Okay, before anyone gets mad I am still working on my other story, this is just a new idea.

It's based off of a theory that we are currently discussing on Facebook.

I think this MIGHT actually happen.

I don't own anything.


Jane knew.

He knew.

It was that simple. Grace Van Pelt thought as she sat at her desk taking another carrot stick out of her plastic baggie.

At first she hadn't been sure, when he had asked her if she had any chocolate and about inappropriate sexual partners.

But now the way he had somehow known that she was craving nougat and gotten her to do something that she normally would have insisted on running by Lisbon first just by saying that he would buy her some. And then there was the way he looked at her. And Wayne.

She also knew he could tell that she hadn't told Wayne yet.

Grace Van Pelt leaned back in her chair.

She had to face it. Patrick Jane knew that she was pregnant and that she hadn't told Wayne.

"Okay we gotta go!" Lisbon said walking into the bullpen and rousing Grace from her thoughts.

"Where boss?" Wayne asked as he stood up.

"Brickside Apartments. The organized crime boys connected the Sacramento Sharks to one of our major unsolved cases. But they're all currently on assignment so I need all of you." As she spoke they had all gotten up and were walking towards the elevator.

"Don't we need the vests?" Grace asked as they stopped in front of the elevator and Lisbon pushed the button.

"Because of budget cuts they had to borrow them for training but they said they put them back in the van." Lisbon replied as the all stepped onto the elevator.

"Okay." Grace said softly, but she could feel her stomach practically French braiding itself. She discreetly raised a hand and pressed it against her stomach, trying to calm her nerves. No luck.


"Okay," Cho said coming back to where the group were standing around the van and Lisbon was currently searching in the trunk. "The gang member's apartments are all on the top floor. So not counting windows, there are about four possible exits from the floor and six from the building."

"Damn it!" Lisbon shouted slamming the trunk door.

"What's wrong boss?" Rigsby asked.

"They didn't put the damn vests in the damn van."

"Want me to call them?" He asked pulling out his cell phone.

"Yes." Lisbon said calmly, but just then a shot rang out.

"We have to go now!" She said.

Cho and Rigsby nodded and started to walk off with her.

Jane watched Grace throw him a panicked look.

"Lisbon, I think Grace should stay with me!" Jane called after her.

"Why?" She asked turning around.

"Well, these guys are dangerous and if one of them escapes he will most likely shoot me." Jane said and Grace couldn't help wondering how many other lies he had told them.

"Fine." Lisbon said. "Watch him." She told Van Pelt before proceeding to the building.

After Cho, Rigsby, and Lisbon walked off, Jane turned to Grace. "Let's take a walk." Jane said.

"Jane…." Grace said annoyed.

"There's a nice little park just down the road. I'll buy you an ice cream cone."

"Fine." Grace said.


"Here you go, chocolate with sprinkles." Jane said handing Grace a cone from the ice cream cart before sitting on the bench beside her.

Grace licked her cone before asking Jane the question that had been on her mind all day.

"How long have you known?"

"What?" Jane asked her smiling.

"How long have you known about," she lowered her voice, "Me being pregnant?"

"About two weeks." He answered.

"But… how? I've known about it for barely over two."

"Grace, really? How would I not know? For a year you were convinced that I was really a physic. You should've expected it."

"Oh," She said, licking her cone thoughtfully, "How did you… I mean how…"

"How did I figure it out?" He asked chucking and Grace's stuttering.


"Well, you started going to the bathroom every other hour when you usually would only go once or twice a day. And the chocolate and the nougat. And you started cutting from two cups of coffee and one cup of tea a day to one cup of coffee a day. You GLOW around Rigsby especially when he tells you good job. And you've been starting to wear jackets even though its 90 degrees. Like you're trying to hide what's not there but will soon be. And the dismembered finger."

"It was gross." Grace said indignantly and she licked some melted ice cream off of her finger.

"I know. But you usually don't react like that. You like to keep your disgust private. That was unsanitary." He said as he motioned to her finger.

"Shut up." She said laughing.

Jane's cell phone started to ring. "Hello?" He answered.

"WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU TWO?" Lisbon asked. This caused Grace to collapse into giggles.

"At the park." He said.

"Why?" Lisbon asked like he was a three year old who stuck dirt in his mouth.

"Because I got bored and I wanted ice cream." Jane said.

"Fine. We'll be there in five minutes." Lisbon said before hanging up.

"She'll be here in five minutes." Jane said turning to Grace.

"Okay." She said standing up.

"Can I ask you one last thing?" He said as he threw their napkins in the trash and they began to walk out of the park.

"Six weeks." She said answering Jane's question before he even asked it.

"You're going to have to tell him soon."

"I know." She said.

They walked to where Lisbon was coming to meet them and just before they got there Jane slipped a chocolate bar in her pocket.

"You'll need it." He said smiling at her.

And she did when she spent the half hour long car ride alone in the car with Wayne and one of the perps. After the bust other officers had come with more cars, so the others had gone in different cars.

And that chocolate bar was good.

But as she ate it and he kept looking at her eight words kept ringing in her ears.

You're going to have to tell him soon.