the shallow river until both Tony and Shinji managed to wrestle him down onto his back. Tony had his left side, while Shinji had his right side, as well as the minigun that was still firing wildly as Shinji held it away from his body.

Suddenly... the War Machine shut down. The minigun stopped firing, the armor stopped moving, the lights in the helmet stopped glowing.

"Oh. Am I Too Late?" Mari asked, suddenly arriving at the battle site.

"What The..." Shinji gasped as a small video screen came up inside the Iron Men's helmets.

A familiar redhead appearing on their screens.

(Reboot complete. You got your best friend back.) Natasha said

"Thank You Very Much, Agent Romanoff." Tony said.

(Well done on the new chest piece. I'm reading significantly higher output and your vitals all look promising.)

"Yes, Thanks To Shinji, For The Moment I'm Not Dying." Tony responded.

(What do you mean you're not dying? Did you just say you were dying?) Pepper Potts said, coming up on a second view screen.

"Pepper Is That You? Uh, No, I'm Not. Not Anymore." Tony replied.

(What's going on?) Pepper asked.

"I Was Going To Tell You. I Didn't Want To Alarm You."

(You were gonna tell me? You really are dying?)

"Yes, I Was, Not Anymore."

(Why didn't you tell me that?) Pepper shouted.

"I Was Drunk And Not In The Right State Of Mind!" Tony shouted back.

(Hey, hey! Save it for the honeymoon! You got incoming, Tony. Looks like the fight's coming to you.) Natasha said, interrupting their argument.

"Right. Good Thing I'm Not Alone. Pepper?" Tony shouted out.

(Are you okay now?) she asked.

"I'm Fine. Don't Be Mad. I Will Formally Apologize..."

(I am mad!) Pepper shot back.

"...When I Am Not Fending Off A Hammeroid Attack!"


"We Could Have Been In Venice." Tony smirked.

(Oh please!) Pepper scoffed.


Rhodes blinked his eyes open as his systems and video HUD came back up. The first thing he saw was Tony's exposed face, his armored faceplate up, looking down at him.

Just behind Tony he saw Shinji and Mari, both their face plates up.

"Rhodey? Snap out of it, buddy, I need you! They're coming. Come on, let's roll. Get up." Tony said as he snapped Rhodes face plate up.

The armors faceplate snapped up, flooding Rhodey's vision with natural light. He groaned as he stared at Tony directly.

"Oh... you can have your suit back." Rhodes groaned as Tony helped him up.

Looking around Rhodes saw Tony, Shinji and Mari standing around him.

"You okay?" Tony asked.

"Yeah, thanks. Tony, look, I'm sorry, okay?" Rhodes said.

"Don't be." Tony dismissed his apology.

"I should have trusted you more."

"I'm the one who put you in this position. Forget it."

"No. It's your fault. I just wanted to say I'm sorry."

"Thank you. That's all I wanted to hear. Partner." Tony said with a smirk.

"They're coming in high and hot. What do we do?" Shinji asked.

"Well, we wanna take the high ground so let's put our biggest gun up on that ridge." Rhodes said.

"Got you. Where do you wanna be?" Tony asked as the pair started towards the ridge.

"Where are you going?" Rhodes asked him.

"What're you talking about?" Tony responded.

"I meant me." Rhodes said, pointing to himself.

"No, you have a big gun. You are not the big gun." Tony exclaimed.

"Tony, don't be jealous."

"No, I like it, it's subtle, all the bells and whistles."

"Yeah. It's called being a badass."

"Fine." Tony said. "Okay, you get up top, up there, I'll draw them in."

"Wait, don't stay down here."

"Why not?"

"This is the worst place to be."

"Okay you got a spot. Where's mine?"

"It's the kill box, Tony. It's where you go to die."

While the pair were arguing, Shinji and Mari were looking at each other.

"Do you think they realize that we're here too?" Mari asked.

"They won't until the drones get here." Shinji said.

Suddenly, the roar of several rocket engines caught their attention, as several different looking drones landed all around them.

"Oh..." Tony started.

"...shit!" Rhodey finished.

One-by-one the drones assembled around them. Army drones, Navy drones, Marine drones.

"Guess we should be glad you and Mr Stark eliminated the Air Force Drones." Mari said.

"But how many more are we facing here?" Shinji asked.

"Counting... 35 Drones!" Mari said, her visor flipped down to get a radar check.

"Really, didn't need to know that." Rhodes said as Shinji pulled his face plate down.

"So... what? 8.75 for each of us." Tony said, flipping his face plate down.

"Sounds Fair." Shinji said.

"Iron Man, Ready!" Tony said.

"War Machine, Ready!" Rhodey said.

"Centurion, Ready!" Shinji said.

"Rescue, Ready!" Mari said.

The trio turned to look at her.

"Rescue?" Centurion asked.

"Sounds Better Than 'Iron Girl'." Rescue said.

"Not Really." Iron Man said.

The Drones fully assembled. The quartet of armored heroes standing back-to-back.

The fight was on.

Iron Man lashed out with his arms, repulsor beams firing to his left and right, taking down an Army and Navy Drone. A Marine Drone attacked from behind, causing him to spin around and punch it hard in the head and chest. An Army Drone charged him from the side, but was taken down by a fierce kick to the stomach, then a pile-driving strike from Iron Man's elbow and then a punch that caved in its chest. He opened his left arm, a small salvo of mini-missiles flew out and destroying three more Drones, of the Army, Navy and Marines.

War Machine opened up with all barrels, his minigun on his back and the two high-velocity machine guns that were attached to his arms. Bullets cut through the thick armor of the drones that attacked him. Marines and Army fell before him as the Navy tried to take him from behind. He grabbed the Navy Drone and tossed it into an oncoming Marine, riveting both with bullets before resuming his attack on the others.

Centurion leapt into the air, kicking down a Navy Drone as a Marine Drone came in and tried to slash him. He blasted the Marine with a repulsor blast as an Army Drone attacked. Centurion grabbed the Army Drone by the arm and spun it around, tossing it into a pair of Marine Drones, and blasting them with his repulsors. A Navy Drone opened fire on him, but he quickly ducked, the rockets striking an Army Drone behind him. He blasted the Navy Drone with his repulsor, before turning to punch, kick, and cave-in the Marine Drone that was coming up from behind.

Rescue opened up with her repulsors, trying to stay as far back and next to Centurion as possible. Her armor wasn't as strong as the others, so she did what she could. To her left and right she opened up with repulsor blast after repulsor blast, each strike hitting one of the drones. Because her armor wasn't as powerful as the others she had to use both hands to take out a single Drone.

The fight was almost over, but the remaining Drones quickly moved in to overwhelm them in a face-to-face, hand-to-hand fight.

Seeing this, Centurion made the call.

"EVERYONE! GET DOWN!" Centurion shouted as his wrist gauntlets opened up.

Iron Man, War Machine and Rescue dropped to the ground as laser beams exploded out the top of Centurion's fists, the technical assistant spinning around and cutting down each Drone that he saw.

The lasers stopped firing, as every last Drone was sliced to pieces, crashing to the ground in nothing more than pieces of scrap.

The three armored heroes stood up to assesses when Shinji had done.

"Huh. Nice. I Think You Should Lead With That Next Time." War Machine said.

"Yeah, Me Too." Iron Man said.

"Sorry, Boss. I Can Only Use It Once. It's A One-Off." Centurion said, the laser components then popping off his fists.

"Why Do You Have That And I Don't?" Rescue asked.

"Because I Didn't Have Time To Equip Your Suit. Next Modification, I Promise." Centurion said.

"I'll Hold You To That." Rescue replied, tapping him lightly in the arm.

Suddenly, a call from Agent Romanoff came in.

(You got one more drone incoming, guys! This one looks different. Repulsor output is significantly higher.) Natasha said.

The quartet looked back and saw a heavily armored figure break through the skyline, landing hard only a few meters away from them. It stood up straight, as it's helmet suddenly pulled back to reveal a pilot.

Ivan Vanko.

"Good to be back." the ex-Russian physicist said.

"Oh, This Ain't Gonna Be Good." War Machine said, right before Vanko unfurled his glowing, high-energy whips from both his arms.


Authors Notes:

Been wanting to update this for a while now. Been unsure how to go from this point. Mostly since the whole Drone battle was a complicated issue.

And yes, I actually added more drones to this story than the movie had. Mostly because I was using both Shinji and Mari to back up Tony and Rhodey. And yes I know that in the movie, Rhodes was a Lieutenant Colonel, but some times referred to as just 'Colonel'. So I just made him a Colonel.

Next Chapter: Team Iron vs Vanko, and he's got another surprise for the group.