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Forbidden Love

Written By: SSJ God SS Juuhachi

Chapter 4: The Assignment

Becky walked into the kitchen finally feeling comfortable enough to come downstairs for breakfast. After what happened last night between her and Darlene she wanted to avoid her sister at all costs this morning. She grabbed a bowl from the cabinet when just then she heard the phone ring.

"Who could that be?" Becky wondered. She walked over to the phone and picked it up.


"Hey, Becky" The voice on the phone spoke, causing to stand there confused.

"David?" She asked after a couple of minutes "Yeah. Is Darlene there I need to talk with her." The curly haired teenager stood inside a phone booth, as the occasional person passed by him on the sidewalk.

"Uh, no I'm sorry David but I'm afraid she isn't. Darlene is at school right now. Mom took her this morning." David nodded his head silently. He should have known this would happen. After having what happened in Chicago, he knew Roseanne wasn't going to let Darlene off so easily. She is a very manipulative woman and has a way of using a situation to get what she wants, and it didn't take a genius to know that she had let Darlene know what happened him and most likely made a false promise to help work something out if she came out, setting up the ambush. David knew that Roseanne would have made sure to pay Darlene back for her deception, and he clearly found it by tricking her into coming home, revoking her rights of returning back to college and making her return back to High School.

"So how are things in Indianapolis? You and your dad getting along?"

"Yeah, we're fine." He replied, "Dad has been working late recently and it's my job while he's gone to take care of Lisa and Nicky. It's a bit exhausting at times, but I really don't mind. After being apart from so long, it gives me an opportunity to spend time with them again."

"Well, that's good, David." Becky smiled

Just then a nearby bell rang causing David to then say, " Listen, I got to go. Just tell Darlene when you talk to her that I called, okay?" Becky took a small pause. " Okay."

" Bye, Becky." He then quickly hung the phone and ran off leaving Becky hanging on the phone.

" Bye, David." She said softly and carefully hung up the phone. Afterwards, she was left standing there for a couple moments, wondering how was she going to tell Darlene that David called when her sister wouldn't even speak to her. "Darlene is going through a lot at the moment. The best thing to do is just give her space and then tell her when the time is right." Having made her decision Becky went back to fixing her breakfast.

Meanwhile, Darlene walked into her first class and took a seat in the back of the room. She set down her back pack on the ground and pulled out the necessary items she needed for the period. The bell soon rang after and a older man around in his early to mid forties entered the room, He wore a button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up neatly above the elbows, and a pair of grey khaki pants.

"All right settle down, class. Settle down." He made his way to the front of the classroom. The students quieted down and afterwards he said, "I have a couple of announcements to make. First of all, we have a new student with us today so let's try our best to make her feel welcome, say hello to Darlene Conner." All eyes turned onto her in that moment, making her feel very uncomfortable. "Hello, Darlene" They all said in unison. "Hey." She responded, giving a brief wave.

"The second announcement. It's that time again, people." He said causing them all except Darlene to groan, "That's right. The time of year where I assign you all to a book to read for the rest of the school year."

"Mr. Williams, you give us the same assignment to do every year. Must we do this?" One student asked, "I'm afraid so yes. However, this year we are going to try something a little bit different. I'm going to put you all in groups of two and together you will choose what book you wish to read and at the end of every chapter write a brief summery of what happened and what it is you thought it." He explained,

"All right, now we all know what the assignment is about let's begin." Mr. Williams then reached a bit behind him and picked up a piece of paper.

"Here is a list of the people you will all be working with." He started, "Mark Addams you and Karen Smith will be working together. Luke Wilson you will be placed with Rebecca Grayson. Jack Daniels you will be partners with Ashley Hart." He continued to go down the list, reading off the remaining names. When he was finished he said, "Well I suppose that's it. Yes, Darlene?" He asked, noticing her hand was up.

" What about me? You didn't put me with anybody."

"Didn't I?" Confused he looked over the list. "No, I guess I didn't. Well let me see if I have anyone left here."

"Excuse me, Mr. Williams?" The older man turned his focus off what he was doing and onto the person that spoke. Darlene looked over as well and was shocked to discover that it was none other than Molly Tilden. "Yes, Molly? What is it?"

"Well, I was just wondering if it would be all right, I wouldn't mind being Darlene's partner." Mr. Williams turned his attention back on Darlene, "Is that all right, Darlene?" He questioned. Darlene stared at Molly for a moment before turning towards him speechless for a second before she finally let out a sigh and replied, "Yeah, sure."

"Great." He smiled, "Why don't you two go ahead and head on down to the library and we will do this one at a time."

As the two walked out of the classroom Darlene's mind drifted. "What am I doing here?" She thought "What is the purpose of all of this?" She couldn't understand what her mother was trying to achieve. There was nothing here that she couldn't have learned at college, however one major mistake justifies throwing her back here in the hellhole again where they don't appreciate their students or their creativity. Honestly, just when she things couldn't possibly get any worse they do.

"Darlene?" Molly's voice caused the girl to snap out of her thoughts and turn to her. "What?" She asked, " I was just wondering what you were thinking about? You look like you were in a deep thought."

"Nothing that concerns you so drop it." She replied. Darlene was never one to talk about her feelings with anyone especially with someone she didn't think too fondly about she hoped that the other girl who take the hint an leave it alone which thankfully she did. Neither one spoke a word and everything as the two made an empty hallway. Right now they both needed to focus as to what book they wanted to read because it has to be one they will both agree on seeing as she had no idea what books that Molly liked or even if she had read any decent books she knew this wasn't going to be any easy task.

They soon arrived at the library and with Darlene in the lead they quickly made their ways to the novels. Scanning over the many titles Darlene saw likely candidates she would like to read but she knew that it wasn't up to her to choose. It had to be something they would both enjoy. "Do you see anything that catches your interest?" Molly looked over the books and found one that caught her eye. "What's that one?" She asked, Darlene's eyes followed to what she was looking at and saw To Kill a Mockingbird and pulled the book. "What is it about?" The other girl asked, causing Darlene to stare at her with a look that said ' Are you kidding me?'

"What?" Asked Molly, feeling uncomfortable under the other girl's gaze. "Your serious? You've never read To Kill A Mockingbird? It's only one of the greatest novels ever written."

"I'm sorry. Unlike you I didn't read much books in my free time." Darlene knew that she could say something nasty in return but she bit her tongue. She needed Molly to help her on this project so at least for the moment she would ignore what she said.

Closing her eyes for a moment, she gave a sigh and said. "To Kill A Mockingbird is told from the point of view of the Narrator: Scout Finch. It is a story about prejudice and racism as a black man who is wrongly accused of raping a white woman is put on trial."

"Really?" Molly asked "Sounds interesting. Let's go with that one." Once again Darlene was left stunned as she looked at the other girl. She didn't think that it would this easy but amazing it was. Oh well, whatever she wasn't going to argue if they could agree on something that was a good sign in her opinion. Darlene nodded her head and with no more words they made their way to front to go check out the book.

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