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Pairing: Mystic!Harry/vampire!Draco so this is SLASH. No MPREG in this story, but if that changes you will be informed.

Summary: It does not matter who you are or what you have done there is that one person who will know the real you. Recognizing and accepting that person into your life can be a wonderful beginning or a bitter end. This is the story of two such beings. Mystic!Harry/Vampire!Draco.




Chapter One


He dropped silently to the pavement on the opposite corner of the building from where the strange creature was standing in the shadows. He knew if he hadn't been looking down at that precise moment he would have never noticed him standing there and that drew his curiosity more than the mysterious actions of the other man. Before he rounded the corner he let his other-worldly senses reach out to see what information could be gathered. Quickly he passed all the normal dead-end alley smells to get to the other's scent. Imagine his surprise when he found nothing and he just stared around for a second completely shocked. The other man wasn't a vampire so how had he moved fast enough to not be sensed by a vampire as old as he was?

What little he had seen of this tempting creature so intrigued him he didn't even questioned this overwhelming desire to go after him and he took that first step that would forever changed his life in ways not even comprehendible right now.



He had sensed the vampire the minute he had walked into the dead-end alley but it was too late to do anything about it now, besides, he'd been dealing with Night Creatures his whole life and this one, he suspected, would be no different. The vampire probably couldn't sense him anyway. Hearing the almost silent movement of air and the barely there 'tap' when shoes hit the ground he almost panicked. He had thought that the vampire would have ignored him and treated his covert looking actions to be nothing more than a human looking for sex or drugs but it seemed this one was of a curious nature.

He sighed, looks like he was going to have to make a strategic retreat and try again another night. He had forgotten how the older vampires could be. All that work, days of it, just gone! But at least now, he knew his targets habits and would be able to track him better the next time he had the chance.

With a deep breath that seemed to fill his slight chest to overfilling, wide almond shaped green eyes closed and he took a step back into the shadows and disappeared without any trace left that he was ever there. Once he was back at his hideout he let the deep breath from the alley slowly trickle out. He could see the thin bluish vapor that left his mouth and he studied it intently as he continued to slowly and cautiously breath out. When the vapor turned white at the end he grinned in relief, he had gotten all traces of his presence from the area.

Ha! Take that old man! He thought to himself.

Turning to the small refrigerator at the back of the almost empty room he set about making himself a small meal before going over to his very comfortable, and thick, sleeping bag for a nights sleep. In the morning he would have to pack up the few things that he brought with him and get back home. Twish was going to be mad at him when he got back though. He had been told, specifically his conscious added for him, not to go after this guy alone but he had been so confident he could handle him so had waited until she was asleep before leaving.

She was going to box his ears so hard when he got back!



He walked to the spot that he had last seen the enticing creature. He was going to make some sense out of what he had just seen. When he reached the spot he ran his fingers gently over the wall he had been leaning against - nothing. He dropped down and ran his fingers over the ground where he had been standing - nothing again. Tilting his head he contemplated what he knew so far. He knew of no creature, Night or Day, that could completely remove any trace of their presence from a place.

Keeping his eyes, ears, and mouth open he slowly turned in a circle breathing deeply as he did so. When he was facing the wall again he felt just a hint of something on his left fang and drew back his lips even more as he stepped closer to the wall. Leaning even closer he set the exposed fang on the cold and dirty brick just at the height he would have thought the other's head would have been and breathed deeply through his mouth once again. It was as that last faint movement of air hit his fang before he would have to let out the breath that he got something.

However, it was a scent of something, someone, he had never encountered before. He was a very old vampire and he had encountered every thing on the Goddess forsaken planet at least once in his long lifetime.

Just what kind of creature had been here, he thought with shock.


This will be darker than anything I have written before. Exorcising demons you might say. OR, it could go another route and be so damn fluffy it'll make my teeth hurt. We'll see.

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