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The only warning I have for this particular story is that there will be some racial slurs, which are derogatory names used for certain ethnicities, will be used in some parts of the story, but this is to create a dramatic effect, not because I actually want to write them. Also, excuse me and my fail writing when giving some characters accented dialogue like England and France. I can't help it. OCs will be included as well, but the frequency in which they will appear and their importance to the story may vary along the way. Also, this is a high school AU. I am such an original author.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this story, whether Ameripan is your favorite Hetalia ship or not.

Chapter 1: The First Day Back

It was a cold Monday morning in early January, though if you happened to be indoors, you couldn't tell because most homes had the heaters on. One didn't even feel the frigid temperature until stepping outside to grab the newspaper or take out the trash.

Living proof that the cold wasn't noticeable was a teenage boy by the name of Alfred F. Jones, who was sound asleep in his warm bed, more than likely having dreams about burgers or being a super hero that can fly and shoot lasers from his eyes.

"Alfred!" cried a voice from outside his bedroom door. It was his twin brother, Matthew W. Jones. "Come on, get up!"

"He's still not up?"

"No, he's not. Mom, do something please!"

The woman opened the door and turned on the light. "Alfred, get up already!" This was Emily Jones, the mother of the two boys. She was an attractive woman, her most noticeable physical feature being her large breasts, and she very much acted like her sleepy-headed son. "Today is your first day back to school."

Alfred groaned. "Mom, it's the first day of the second semester…"

"It's still the first day. Now come on. Get up. I'm going to leave in a few minutes. I don't want to run late again!" She rushed to her room to finish dressing. Matthew sighed and walked over to Alfred. Unlike his older brother, he was already dressed.

"Come on Alfred, get up! If you don't, mom's going to have to drive you to school and then she'll be late. Besides, don't you like riding the school bus?"

"I don't like the cold!" exclaimed Alfred. He covered his head with the blankets and Matthew could tell that he was curled up underneath them.

"But you're not even gonna be outside! We're indoors all day except during lunch. And besides, didn't you tell me you went to the best school ever and this was the only school you'd ever attend?"

Alfred peeked from underneath his blankets. "Okay…fine…but don't whine like that anymore Matt…"

The younger twin smiled. "Okay." He walked out of the room. "I'm already making breakfast so hurry and come downstairs!" Alfred heard him rushing back to the kitchen and his mom blow drying her hair in the bathroom.

"Well, looks like it's back to school for me…" He got up and stretched, grabbing his glasses from the bedside table. "Ah, that's better!"

He got dressed and washed up, grabbing his backpack from his room. "Well, at least it's the second semester of the 11th grade year. Just one more year to go and I'll be done!"

Alfred walked downstairs and sat at the table. His brother had already laid out a plate of pancakes for him which he ate heartily. "Hey Matt," he said with his mouth full of food. "Aren't ya gonna eat?"

"Oh I ate already. I get up earlier than you do."

The blonde tried to not take that as a condescending comment, so he just continued to eat his pancakes. Not too long after, their mom came downstairs into the kitchen.

"Okay, I'm leaving now," she said, buttoning the last button on the top of her blouse. "I'm hoping I'll get out early enough to come home and make dinner so I can hear how your first day went back to school!"

"Mom, it's only the first day back of the second semester though."

"Still, I want to hear what happened. I mean, your school seems so fun, with all those cultures in it and everything! Just like our neighborhood!" She gave a squeal and Matthew laughed, Alfred shaking his head in amusement. The school the twins attended was purposely diverse in the cultures of the student body. There were only two in the country, one in California, and one in New York. The twins attended the former. These two schools were established as a baby step toward world peace, though there was still racial tension among the more immature attendees.

"Here mom," said Matthew as he handed her the coffee cup she takes to work. "Have a great day."

"You too sweetie!" She kissed his head. "Bye Al!" She kissed her other son in the same manner. "I'll see you guys later!" She grabbed her purse and her coat from the coat rack near the door and left.

"Well Al," Matthew said as he took off his apron. "We should get going. The bus comes at 7:30 and it takes ten minutes to get to the school."

"Alright." He downed his glass of milk and then put the dishes in the sink. "We'll wash those when we get home."


The twins put on their coats, gloves, and scarves, grabbing their backpacks after. "Al, can you put this on me please?" Matthew handed him a beanie.

"Oh, sure bro." He put it on him. Matthew looked really warm.

"Do you want one? I have an extra."

"Nah, I'm fine. I can endure the cold."

"But you just said earlier you didn't like it…"

"That doesn't mean I can't endure it!"

Alfred and Matthew walked to the bus stop on their block. A few students were already there waiting.

One of them happened to notice the twins coming towards them. "Oh Alfred, Matthew!" He waved.

"Hey Manny!" Alfred said.

"Hi Manuel."

"Oh come on, just call me Manny," he replied. "It's alright."

"Okay." Matthew didn't like calling people by their nicknames, the exception being his brother. He didn't want to because he had a personal preference of using nicknames only when he was completely comfortable around a person.

"Hello Alfred and Matthew!" said a girl next to Manuel. This was Alicia, his sister.



"Oh, hello Matthew!" said the other one. This was Eva, Manuel's youngest sister. "Ah, hello Alfred." She blushed a little bit, hiding behind Eva. Her older sister smiled. Eva always got timid around Alfred.

"Hey there!"

"Good morning Eva."

"Ready to go back to school Alfred?" asked Alicia.

"Not really. I wanted to sleep in some more…"

"Manny feels the same way. He's so lazy sometimes…"

"Hey, who was the one who got a job over winter break? That's right, me. Not you Alicia."

"Yes, but while you were at work, who was cleaning the house, Manny?"

"You were…"

"Then be quiet." She smiled and left it at that. Alfred laughed at Manuel's pouting face and Matthew merely smiled sheepishly.

"Oh, the bus is coming," Eva said. The five were usually the only ones at the bus stop on this block, because not a lot of high schoolers lived on this particular street. Another thing they liked about living on this block was that they were always the first ones on the bus, so they got whichever seat they wanted.

The big yellow vehicle finally pulled up at the bus stop and the door opened.

"Good morning," said the bus driver. "Ready for school?"

"Yes!" Matthew said. He liked going to school, a mindset that was always foreign to Alfred. He stepped into the bus followed by the rest.

"Hey!" cried Alfred. "Matthew, why do you get the window seat?!"

"Because you promised that I'd be able to have the window seat the first week of school!"

"Well I wanna sit there!"

"It's colder over here due to the metal and glass."

"Fine…" Alfred pouted and slumped down next to his brother on the aisle seat. Matthew knew just how to get his way sometimes. Manuel and Alicia sat in front of them and Eva before them.

The doors to the bus closed and it went on its way.

"Hey Manny, Antonio wanted me to ask you something."

"Alfred, you know I don't like him."

"Why not? He's your cousin!"

"That doesn't mean I have to like him!"

"Well okay. But he wanted me to ask you why you dislike him so much."

"Oh he knows. He just wants to be in denial…" He began to mumble something in Spanish under his breath, more than likely curse words towards his cousin.

Alfred smiled and shook his head, sitting back down in his seat. Eva glanced back quickly when he wasn't looking. I wish I could sit next to him...even if only a few times. She was only shy around him, rarely anyone else, unless she was meeting them for the first time. Of course, there were times when Alfred would do obnoxious things that got on her nerves (and the nerves of some other people) but she usually got over them...most of the time.

The bus continued to move silently for a few minutes. Alfred wondered how this semester was going to go. Once these few months were over, he only had one school year left before he was to graduate. He looked forward to that date very much.

"Ah, the next bus stop!" Matthew said as he looked out the window. Once the yellow vehicle came to a halt, the students waiting there climbed in. Two attractive African girls, Radhi and Jendayi, went to the back after saying good morning to the rest on the bus.

"Oh, good morning Alfred!"

"Hey Neeraja! How was your winter break?"

"It was good, thanks for asking. How was yours?"

"Okay I guess."

"He ate a lot," Matthew commented. Alfred glared at him and Neeraja laughed.

"Well, at least you don't starve yourself." Neeraja was very friendly and quite intelligent, so she was rarely disliked by her peers. She got along with most of them, though she did get upset when the ignorant ones called her an Arab and had to constantly remind them she was Indian. She didn't fight it much because she let them think what they wanted to think.

"Good morning Eva!" she said. "Oh, you're sitting by yourself again?"

"Yeah, but I don't mind."

"May I sit next to you then?"

"Well okay!"

Alfred looked at the other people who got on the bus. "Gupta! Hiiii!"

The teen looked at him and nodded. Gupta didn't say much, but he was a friendly person nonetheless. He sat down somewhere near Eva and Neeraja.

"Oh hey, here she comes," Matthew whispered to Alfred.




Navah was a female classmate of theirs who loved to read and was quite pretty. She liked living in America and not back home in the Middle East. Even though she, along with Gupta, faced discrimination from certain people, that didn't break her spirit. Alfred admired that.

"Good morning Navah," Matthew said with a smile.

"Oh, Matthew. Good morning!" she said kindly. "Did you enjoy your vacation?"

"Yes. Have you read any interesting books lately?"

"Actually I have! I'll tell you all about them when we get to school."


Navah was Matthew's reading buddy because both of them enjoyed books and school, which again, was a mindset that was foreign to Alfred. The blonde looked at Navah as she sat down next to Gupta. The bus started to move again.

"Alfred, stop staring. It's not nice."

He blushed and turned back around towards his brother. "Don't say that so loud!"

"I don't understand why you just can't tell her you have a crush on her…"

"That's the point of a crush Matt. They're not supposed to know! Do you want me to tell Katyusha?"

"I-I-I do not have a crush on Katyusha!"

"Yeah you do." He gave a sly smile. "You're blushing like crazy. Ha!"

"A-And even if I did, I'd never try to ask her out. You know how Ivan is with his sisters."

"But she's older than him."

"That doesn't matter! She's still one of his sisters and he cherishes them more than anyone else he knows. You should know this by now Alfred…"

"Aww Mattie, calm down." He patted his brother's shoulder. "I'm only teasing you ~"

"I know…sorry…"

"That's alright!"

There was only one more bus stop before they'd reach the school. This was the stop that got the noisiest since it had the most high school students waiting there. This is also where the rest of Alfred's friends lived.

As the bus pulled up, chatter from the teens could already be heard even through the closed windows. Once the doors opened, the last of the students began to pour into the bus.

"Oh! Matthew! Alfred! G-Good morning!" said Katyusha as she passed by their seats.

"Hey Kat!" Alfred replied with a smile.

"H-H-Hello…" Matthew said timidly. He watched as she took her seat somewhere in the back of the bus.

"Oh…she looks so cute with those earmuffs and that pink coat…"

"Why don't you go talk to her?"


"Bro, if you don't man up and talk to her, somebody is going to take her." Katyusha was very attractive, the main factor being her extremely developed chest, so many of her male peers gave her a lot of attention.

"Not with Ivan as her brother. He's taller than her, and bigger than most of the guys in our school…" While a good portion of the guys in school had the hots for her, not a single one dared to ask her out or hang around with her because then Ivan would be on their backs 24/7. He knew his sister was attractive because of comments that were made about her. He has been keeping a watchful eye on her due to this.

Natalia walked down the aisle without greeting anyone, though nobody seemed to mind since she was a little scary anyway. She sat down next to her older sister.

"Nat's pretty too," Alfred said. "A lot of foreign chicks are so attractive!"

"Well guys from other countries think American girls are attractive."

Alfred shrugged. Though he loved everything American, girls weren't exactly on the top of his list. Yes he found a lot of them to be pretty, but there was something about foreign girls he liked. It was probably the accent.

Then came Ivan, who seemed ominous to almost the entire student body population. Manuel wasn't afraid of him.

"Oi! Buenos dias Ivan!" he said.

"Ah Manny. Good morning ~" he said. "Isn't this weather wonderful?"

"Well I'm not really used to the cold, but okay!"

Ivan smiled and sat down in a seat near Alfred and Matthew's. "Good morning!" he said to them.


"Hey Ivan! Aren't you going to sit near your sisters?"

"No, they'll be alright. Besides, there isn't anywhere to run on this bus if anything happens ~"

Alfred laughed and Matthew shuddered, concealing it with a nervous chuckle.

"And also, Yao promised he'd sit next to me this semester on the bus, so I am keeping him to that promise!" Ivan seemed happy. He really liked being around Yao.

"Okay then!" Alfred whispered to Matthew, "God help poor Yao…"

Matthew chuckled. As soon as that was said, the subject of their conversation happened to appear.

"No!" shouted Yao as he stepped onto the bus. "Yong Soo, I am not sitting next to you!"

"Aniki you promiiiiised!"

"I did no such thing!" He huffed as he stomped down the aisle. "Oh hey Alfred, Matthew."

"'Sup Yao!"


He sat down next to Ivan, the latter giving him a warm smile. "Good morning Yao!"

"Hello Ivan."

"Aniki! You're not fair!" Yong Soo really wanted to sit next to Yao. They were cousins, but he saw Yao as more of a brother. He huffed and sat behind him.

"Having a bad morning Yong Soo?" asked Alfred.

"Yeah…aniki promised… He lied…" He rubbed his gloved hands together for warmth and then crossed his arms.

"Oh good morning Alfred!"

"Morning Mei!"

Mei was Yao's youngest sibling and his only sister. She had feelings for Alfred, but decided not to say anything once she had heard that he was starting to take an interest in Navah. Nevertheless, she still remained to be friends with him. Following Mei was Li, her brother and the middle child between the three siblings. He wasn't very vocal, but when he did speak, he spoke wisely...sometimes. Other times he could be very sarcastic, depending on who he was talking to. Li sat with Yong Soo and Mei behind them.

"Hey Alfred!"

"Yo Aksel! What's up?!" They did a bro fist as a greeting. Aksel sat down towards the back with his friends, Niklas and Geir. They didn't talk much either, but were mostly closer to each other than they were to Aksel.

"Good morning everyone!"

"Morning Tino!"

His friend Berwald merely raised a hand as a greeting as the two took their seats in the back.

"Oh, here comes Toris!" Alfred exclaimed. "Toriiiiiiiiiiissss!"

The teen turned and smiled when he saw the blonde. "Oh, good morning Alfred!"

"How are you doing?"

"Fine. And yourself?"

"Pretty good!"

"Morning Alfred!"

"Hey Feliks!"

"Matthew ~ !"

He chuckled. "Hello Feliks."

"Like oh my gawd, I love your beanie. Where did you get it?"

"I got it at Target."

"I should totally go there. Hey Toris, wanna like, come with me to Target after school today?"



"Because we're probably going to get a lot of homework today since it's the first day back and I don't wanna fall behind…"

Feliks huffed. "Okay fine. We'll go another day. Gosh." The two sat down away from Ivan, since he could be overbearing to the both of them. Well, Feliks more than Toris. He was more lenient with the Lithuanian. The latter's cousins Eduard and Raivis sat down behind him, also away from Ivan. The four tried not to make him angry, except Feliks who didn't care if he taunted the Russian. Toris always scolded him for doing things like that, Eduard saying, "Do you want to end your life?!" and Raivis just trembling out of fear.

"Ooooh ~ ! Good morning Alfred!"

"Feli! Hey!" He noticed another person behind him. "Ludwig!"

"Hello Alfred."

Feliciano was the cutest Italian boy anyone could ever see. Having the highest grade in Home Economics made him popular with the female student body, even more than he already was. Plus, he was incredibly sweet.

"Can we sit here?" he asked Alfred. He was referring to the two seats across from them.

"Oh sure! Go ahead Feli!"

"Yay! Hey Ludwig, Alfred said we could sit here!"

"Feliciano, we've been sitting in that seat for the past two and a half years."

"Oh…okay then!"

Ludwig sighed and proceeded to accompany his friend.

"Oh God I have to sit next to you again…"

"Well, if you would have gotten here earlier then you would be able to sit with somebody else, maybe Ivan. He always likes a seat buddy."

"I hate you."

Alfred knew who those voices belonged to. They were perhaps his closest friends aside from Yao, Ivan, Feli, and Ludwig.

"We'll if you're ever feeling outcast," Alfred shouted at them since by now the vehicle had gotten very noisy. "You always have a spot next to Alfred! Come on Arthur, Francis!" He patted the two seats behind him.

"Referring to yourself in the third person is very conceited of you," Arthur said as he took the window seat. Francis sat next to him.

"Good morning Alfred and Matthew."

"Hey Francis! At least somebody has the common courtesy to greet others on the first day back."

"Yes I know. Arthur has no manners whatsoever."

"Believe me frog, you are much worse than I am."

Matthew chuckled. Arthur noticed and smiled. "Good morning Matthew."

"Good morning Arthur."

"Oh sure, you greet my brother and not me."

"Don't worry mon cher. He gave no thought to address me kindly either when we were at the bus stop."

"It's because the first thing YOU did was wrap your arms around my waist you bloody pervert! You know I hate it when you do that!"

Alfred laughed and turned back around. "Guess I missed school more than I thought."

"What is UP Ambrosia High!"

"For goodness sake's Gilbert. SHUT UP!"

"It's too early in the morning for you to be yelling…"

Ludwig face-palmed. His brother could be very annoying to certain people.

"Come Elizaveta. Let's see if we can still find some seats here."

"Okay Roderich."

"Hey Liz," said Gilbert. "Why don't you sit with me today? You're always sitting with that stuck up music pansy."

"For your information Gilbert, he is not stuck up and he happens to be very cultured. You on the other hand are rowdy and for a lack of better words, an idiot." She turned around and walked to where Roderich was sitting, joining him happily.

Gilbert sat down behind Francis. "Oh yeah, she wants me."

Francis gave a chuckle and Arthur shook his head. "Gilbert," Arthur began. "When are you going to learn that she won't ever be interested in you?"

"Thanks for the pep talk Artie. Yeah, that really makes me more confident."

"Your ego is so inflated that your head is practically ripping off of your neck. I'd rather not encourage it."

"Eww, why do you gotta be so graphic for?"

"Good Lord…" Arthur sighed with dismay as he held his head with one hand.

Alfred noticed a sleepy-looking character walk through the aisle.

"Didn't get enough sleep again Heracles?"


"Is it Mr. Adnan again?"

"Yeah. That guy sure can curse…and he's pretty loud… Why does he have to be my neighbor?"

"I dunno."

He watched as Heracles walked to the back and Aksel offered him a seat next to him. He sat down and resumed napping, his partner laughing with amusement.

Three more students came in, which seemed to be the last of them. A girl with blonde hair walked to the back and took a vacant seat.

"You know what Antonio? Go to hell!"

Manuel's ears perked up when he heard that name.

"Oh come on Lovi!"

"Don't call me that you bastard! I'm gonna sit next to Sanne from now on! Hmph!" He stormed to the back and sat down next to the Belgian student.

"Oooh, Antonio," began Feliciano. "Why is Lovi angry at you again?"

"Who knows? He's always angry at things I do. Well, he'll get over it soon, whatever it is." He spotted his cousin who was trying to hide his face with a text book.

"Mannnnyyyyy ~ !" Antonio exclaimed lovingly. "I haven't seen you all winter break! What happened?!"

"Can't you take a hint idiota?!"

"Come on, don't call me that! Why are you always so mean to me? What happened to that cute little boy I used to know who loved eating churros with me?"

"He's gone and dead, dead forever. Now move before I throw this at you!"

"Manuel!" scolded Alicia. "Stop being so mean to Antonio!"

"Alicia, I'm so glad you're not like your brother. Sometimes it's hard to imagine that you're related."

Manuel mumbled under his breath. "It's hard to imagine that we're related to you."

Antonio just looked up at the ceiling and shook his head, saying hi to Eva and Alfred as he passed.

Gilbert noticed him. "Toni!"




Antonio happily took his seat next to Gilbert who gave him a bro fist. "Ready for another semester of lame?"

"Oh it's not that bad."

Francis rested his arm against the back of his seat and looked at his two friends. "Ready for more shenanigans?" he said with a sly smile.

"You bet!" the two said in unison. Then all three of them stared at Arthur with mischievous grins on their faces.

Arthur had been reading a book while everyone else was talking. His sixth sense told him he was being watched. "What are you three looking at?"

They only continued to smile.

"Oh no. No no. I know what this is about, and it's no longer going to work! I am not going to be the victim of your pranks anymore!"

"We'll see about that," they said.

"You know, when the three of you say it in unison, it makes me fear for the well-being of the student population…"

Alfred couldn't wait to see what pranks they were going to pull on Arthur this semester. It was always a blast to see him freak out and get angry since practically everything could trigger his temper.

Another student walked into the bus. She was very pretty and had red bows tied into her hair. "Hmm...where to sit... Everyone is squished in here like sardines..." She saw Francis and he patted his lap as he looked at her. She glared at him, catching Arthur smack Francis on the arm out of disapproval, but then saw Radhi wave to her. "Angelique, over here! You can sit with us!"


Vash stepped into the bus, apologizing to the driver for him being so tardy. "-and I had to make sure Lili was ready for her first day back at school. I didn't want her to forget anything and assure myself she knew the defensive maneuvers if anybody tried to pick on her. I also made her lunch and that's why I was a bit late at arriving. "

The bus driver blinked. "Now while that is a heartwarming story, I really need to be on time with dropping you guys off Zwingli."

"Yes, I apologize." Vash took a seat behind the bus driver and kept to himself.

"Okay, is that every-"

"Woah hold on just a dang minute!" Another student stepped into the bus. "G'morning!" he said to the bus driver.


"Hey Arthur," asked Yao. "Isn't that your cousin? The one who moved from Australia?"

"Yeah…" Arthur said with a groan. "That's Logan. He's so annoying... I don't understand why he moved over here…and better yet, why he moved so close to my house…"

"Well you can tell you two are related."

"Alfred, our accents are slightly different."

"No, I meant the eyebrows. He has them as thick as yours."

Arthur glared at him and Alfred laughed in response. Logan turned around and noticed his cousin. "Crickey! Iggy, is that you? Woah! You go to this school too!" He helped himself to the empty seat next to Vash who didn't really care because as long as it wasn't Francis next to him, he didn't mind whoever shared his seat.

"Iggy?" Everyone looked at Arthur, curious at the strange nickname. The English teen wished he would sink through a hole in his seat and never see the light of day again.

The bus driver was almost relieved that he had everyone on board until one more passenger ran to the bus stop and hopped onto the stairs just as the doors folded shut.

"Wake up late again Honda?"

"No…I just…I was making sure I had all of my materials for the day…and I couldn't locate my textbook…"

"Okay. Well take a seat." The bus driver began to drive. He had finally finished picking up all the students he was told to get.

The boy had his arms around his textbooks that were held tightly to his chest. One reason was because he was cold, and another was because he was a very timid person. He began to walk quickly to the back.

"Oh Kiku! Good morning!" Feliciano said warmly. Ludwig smiled and nodded.

"G-Good morning Feliciano-kun, Ludwig-san." Without further hesitation, he proceeded to the back of the bus, the last long seat at the end. He sat by himself in a corner, still hanging on to his textbooks for dear life.

Feliciano made a worried and sad expression. "Ludwig…I wish Kiku was more social with everyone…"

"I know…but you can't force him to do things he doesn't want to do."

"Yeah…but it makes me sad to always see him by himself."

Alfred looked back at Kiku. The small boy was huddled up in a corner, rubbing his gloved hands together and adjusting his earmuffs. Why is Kiku always by himself...? He never even talks to anyone during the passing period in the hallway at the lockers...

"Hey, Feli?"


"Why is Kiku…like that?"

"You mean unsocial?"

"Yeah. He always looks so lonely."

"I really wish I knew. It's true he only speaks with Ludwig and myself…but even then…it's not always extended discussion."

Alfred looked at the floor for a moment, taking notice of the dirt on it and the gum stuck under the seats. Then he looked back at Feliciano. "Does he hate me?"

Feliciano was a bit surprised to be asked that question. "Why would you think that Alfred?"

"Well…I'm pretty sure you remember what happened in middle school. I mean…how can any of us ever forget? The fight in middle school between our clubs? Y'know during the last quarter of eighth grade where the eight of us ended up being sent to the hospital? I beat up Kiku pretty bad...but...he just wouldn't stop..."


Alfred had known most of his classmates since elementary, but didn't really speak to many of them constantly until middle school. It was unfortunate such a conflict happened between them, but he was glad everything was behind them and the real perpetrators pulling the strings got what they deserved. Since then, the group of friends hung out a lot more and though they had their arguments, it never escalated to physical violence.

The only one who excluded himself from friendly bonding was Kiku. He never came over even when Alfred had invited him to come hang out with them. The blonde just decided to give up and thought to himself, "Well if he's gonna be stubborn about it, then I don't give a damn anymore."

"...and Kiku is picked on a lot because he's small and quiet...and labeled as a nerd. I don't want him to think I think that way too." After the fight he had with Alfred, Kiku didn't seem as strong anymore, but more vulnerable, making the American feel pretty bad about himself. A common assumption was Alfred had the willpower to get back on his feet and still remain strong while Kiku couldn't. It was a probable reason why he didn't talk to him.

"He doesn't hate you Alfred," Ludwig said, breaking his train of thought. "He just…well I suppose he's just a bit intimidated by you."

"I wouldn't blame him. Man…I feel like a total jerk…"

"Well you should," Arthur said. "What you did to him wasn't exactly clean."

"I know…but every time I try to apologize, he just glares at me and mumbles in Japanese, probably cussing…"

"Oh, but Kiku said the Japanese language doesn't have bad words," Feliciano said.

"That's impossible. Every language has bad words! That's the first thing a non-speaker of a language should know!"

"The bad words?"


"Oh, well I thought it was how to say 'please', 'thank you', 'hello', 'goodbye' and 'can you show me where the bathroom is?' I mean…at least that's what I've been told…"

"Ah…well yeah, those too I guess."

"Maybe," Matthew began to say. "You should try talking to Kiku more this semester Alfred."

"I dunno." He leaned over on the seat in front of him, resting his folded arms on top. "Hey Manny."


"You talk to Kiku right?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"Does he ever talk about me?"

"No. Except when I mention your name, he cringes a bit and then gets all quiet, ending the conversation."

"Oh…I…I see…"

"You haven't had any real interaction with him since that awful day, huh?"

"No…I haven't…"

"Well maybe Matthew is right. You should try to talk to Kiku once in a while. He's actually pretty nice. And he's cute too!"

"Yes he is!" exclaimed Feliciano. "I even thought he was a girl the first time I met him!"

Manuel stared at him. "He's not that cute that I would mistake him for a girl Feli…"


"You know Manuel," Arthur said with a sincere smile. "You may hate Antonio, but you act like him sometimes. I see you dote on cute things on occasion, just like he does. Your sister Eva for example and just now when you were talking about Kiku."

"You see Manny!" Antonio said joyfully. "You're like me in more ways than one!"

The Mexican boy pointed at Arthur. "I'm not talking to you for the rest of the day now!" Manuel crossed his arms and slumped in his seat, pouting. Alicia laughed.

"What the bloody hell just happened?" Arthur asked to nobody in particular.

"You offended him," Francis replied.


"By saying he was similar to Antonio."

Arthur face-palmed and Francis patted his shoulder. "It's alright mon cherie."

"I'm not crying idiot."

"I know."

"You just like touching me, don't you?"

"Mm hm hm."

"I hate you."

Alfred had an idea. "Hey you guys!" He stood up. "Do you want to sing our school song?"

"Can you be any more stupid?" asked Arthur.

"Why do you want to sing it now?" Gilbert asked him raising an eyebrow.

"Well it's the beginning of another year."

"But not the school year."

"I know, but the year in general. I think we should start it off with singing our school song! Come on. Pleeeeease?"

"Well, I am in a singing mood." Gilbert stood up. "Alright, let's consent to Alfred's request and sing!"

"I agree with Gilbo," Aksel said. "That way we can get all pumped up and not be so damn cold in this bus!"

"Sounds like a good idea," Angelique said. "Why not?"

"Alright!" Alfred punched the air. "Okay, everyone ready?"

His classmates nodded, and then they all began.

"Draw a circle there's the Earth
Draw a circle there's the Earth
Draw a circle there's the Earth
We are Ambrosia ~ !

Draw a circle there's the Earth
Looking closely there's the Earth
Or maybe it's Earth?
We are Ambrosia ~ !

Ah, with just a stroke of paint,
A wonderful world can be seen
Let's have a toast with our cups!
Ambrosia ~ !

The students began to get more and more into singing the song, the bus driver moving his head to the beat of their voices, humming the song as he paid attention to the road. Alfred sang along with his classmates, but noticed Kiku was the only one who wasn't joining in. The blonde frowned. Looks like this is gonna be harder than I thought…

He wasn't going to give up though. Heroes never give up. He was going to help Kiku get out of that shell he was so tightly enclosed in. He owed it to Kiku, but in a way he was also doing it for himself. He didn't want Kiku to spend his high school years lonely. High school was supposed to be the best years of a person's life.

I'm gonna make sure he has the time of his life from this point on!

A/N: My God, I took out characters and blocks of text I didn't think were necessary at this point. I hope it's better than before. Their school song is "Maru Kaite Chikyuu" though I altered it a bit so it would make more sense in this scenario. There really is no particular reason why I named the school Ambrosia. I just wanted it to sound fancy ha ha. This is also the first fanfiction I have really taken a lot of time on and the one with the most characters included. For future reference, if this story sounds like a stereotypical high school setting, that's because it is. I'm using the stereotypes of high school as the foundation about a fanfic for a series that is full of stereotypes. It's been a few years since I wrote this first chapter, so I wanted to make a note that I have in fact passed high school and mine was never like what this story is going to portray, both from personal experience and observation. High school is actually pretty boring in real life. Nothing like what TV shows, cartoons, or Hollywood makes it out to be.

Oh! One more thing: the club idea was inspired by Kari Kurofai in a fanfiction she wrote called Two For Joy. It's a really cute one-shot of Ameripan, so check that out sometime.