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Pairing: Mystic!Harry/vampire!Draco so this is SLASH. No MPREG in this story, but if that changes you will be informed.

Summary: It does not matter who you are or what you have done there is that one person who will know the real you. Recognizing and accepting that person into your life can be a wonderful beginning or a bitter end. This is the story of two such beings. Mystic!Harry/Vampire!Draco.





He was bored. Moody and bored if he was truthful to himself and one thing he was was that, you had to be because lying to yourself could get you killed. He had not lived through these many years and all the shit that had happened to him to go out like that. So, it did not matter how bad it got, he never lied to himself. But this was getting ridiculous. For Goddess' Sake! It was like he was an angsty teenager in one of those teeny popper novels that were so popular nowadays! As a matter of fact he had been bored for almost a century. Imagine trudging through each day not caring if there was going to be a tomorrow or not and then when the sun set and the moon shone, knowing that you had made it to the next day and wanted nothing but quiet, peace, and having no way to attain it. The last few years had passed like that. Disappointing it was.

He sighed and pushed his shoulder length hair away from his hazel eyes and surveyed the scene before him. He hated this place with a passion that was rare for his species.

You could not be a cold, heartless, immoral being if you felt passion. Hatred - passion, for him it seemed the same thing. He had out-survived many an acquaintance that was true. He had let few in, in fact, and he could count on one hand the number of individuals that knew him. What he hated with such passion was the greed, the brutality, the sheer ignorance of everyone he met. He hated stupid people, he really really did.

His lifestyle did grant him a different outlook sure, you could not be as old as he was without having your viewpoint change once in a while. But, Goddess, did he feel like he was in a rut. Maybe he needed to get out there and meet a different brand of individuals. For a few brief seconds that thought sent a thrill through him but it faded quickly and he sighed heavily, who was he kidding? The last new individual he met had tried to kill him. Something like that tends to put a damper on things. Eventually.

It was always the same - you are evil and you must die. Hell! He had not been actually evil for years now. It just was not worth the effort anymore. Oh, his name still caused fear in the hearts that knew it but he had not actually done anything to deserve it for years now. Maybe he needed to delve back into that territory to stave off his boredom? A carless wave of his hand pushed that thought aside. Too much work.

He sighed again and leaned against the balcony wall and glanced down into the city that was depressing him so much. A figure walking in the shadows below him drew his attention.

There was something...



Eyes surveyed everything and nothing at the same time. Ears heard the smallest sound. Nostrils flared at the subtle change in the wind. Lips were slightly open with just the barest tip of tongue showing as if tasting the air.

A mind sharpened by need detailed and cataloged it all for later scrutiny in detail but missed nothing in the here and now.

A lithe figure seemed to dance along to its own tune but if you watched closely, if you lived to tell the tale afterwards, you could tell it all had a purpose.

Deadly or not remained to be seen.

This will be darker than anything I have written before. Exorcising demons you might say.

I can't tell how long this will be or how fast updates will come but, please, be patient with me as you all have been so far. Thank you.

As always though...