I had this already done, but it got lost due to a stupid damn error in my laptop. I am changing some of the stuff in the story while keeping other stuff constant. Please bare with me.

Prologue (Re-written)


Konoha Streets ~ Oct 10th


Naruto frowned as he looked around the village. Even though he knew not to go out on this day, he knew he should have stayed indoors, something had always caused him to leave his apartment: His stomach. Every year it was the same. Get up, spend time trying to read his books from his class work, but around three in the afternoon his rebellious stomach would make itself known and he would end up eating his fill, only to be caught unawares by the drunken mobs having too much time on their hands to drink.

Even now, with one of his Full Transformation 'Henge', he was feeling eyes on him. Looking around he knew that something was going to happen. 'Kami-damned stomach!' he thought to himself. 'I swear that damn thing is gonna get me killed one of these days, Kyuubi-chan.' He swore angrily as he picked an imaginary fingernail and looked at the Library in wonder.

'You should probably get back to the Apartment, Naruto-kun.' Kyuubi's voice sprung up from his Mindscape. 'They'll be out soon and you need to get behind those security seals.'

'Yeah I know Kyuubi-chan.' Naruto thought as he looked around at the people now coming out of what seemed nowhere. Immediately beginning to freak, Naruto backed into an ally and ran the other way, not sure where he was going other than he needed to get out of there immediately. 'But I am working on that so yeah, should happen soon.'

'I hope so, Naruto-kun.' Kyuubi thought as she paced in her cell, wishing she could help.


Several people smirked angrily as they watched a running blonde blur striking across the alleyways and streets. Soon, demon. One of them sneered. Soon you will no longer trouble the village and we will get our revenge. He smirked as he turned into one of the larger Taverns. Unsurprisingly, the Tavern was packed. Quickly realizing how glad he was for doing a Henge, he smiled as he moved slightly deeper into the bar. "I can't believe that fucking demon!" he shouted, slamming his hands on the bar.

"What is it stranger?" the Bartender asked as he cleaned up some spilled liquor.

"I just saw some blonde haired kid running around putting cherry bombs in shop entrances." He lied as he clenched at the bar. "And earlier he was hitting some kid I don't know what was going on."

Suddenly, or as far as the Henge'd person was concerned, not as suddenly as he would have liked, several people in the Tavern were picking their heads up and looking at him in question. He could only smile as he repeated what he had said.

Not even ten minutes later, a large group of the Tavern were running out with broken beer bottles and table knives ranting about making the demon pay. But as the person looked into one of the back corners, he could see that there were in fact four shinobi gearing up, all of them brandishing short swords.


Naruto gasped as he walked through the alleys. What the hell is going on! He demanded of himself as he looked back and forth down the streets. I've had more close calls then anything and what's even worse is its getting harder to sneak.

Your Henge was destroyed that's what's happening. Kyuubi sighed in her cage. I think you should blame your supposed 'protectors' for that however. She explained painfully.

Great, he sighed, spotting the nearest crowd passing by. Now I have to worry about the people who are supposed to look out for me trying to kill me. He snarled. How can this get any worse? He thought as he moved quickly to the other side of street, not even a block from his recently repaired apartment.

Just as he was about to make it across however, a heavy and quite painful kick was sent right into his face by someone wearing VERY expensive cologne. Or is that just some kind of exotic booze? He wondered idly as he picked himself up wearily. "So are you guys finally gonna stop and tell me why your attacking me this time?" he asked as he looked at the mob that had sprung up.

"We don't have to answer to the likes of you, Demon." A villager snarled before letting out a loud belch, causing Naruto's nose to pick up the smell and nearly puke from it. "We're here to protect the village!" he shouted. "We can finally finish what the fourth started!"

"And yet here I am. And still wondering why you guys don't come at me sober." Naruto sighed, looking up at the rooftops. So much for ANBU protection. He thought as he looked back down at the mob, finally seeing several Shinobi amongst them. Well I won't be getting out of this easily. He thought ruefully. "So why don't you tell me why you're doing this?" he asked.

Any answers he would have gotten however, was stopped when a shinobi that had been outside of his vision somehow punched him again, causing him to sprawl against the nearby wall, his hands outstretched to catch himself. However it was apparently something that was expected, because as soon as he picked himself up, kunai were shoved into his hands, pinning him to the wall with his hands above his head. Screaming out in pain, his eyes narrowed as he felt a numbing sensation in his hands before looking at the shinobi who stabbed him, only to see another one, this time with green hair, or as green as he could figure through the pain, was looking down at a long sword with expectations. "Strip his shirt." The shinobi ordered, only to see the villagers not complying. "DO IT!" he demanded.

One unfortunate man was pushed forward, Naruto barely recognizing him as a man who had said he had stolen from his shop numerous times. But as he stood up and looked at Naruto, he could only see that there was pain there. What do you know of pain, Shikijuma? Naruto thought to himself as the man walked closer. Naruto's attention was removed from the shop owner as he saw a flash of fire behind the man where the shinobi was. Looking startled, Naruto saw that the shinobi was now holding a sword on fire at the tip. Naruto instantly began to sweat as Shikijuma tore off the front of Naruto's jacket, revealing a rather tattered shirt, which found itself torn further away. "You're just a follower of a mob mentality, Shikijuma. May your clan feel pity on you." Naruto growled.

"You know nothing of my clan, Demon!" Shikijuma snarled as he landed several heavy punches on Naruto's stomach. "YOU DESTROYED ME!"

"You blame something on me that happened twelve years ago and yet you think its right?" Naruto snarled angrily.

"Enough talk." The shinobi with the sword called out, drawing Shikijuma away from him. "Time for you to pay for all your crimes, Demon. You took away my family, my sensei, my team, you took everything away from me." He said as he pointed the flaming weapon at Naruto's chest. "Now the entire village will know that we are the few who ended the Nine Tailed Fox!" he shouted, holding his other arm up in triumph.

"And yet all anyone else will see is a destroyed young boy." Naruto smirked as the blades tip was closing in on his skin. I will not scream! He demanded to himself. I will not feel fear, for it will be the death of me! He chanted to himself as he felt searing hot steel breaking his skin and being dragged into his chest. Squeezing his eyes shut, Naruto held back his screams of pain, even as he felt his blood dripping down his clothes.




"You've got to be kidding me, Inu!" Hebi snarled as she watched the mob. "We need to get down there and arrest them!" she demanded.

"Need I remind you, Hebi," Inu growled as he looked down at the mob, a smile behind his mask. "That you are not the Captain of this squad?"

"I don't care if you think your Gaundi, Kakashi," Neko snarled, only to be stared out blandly.

"And you need to remember that as well, and that you are not supposed to divulge ANBU secrets amongst the populace." Inu said angrily, cutting off Neko's rant.

"So, what are you going to do this time, hmm?" Hebi growled. "Wait until they kill him and then blame the fact of not getting there on time on US?" she asked.

"That idea never crossed my mind." Inu smiled. Until now. He thought as he looked at the mob again. Lets see how you heal this time, demon. He thought.

Another Rooftop

A dark cloaked figure stood among the rooftops, a rather odd bottle in his hands. I swear, one of these days I am going to get the hell out of this universe! He shouted to himself as he drank from the bottle. His other hand held a pair of goggles tightly as he looked around. He could see everything in this pathetic village. Every single insect that he could crush, every person that he could ever want to kill. He had been on this pathetic planet for six years, barely going into any village. Hell this was the only time that he had ever BEEN to this village, and it HAD to be during some kind of fucking festival!

He had been running the rooftops all night, hoping to get some peace and quiet while he drank whatever he had bought, passing by people in masks even as they were looking around. Amidst his thoughts however, he felt that something was very wrong. As he was passing over a street, the screams of someone in a massive amount of pain caused him to nearly stumble. Looking down at the street, Riddick's eyes widened as he saw a mass of people staring at an alleyway, where screams were still being shouted. Moving to above where everyone was staring and now calling out for someone to 'kill the demon', Riddick had to hold himself steady. For right below him, was the center of what the mob was looking at. A young boy, blonde haired, maybe ten years old, was being held pinned against the wall, his shirt and what looked like an orange and black jacket was torn and ragged while drenched with blood. A pair of odd-shaped knives were causing the boy to be pinned against the brick wall, and was at the moment being pierced by what Riddick could only imagine was a really big pig-sticker sword. Who the hell needs a weapon like that? He asked himself absently.

The only thing that Riddick could tell was even remotely special about the boy was a set of whisker-like marks on his cheeks. He couldn't even see the boys eyes because they were scrunched up in pain. Wait a minute. He frowned. What the hell is he doing? He wondered as he looked at what the guy was apparently carving into the boys chest. He's carving into the boys chest! And Jack was wanting me to come live in civilization? He growled, reaching back to his own trusty pair of weapons: A pair of curved daggers that could be easily thrown and retrieved (think the daggers he used during the fight on Crematoria that strapped behind him). Their attacking a defenseless kid! He growled, nearing the edge of the building, right above one of the guys with a weapon. Quickly removing his cloak, he jumped into the alley… right on top of the man wearing a bandana and using the large sword, each of his knives slamming into the mans vest and cutting downward with the force of his fall, slicing into the man's back as blood sprayed everywhere.


Shikijuma smirked as he saw what the shinobi was carving into the Demon's chest. Turning around he moved to the edge of the mob, feeling like something was going to happen and soon. Just as he reached the edge of the mob, there was a loud amount of screaming heard from the front where the demon was pinned. Looking back in wonder, he saw a big bald guy falling from the building above, landing behind the shinobi that had been carving words into the demons skin. But the fountain of blood spewing from behind the shinobi made Shikijuma gulp as the stranger pulled out a pair of now bloody knives that nobody could have expected. "How dare you!" he shouted as the shinobi fell to the floor, dead. "How dare you kill a shinobi of this village!" he demanded.

"I don't like people who hurt kids." The stranger said pointedly as he looked at everyone around him.

"This is for the good of the Village!" a random civilian called out, picking up the downed shinobi's weapon. "We'll just have to kill you first!"

"Go right ahead." The stranger smiled, clenching his fists around the handles of his weapons. "Many people have tried. And I do mean many."


Neko smiled as she watched the stranger tackle and kill many of the villagers. Looking over, she could see that Hebi was enjoying the excitement as much as anyone, while Inu on the other hand, was already gone, saying he had something else more important to do. More than likely gonna show up at the last minute to save the kid. she thought as she saw the bald stranger pull off his goggles. WHAT THE HELL! She thought as she saw the shimmering visage looking at all the dead bodies. Both eyes seemed to have taken a shine-like image to them! "Hebi, do you see what I am seeing?" she asked as she saw the stranger move toward a well known store-owner. "Or is it just a glint off his head?"

"I would say that the bald head is a massive turn-on, but his eyes actually bring back a few memories." Hebi frowned as she looked at the muscled man now picking the owner up and slitting his throat. "We should get down there and talk with him."

"Hell no, lets watch what he's doing." Neko frowned as she saw him now beginning to walk over to Naruto's now knocked out body. "If he even cuts Naruto-kun even a little, his ass is mine." She warned.

Hebi on the other hand, even as she watched the stranger moving aside bodies, she was also trying to remember what was so familiar about those eyes.

To both of their surprise, however, the stranger walked over to Naruto and looked at him.


"What did they do to you?" Riddick asked as he looked around the people that now lay behind him, each of them dead. "Why did they do this to you?" he asked as he finally looked at the kids chest. He had to hold himself in check again as he read what was there amidst the blood. Die Demon was pathetically on display, causing Riddick to remember some of the planets he had been on, the things that he had had to do just to survive. Grabbing several shirts, Riddick began to remove the weapons that held the kid. As soon as the last weapon was removed, Riddick was amazed at the lack of reaction from the blonde. It was another minute before Riddick had him somewhat clean by using the dead villagers clothes. It was then that Riddick lost it. His thin control was removed as he saw that somehow, the villagers had used whatever weapon that they did, and seemed to brand named into the kids arms! (Imagine from the top of the shoulder and down to the elbow a list of names)

Snarling, Riddick looked at the guy who had been trying to kill the boy with as much anger as he allowed himself and proceeded to yank all of the clothes and equipment from the body and began putting it all in a pack that he had found. Checking Naruto for a pulse, he smiled before picking him up gently. Now that's a tough kid. He thought as he looked at the boy with a mix of concern and astonishment. "Now let's get you to a hospital or something. Looks like that big building next to the hill might be someplace." He said as he began to walk away, only to be interrupted by three people landing behind him.

"Hold it." The one in the middle began as he walked over the corpses. "Who are you and what are you doing here?" the man demanded.

"I don't answer to cops." Riddick growled before looking at the other two. "I'm going to go and take him to the hospital. He needs medical help and for all I know you guys let this happen."

"How DARE you!" the man who was now revealed to be wearing a mask shaped like a dog, snarled as he stomped over to him.

"Inu, ENOUGH!" a rather old sounding voice called out, causing the three of them to stiffen wildly. Looking up the street they could see an old guy wearing a big ass hat, and several other shinobi behind him.

"Hokage-sama!" Inu shouted, even as the two that had showed up with him bowed to their knees, revealing them to be a different kind of sexy. The one on the left with a mask like a cat was an exotic looking woman while the one with the snake-like mask wore a posture of a wild-woman with no inhibitions.

If only I was younger. Riddick smiled as he smelled something that made his mouth water ever so slightly. Is that lavender with a mix of oil and grease? He thought as he looked at them.

"Now, stranger." The old man began as he walked closer to look at the boy still in Riddicks arms. "Is there a reason why someone I see as a surrogate grandson is lying bleeding in your arms?" he asked wisely as he looked at the goggles on the man's face. "And could you remove your goggles, I would like to see the truth of what you say in your eyes."

Riddick looked the old man over and sighed before relating what had happened to the kid and what he had done to the mob. The old man simply smiled before asking another question. "Could you remove your goggles, I would like to see the truth of what you say in your eyes."

Riddick looked at everyone around them before shrugging. "Go ahead, old man. I gotta keep the kid motionless." He explained, looking down at the rise and fall of the kids chest. "And I need to get the kid to a hospital." He said, getting a laugh from one of the people behind the old man.

"Well let us go there ourselves. I can get us there without much incident and from what I see behind my ANBU, you wouldn't take kindly to the hospital staff if I didn't go with you." the old man smiled as he took a few steps back.

Riddick looked the man dead in the eye momentarily until he found something in the old mans eyes. "Alright, you seem to like the kid and I need to get him there quickly." He said with a nod.

The one with the Snake mask moved up and checked on the kid. Riddick had to hold his breath from how strong the scent of Honeysuckle and Jasmine tea hit his nose. "Its been a long time since I smelled beautiful." He growled, causing the woman to jump a little before settling down to look at the kid again.

"He's only lost blood Hokage-sama." She said hesitantly. "And his chakra is already setting to healing the wounds." She explained.

"I don't care what you said, Jasmine." Riddick growled. "I just cleaned what must have been gallons of blood off the kid, he needs to get to a hospital NOW!" he snarled.

"Stranger," the old man began as he moved closer now. "He is going to the Hospital, but I just needed to know what his injuries were." He explained.

"Stabbed, cut into, shit carved into his chest with a red hot knife, severe bruising along three quarters of his stomach and chest." Riddick said angrily. "And a list of names carved into his upper arms and may have been in his neck as well but there isn't enough wounds for it."

"Well that's a good estimate." The snake woman said as she continued to look him over.

"Okay enough dawdling." Riddick snarled. "We need to get him help."

"I agree, lets go." The old man said with a nod, both him and the snake masked woman grabbed onto them. They were gone instantly in a flash of leaves.


Inu snarled as he moved away from the corpses of the mob, his hands clenched. "I don't care who you think you are you bald ass monster." He growled. "But the demon will die." He snarled as he moved quicker away, unable to even look at the scene of death now behind him. After all, this village doesn't need you! he thought angrily. You took my masters away from me.


Neko was now even more worried. Quickly sealing up the bodies, she saw that there were several newer bodies than she thought there were. One of them stood out as someone she should have been able to stop a long time ago. Miruna? She thought as she looked at the woman who had been her fellow apprentice under her sensei. What are you doing in a mob? She thought as she quickly sealed up the body, hoping for answers later.

"Sempai?" she asked, looking around for Inu, only to sigh as she saw the Jounin and Chuunin who had arrived with the Hokage sifting through the bodies. Where did he go this time?

"ANBU-san." A Jounin began as he walked up to her, catching her attention.

"Yes?" she asked as she looked at him.

"I've looked through the bodies, but can't seem to find any weapons." He explained, holding up a pair of empty holsters. "Not even a senbon needle amongst the entire mob."

"Thank you. Put it in your report to me later and I'll bring it to the Hokage." She said as she inspected the holster.


Sarutobi frowned as he walked into the dimly lighted Hospital room that had always been reserved for Naruto. Looking at the now reinforced windows and window frames to the reinforced walls and could only chuckle before looking at the single bed. Naruto lay, still unconscious, on the bed. The stranger that had saved his life, however, stared out the windows. "I see five different way's I could get out of this room. Tell me all these precautions aren't here to catch me." The man asked, his shining eyes explained why the lights were dimmed.

"I have no intention of harming you in any way." Sarutobi said as he walked over to the other side of the room to look the man in the eye. "What do you mean, catching you?" he asked. "Are you some kind of missing-nin?" he asked worriedly.

"I'm an escaped prisoner from about thirteen planets." The man explained bluntly. "I am not from this one."

What in kami's name? Sarutobi thought as the man looked up at the stars. "You have to expect me to not believe you, I believe?" he asked.

"Believe me or not, I don't care. The names Riddick." Riddick stared at him angrily.

"I didn't feel right asking your name yet." Sarutobi said with a sigh. "After all, I could call you friend but that would be insulting."

"No what would be insulting would be sending a four man crew like the one behind the door, to come after me when I leave." Riddick explained with a smile.

"Another one would be asking how you got those eyes." Sarutobi laughed.

"I killed a lot of people." Sarutobi blinked and gulped at the explanation. "There are slammers that have no light whatsoever, and the only way for someone to survive is to adapt, so a doctor at the prison shined my eyes. I can see in the dark but bright light hurts. Regular light would be too much even for me sometimes. The goggles are a must unless its dark." Riddick explained.

"Thank you for telling me this." Sarutobi smiled anxiously. "But why?"

"Look at the kid." Riddick said flatly. "What do you see?" he asked.

Sarutobi looked at the boy on the bed, recognizing something off to the side of the boys head. Walking over, Sarutobi smiled as he saw that some of the wounds he had received were already gone. "Those animals that did this to him, they cut him down to the bone, and its gone." Riddick began as he walked up to. "But the stuff I am worried about? Is THIS!" he snarled as he parted the front of Naruto's shirt. Sarutobi gasped as he was finally shown what had happened to Naruto's chest, and the words that would almost certainly be scarred there.

"My kami, why did they do this?" he whispered as he traced the wound that had been stitched.

"I would be more worried along the lines of why the doctors didn't fix it." Riddick explained. "I watched them. They purposely left those wounds for last. And then all they did was stitch the words together. Why?" he asked as he closed the gown.

Sarutobi gulped worriedly as he looked at Riddick. "He has been hated from the day he was born. I have tried my best to help him and protect him but it hasn't happened like I wanted." He said as he explained his laws and why Naruto was hated.

"Yeah you can say that again." Riddick growled. "Your so called protection only showed up after the fighting was already done."

"Something that I will take care of personally." The Hokage said angrily as he looked to the door.

"Not tonight you're not." Riddick smiled as he pushed a table out of the shadows. "I will need your help as well as a Doc." He said as he grabbed what looked like a scalpel with two points. "Now, old man."

Sarutobi frowned as he looked at his ANBU and nodded, two of them disappearing immediately only to reappear with a doctor and nurse who looked bewildered. "Now listen people. I don't care what you two think of this kid, or why. But I swear before your leader here," Riddick began as he continued to set up whatever he was doing. "That if this kid dies on my table, or even after word, I will slit the throats of every single doctor in this hospital." He said with his voice down low and his eyes glaring at them. "Also if the words demon or monster are spoken in front of me, I will personally take pleasure in ending whoever says it." He said with a smirk. "DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!" he shouted.

Everyone in that room, whether they be shinobi, doctor or Hokage, nodded their heads in fright at his words. Sarutobi however, was the only one to ask. "What are you going to do to Naruto?" he asked worriedly.

Riddick looked at him as he placed another tool on the bed. "What took you so long?" he asked. "I am going to give the kid, Naruto's his name?" he asked, getting a nod from the old man. "Nice name. Anyways, I am going to repeat the procedure that gave me my eyes." He explained. "I don't know how different they will be compared to mine, since this planet does in fact do anything compared to what I am used to, but I am going to leave everything I know of regarding this to you and the kid. That way he can't be hurt as easily. I mean look at the kid how old is he?"

"The boy's currently ten years old." The nurse explained as she looked at the clipboard. "Hokage-sama are you sure we should be doing this I don't know what would happen with the boys chakra system as it is." She said anxiously as she looked from Riddicks eyes then to Naruto then Sarutobi.

"Today's his birthday, Riddick. He's eleven years old today." (AN: I didn't realize that I had made him so young then graduating from the exam. Just fixing it now.) Sarutobi chuckled. "And as for his chakra system, I think he should be fine. If his tenant cares for him as much as I think it does," he began, looking to Naruto once again. "I think it will help and maybe even make it a Dojutsu for us." He smiled. Please take my hint, Kyuubi-sama. He pleaded.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxx Naruto's Mind xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Even though Naruto was knocked out from bloodloss, Kyuubi was busy as work, her chakra healing the wounds that her container had received. But as she heard what Sarutobi and the stranger were talking about, she had to stop healing just to smile and flare her chakra through the boy's system. You sneaky assed monkey. She thought as she went back to healing, a smile now adorning her muzzle. Oh I'm going to love this. She thought, waiting patiently.

Xxxxxxxxxxx Outside xxxxxxxxxx

Sarutobi gulped as he felt the chakra spike ever so slightly from Naruto's body. Good thank you Kyuubi-sama. He thought as he turned to the two doctors. "Lets get to it, Doctor." He smiled as the man shrugged his shoulder and snapped to it. "Monkey, Shark, get me Inouichi and Shikaku, tell them I need to see them immediately."

"Hai, Hokage-sama." The two ANBU exclaimed as they left the hallway.

Sarutobi sighed before looking to the man and the doctor pair. Nodding, the lights were dimmed even further except over the boys head. The group immediately got to work 'shining' Naruto's eyes.


Several hours later, Hokage's Office


Sarutobi smiled as he toasted with Riddick. "I am glad that you came around when you did." Sarutobi said as he downed some sake. "I guess you were confident that the procedure was a success?" he asked.

"Yes." Riddick said as he downed some of his own. "The only reason why I came here was to give you the weapons that I grabbed from those bodies earlier." He said holding up a backpack. "I would actually like to see about giving them to the kid if at all possible. You said he wanted to be a ninja and seeing as these are as much Ninja tools." He said with a shrug.

"I would think that it would be a good idea." Sarutobi smiled again. "Maybe you should give them to him and then show him how to use his eyes?" he asked.

"Oh no." Riddick said as he looked out at the village. "I can't stay around here." He said as turned back to him. "This will probably be the last time you see me."

"Why won't you stay?" Sarutobi asked. "I am sure that Naruto could use your help."

"The kid has help." Riddick said angrily. "Besides I only protected the kid once. He needs to protect himself. And find out ways of getting out of trouble on his own."

"I see." Sarutobi sighed absently. I'm sighing too much I think. "Well if I can't convince you to stay, I would only ask that you stop by, not very often, but sometime. Just to have someone to talk to would be nice." He explained sadly.

"I don't know." Riddick chuckled. "But I'll see what I can do."

Sarutobi smiled and gave the man a nod before he disappeared from the window. Now all we can do is look to the future. He thought as he pulled out a book from his drawer. He said that Naruto would be out for the next couple of days. He smiled as he began to read. "Hehe, Saibey you naughty girl." He said with a giggle.


Naruto's Mindscape


Kyuubi smiled as she looked at the amount of potential in her hands in the shape of her containers new eyes. "Naruto-kun, we really are about to have some fun." She said with a giggle. In a shimmer of light, Kyuubi appeared, this time as a young female woman, a woman that Naruto was gladly familiar with. Six foot tall with red fur around her arms and legs, long flowing hair down to her butt and a set of DD breast being contained by a black and brown leather corset. "First, lets play with that new sight of yours." She smiled.

Xxxxx TBC xxxxxxx

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