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Forbidden Love

Written By: SSJ God SS Juuhachi

Chapter 3: Here on my Own

Several moments passed and both Roseanne Darlene were now in the car. Neither one spoke a word to one another as they drove down a busy road. "I am never going to forgive you for this." Darlene spoke, turning her focus away from the window and onto her mother.

"Look," Roseanne began, "I know you aren't happy about of this but eventually you'll understand what I am doing is for your own good." The mother of three explained, "Why do I have go back to High School anyway? We both know I won't learn anything."

"True. But you are still under age at the moment and are therefore a minor."


"Also," Roseanne started, "over these past three months all we've gotten is one phony excuse after another from you."

Darlene narrowed her eyes

"I've already apologized for that…"

"And what, that's suppose to make it, okay?" Roseanne asked indignantly, "You lied to us Darlene and betrayed our trust. You have to face the consequences for that." She pointed out. "All right, fine." She said firmly, growing increasing tired of this. "So is that all? Or is there more?" Darlene sighed. As much as she knew her mother was right, and it was her own fault that she was in this position now, she still did not want to have to hear and listen her lectures about what a horrible mistake she had made. She already knew what a mistake it had been doing what she did and just wanted to put it all behind her so she could move on with her life.

"Everyday you will be given a list of chores to do and you are to have them all done by the time we get home. No exceptions." She then added "Should you not agree to the terms given to you, your grounding period will be extended and more harsher punishments will be handed out. Is that understood?"

"Listen, I know-" Darlene started but was then interrupted,

"Is that understood?" Roseanne asked again, this time firmly. Silence followed for a few moments "Yes." She answered softly. Just as the words left her lips they pulled up in front of the High School. " Good. Now get out of here." Darlene grabbed a hold of her book bag and got out of the car. As she watched her daughter go, Roseanne's mind began to drift to David and began to wonder just how the young boy was doing.

"Listen, David," Roseanne began, breaking the silence

"I know things have not been going very well for you lately. First you and Darlene break up and now Mr. Conner throws you out of the house…it's a lot to cope with, am I right?" Before the young boy could respond, the older woman started to speak once more. " Of course I am. But don't you worry because no matter what happens, I am not sending you back to your mother."

"You're not?" He asked, confused

"No, I am not. However, until I can convince Mr. Conner to change his mind in letting you come back, you need to stay with someone for awhile." Roseanne explained, "But where can you go? I could put you with Jackie but…" Before the woman could get out the full thought, David then interjected. " It's okay, Mrs. Conner." Roseanne turned to look at him, " There is someone already I know who would be glad to take me."


"My father." He answered her,

"Your dad?"

" Yes," He answered, " He and my two younger sisters live in Indianapolis. Though he may have not always been the most attentive father to me and my siblings, he was the most stable."

"That's good enough for me. All right, let's go." And so with no more words, the two headed towards the bus station. When they got there, she made sure he got his ticket and whatever else he needed before then saying. "Remember David, I am just a phone call away so if things with your dad aren't working out just let me know and I will come and get you."

David smiled at the older woman appreciatively "Thank you Mrs. Conner, but I will be fine, really." He assured her, " Ok, well I at least want you to call me when you get there just to let me know that you are safe. Got it?"

"Yeah," He nodded

"All right, well give me a hug." David then wrapped his arms around her and she pulled him tight against her, not wanting to let him go. It broke her heart inside at the thought of seeing him leave. She loved him. He was like another son to her, she and though it broke her heart inside to see him go if he wanted to go she wasn't going to stop him. Roseanne knew he was grown man now and she couldn't protect him from the world forever. He deserved something better than what was here and no matter how it may have killed her to do it, she was going to give him exactly what he wanted.

"Bye," He told her and walked away, " Bye, David." She said to him, as she watched him board the bus…

Roseanne walked through the front door of the Landford Lunch Box an alittle awhile later. Her sister Jackie was just finishing up serving a customer when she noticed her arrival. "Hey," She greeted her

"Hey." Roseanne responded as she hung up her coat.

"Everything go all right with Darlene?" asked Jackie as Roseanne walked behind the counter. "Yeah, it was ok." She said, "She was of course upset that she wouldn't be going back to college and that she would be doing chores from now on, but I didn't care to listen to her complain and interrupted her when she tried to object."

Just then Leon Carp, another partner in business came walking out of the back of the room " There you are Roseanne." He spoke, walking over to the sisters, "Where have you been? Your shift was suppose to start an hour ago. Honestly, how can you expect to be responsible when-"

"Yeah, yeah I got it." she said, waving her hand dismissively

"So how do you think Darlene will do on her first day back to High School?"

"She will be fine, I am sure. Darlene has never been a quiter, she survived High School before she can do it again."

Sounds of lockers slamming echoed around her as Darlene Conner made her way through a crowded hallway to get to her next period when she bumped into someone.

Making them dropping their belongings, "Oh, geez, I am sorry-" Darlene bent down to help the person pick up their stuff "Don't worry about, it's all right really." In this moment the two looked at each other, their eyes wide in amazement.


"Darlene?" The other girl breathed in astonishment, "W-What are you doing here? I thought you left."

"I did." She responded, as the both stood back up. "but I came back, not by my own choice mind you. Is that a problem?" She said the last part a bit defensively,

"No, I am just amazed to see you back."

"Yeah, me too." She half-mumbled to herself. Just then the warning bell rang, signaling the girls they needed to hurry off to their class. "Well, it was good to see you again, Darlene. "

With these words spoken, Darlene was left once again by herself. She gave a sigh, the day had barely begun and already she had been revoked of her rights to return back to college and was forced to return back to hellish nightmare of High School.

On top of that, she would now have to deal with the torment of performing manual labor at home to make up for her deception towards her mother and was just now reunited with her old rival. Could this day possible get any worse?

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