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WARNINGS: Language, Blood, Gore, Sex, Dark Themes



Serena Davis-Winchester flipped her cards up and looked at her father, remembering every bit of what happened to her mother. Dean looked back at her, not sure of what to say to his little girl as her mother lay in her hospital bed down the hall, both of them waiting in the waiting room to hear from the doctor about Brooke's condition. She'd been attacked by a demon and she was in a deadly position and Serena was scared.

Dean looked at Serena as she slapped a Jack on the table and took the pile of cards, smiling sadly and then looking forlorn again. Serena was worried that her mother was going to die and leave her alone, and though she had and loved her father very much, she didn't know what she would do without her mother. Brooke had always been there for her—taken care of her, loved her, protected her…in fact she had gotten hurt protecting Serena from a demon.

"What happens if she dies?" Serena asked her father softly.

Dean cleared his throat and looked at the sadness in her eyes, threatening to wreck his foundation. He was trying to be strong for his little girl, but having Brooke lying there helpless made him feel like he had done something wrong—made him feel like he couldn't protect his family like he had tried so hard to do. As Serena looked up at him again and then back to her cards, taking her father's silence as something more serious, and then he spoke and she looked directly at him.

"Serena? I'm not going to let that happen. I promise you that she will be okay." Dean told her, swallowing as Serena nodded and turned her attention back to her card game.

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