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"Grace?" Wayne asked groggily waking up to the bathroom door slamming shut and glancing at his clock. 4:32.

"Yeah?" He heard her call from the bathroom.

"What are you doing up?" He asked walking to the bathroom. He opened the door and saw his 38 week pregnant wife sitting on the toilet with a panicked look on her face.

"I started feeling contractions, but I thought it was nothing. I got up to go to the bathroom and I was just reading a magazine and boom! My water broke Wayne." She said looking up at him.

"Okay. Let's get you changed and head to the hospital." He said helping her up.

As she changed out of her pajamas and into a pair of sweatpants and a T-Shirt, he quickly got her bag together, then ran upstairs to close all of the doors so the cat wouldn't mess anything up.

"Okay! Ready to go?" He asked walking back into the bedroom.

"Yeah." She said walking towards him.

He turned off all of the downstairs lights, put some food in Lily's bowl, and then left with Grace.


About three hours later they were sitting in Grace's hospital room. No progress.

They were talking when Jane, Lisbon, and Cho walked into the room.

"Hey. How's it going?" Lisbon said smiling.

"Uhhhh!" Grace yelled frustrated leaning back against all the pillows. "It's taking foreeeevvvvveeeerrrr and it huuuuuurrrrttttsss!" She said.

Wayne smiled and kissed her on the cheek. "I know, but it'll all be worth it."

Jane laughed and said, "You better get comfortable. It's probably gonna take a while." He said smiling at her.

"Jane! Don't say that!" Cho said hitting him.

"Ow!" Jane said over exaggeratedly.

Grace began to moan as another contraction ripped through her body.

"How about we leave?" Lisbon said smiling at the couple. Cho walked out and Lisbon dragged Jane out behind her.

"You are never touching me again!" She yelled.

"Okay." He said knowing better than to argue.

He smiled when she sat back relieved.

"Come on stubborn little twins! Hurry it up!" She said rubbing her stomach.

Wayne lightly kissed her lips. "Baby, if I could do this for you, I would in a heartbeat, but I can't, you have to do it. You GET to do it. You get to bring our beautiful twins into the world and when you look into their faces, you'll know that it was all worth it."

She smiled up at him before laying back and closing her eyes.


About ten hours later both of the twins had been delivered and cleaned and were now lying in Grace and Wayne's arms.

"So Peanut and Princess, I think it's time to name you guys." Wayne said as his son grabbed his finger with his fist. He smiled as Grace giggled staring down at their daughter's face.

"I think she's an Alexandra. Lexie for short." Grace said stroking the sleeping baby's cheek.

"Alexandra Charlotte Rigsby. I like that. You like that Princess?" He asked leaning over and looking over at his daughter who proceeded to yawn.

"She likes it. Isn't that right, Lex?" Grace asked her daughter gently kissing her on the forehead. "What about Peanut?" She asked looking at her son, who was asleep in Wayne's arms.

"Daniel. Definitely Daniel." Grace said laughing at the baby who still tightly grasped Wayne's finger.

"He's a strong boy isn't he?" Wayne asked laughing. He then leaned close to his son's face and whispered, "Daniel Andrew Rigsby, you're gonna be a sports star. I can feel it."

As he pulled away he noticed Grace laughing. "What?" he asked laughter in his voice.

"I love you." She said giggling and looking at him.

"I love you too." He said kissing her.