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I couldn't help myself as I grabbed Bella and ran up the stairs to our room. Most of the time, I can tune out Emmett and Rosalie's lust. There's always just so much of it that I've learned to ignore it. This time, after all the emotions were all over the place when Carlisle was handing out crests, I couldn't stop it. I felt their lust and sent it throughout the room, then I had to contend with all the other vampire's lust. It was just too much. I flung my wife over my shoulder and made a mad dash for our room.

I could hear Emmett chuckling as I ran but I paid him no attention. I heard Charlie excuse himself and Kate at the same time I reached our bed. A second later, Peter and Charlotte excused themselves and the rest of the family had gone to their rooms. Bella put her shield up around us to try and keep the lust from reaching them all. Uh-uh, I want your full attention focused on me. Put your shield down and let them deal with it. Bella grinned wickedly and obliged me.

I laid her gently down on the bed and got on top of her. I began kissing her lips and moved to her neck, my hands barely grazing her breasts. She moaned in response and arched her back, pushing her breasts further into my hands. This time it was my turn to moan as I felt how hard her nipples were. I reached down and pulled her shirt over her head.

The sight of her laying there in her lacy, black bra made me moan this time. Bella started unbuttoning my shirt as I was reaching for the button on her jeans. She had my shirt unbuttoned and removed in record time. Her hands were running up and down my back and I growled in response to how good it felt. We finished undressing each other and within a fraction of a second, I was inside her.

I slowly started pumping in and out of her as I kissed her neck, her lips, and her breasts, anywhere I could reach. She moaned my name and I thrust into her as fast as I could. I tried to go slow and indulge in love making with my wife, but I couldn't slow down. With Bella's shield down I could feel every other vampire's lust in the house. Within seconds we both exploded into each other and then it started all over again. Sometimes being an empath could really come into great use. We spent the entire night making love over and over and it was amazing. In the morning we finally had to pull ourselves out of bed. I didn't want to and neither did Bella, but Emmett came banging on the door demanding that we stop with all of our lustiness as he called it. He claimed he couldn't handle another minute of it and if we didn't come out, he was coming in.

I was already dressed so I flung open the door, "Morning sunshine," I greeted him cheerfully.

He scowled at me, "Jasper, why the hell must you make Bella take her shield down sometimes? Are you trying to kill your favorite brother?"

I tried to hold my smile in, "Emmett, you have never had a problem making me feel your lust for your wife. It's about time I've been able to use your own feelings against you. Maybe if you would focus more on Rosalie and your job as a husband you wouldn't feel like you are going to die because she wants more out of you."

I could hear every one in the house chuckle as I said this and Emmett's mouth dropped in shock. He stood there for a few seconds trying to collect his thoughts. Finally he spoke, "I swear Jasper if you ever imply I am not performing my manly duties to the best of my ability again, I will kick your ass."

I grinned at him, "Bring it, dude."

Bella appeared next to me and smiled hugely at Emmett. "Please stop threatening my husband, Em. It's not polite."

Emmett rolled his eyes and walked away muttering, "Sometimes there's no reasoning with either one of them. Together, it's like taking on one really big bully."

Bella and I laughed as we went downstairs to find the rest of the family. Rose was sitting on the living room couch working on a scrapbook. I glanced quickly at it and saw it was one of her and Emmett's most recent wedding and honeymoon.

She looked up at me and smiled, "Hey, Jazz." Emmett came sauntering the room and plopped down next to Rose.

"What's wrong, Em?" she asked.

I sensed his mood and it was a mixture of boredom, mischief, and fun. I raised an eyebrow and was about to question what he was plotting when Esme flitted in. She took one look at Emmett's face and rolled her eyes. "Whatever trouble you are planning, Emmett, I suggest you not follow through with it."

Emmett looked up in mock surprise and innocence, "Mom, how can you think so little of me? I was just sitting next to my wife and thinking about playing video games."

Esme smiled patiently, "Sure you were. Whatever you break, you better replace before I find out." With that she headed out to her flower garden. Bella went out to go help her.

"I think we need to find a school to go to," Emmett suddenly announced. Rose looked at him in complete surprise.

"You actually want to go to school? You hate school and usually love time off."

He shrugged, "I get bored too easily, and I need something to do."

Carlisle walked into the room, "You break it, you better replace it before your mom finds out."

Emmett rolled his eyes, "When have I ever broken anything without replacing it?"

Carlisle stared at him, "How about the countless couches, desks, tables, lamps, televisions, cars, decks…"

Emmett cut him off, "I have always replaced those things with my own money, Dad. Sheesh, a guy breaks a couply creaky, rotten, falling apart stairs on a deck and no one ever lets him forget it." He sighed in exasperation for dramatic effect and stuck his bottom lip out to pout. I saw Carlisle's lips twitch as he tried not to laugh.

I heard Bella laugh, "How the hell do you just break a few stairs on a deck?"

Esme giggled, most likely in spite of herself, "He keeps insisting he broke only a few stairs and that it was a domino effect, but I don't buy it."

I laughed as I remembered the incident. We were living near Denali, and the house Esme had restored was beautiful, except for the deck. She hadn't made it to restoring the deck before we moved in and Emmett had been bored one day. Emmett's boredom never led to anything good.

Rose and Carlisle were giggling as they heard Esme telling Bella the story. "You see Bella; this house had a huge deck with two staircases. One led from the house to the ground and the other from the opposite side of the deck to this ridiculously big trampoline. Emmett decided to go show off on the trampoline and well you know how exuberant he can get. He took a big leap to do some kind of stunt, ended up overshooting his landing and crashed into the staircase. It was literally shattered into pieces. It actually caused the entire deck to collapse on top of him."

Bella laughed, "A couple of stairs huh, Em?" she called out.

He sulked, "I only hit one stair, Bella. I swear to it, the rest just fell because it was holding them up."

Bella laughed even harder and Emmett sulked even more. Alice came bounding into the room with Garrett right behind her. She flung herself down next to Emmett and laid her head on his shoulder. "I got your back, Em. It's already been taken care of."

Emmett grinned and mussed her hair, "Thanks, shortie, it's nice that someone around here isn't laughing at me about those stupid stairs."

Alice grinned back, "That's because the next thing is going to be even better." I heard Esme sigh in defeat and tested her emotions. No matter how mad she got at Emmett for his stupid pranks, she always ended up laughing at whatever ridiculous stunt he pulled. She just couldn't stay mad at him and that's definitely why he always got away with it. Emmett ignored us for the rest of the morning and we went about our business as normal. I read, Rose worked on the scrap book, Alice shopped online, Carlisle read some medical books, Garrett played video games, and Bella and Esme gardened. Peter, Charlotte, Charlie, and Kate didn't come around. Sometimes, they choose to keep to themselves. We never took offense to that and knew that's just what they preferred. Finally, Emmett's head snapped up and a look of determination flashed across his face.

"Yay" Alice cheered as she saw whatever he was planning. No matter what Alice foresaw with Emmett's stunts, she never really told anyone. She liked for him to come up with them on his own and for us to see them as he carried them out. He ran for the garage and Carlisle looked at Alice.

"Should we follow now or does he have to set stuff up?"

"We have a few days; he needs to get a few things ready."

"These things we have to wait a few days for are always the most damaging to my stuff," Esme commented.

"Jazz, I need your help," Emmett called from the garage. I wandered out there and spent the day helping Emmett with what was about to be his craziest stunt ever.


Esme and I spent the most wonderful day together out in her flower garden. We chatted from time to time with each other and with the family who were all still inside. She shared stories and mental images with me in my shield of all of Emmett's stunts. I laughed every time I saw him fall or trip or destroy something. The deck incident made me laugh the most. From Esme's point of view, you could clearly see that he went full force into the middle of the staircase not just a couple of stairs like he claimed.

I could hear him and Jasper as they tinkered around in the garage, but tuned them out eventually. Alice said he liked for it to be as much of a surprise as possible for us. I realized as Esme and I worked that I was truly happy here. Probably the happiest I have ever been in my entire life. I smiled contently to myself and Esme reached out to pat my hand as if she were reading my thoughts.

"I'm so happy you like to garden too, Bella" she quietly murmured to me.

I looked up in surprise, "Doesn't anyone else in the family ever help you?"

She grinned, "Have you ever seen any of them pick up a shovel and put a plant in the ground?"

"Nope, I guess I never realized that before."

"Well, it's nice to have someone do this with finally."

"I enjoy it, mom. It's peaceful doing this." We spent the rest of the day in the huge garden Esme was planting. It was beautiful with tons of vibrant, brightly colored flowers of every shape and size. When it got dark out, Esme and I headed back in. Jasper and Emmett were still outside so I headed to the couch with a book and spent a leisurely evening reading.

Jasper finally came back in with his hair in complete disarray and a smirk on face. Esme looked at him and Emmett who just bounded in grinning and her face fell slightly.

"This isn't going to be good is it?" she asked.

Emmett's grin widened considerably, "It's going to be awesome, mom. Don't worry at all about anything."

Esme's lip twitched as she tried not to laugh and look serious. She turned her gaze to Jasper instead, "Is it going to cost me a fortune to fix?"

Jasper shook his head and sat down next to me, "I'm not answering any questions about it. I've been sworn to secrecy."

Esme sighed in defeat and headed upstairs to find Carlisle. I looked at Jasper questioningly, but he refused to answer the unspoken question in my eyes.

Emmett sat on my other side, "Sorry Bells, this time Jasper is not allowed to tell you what's going on. You will find out tomorrow just like everyone else." He winked at me and took off to find Rosalie. Just what on earth was Emmett planning?