Hate – Conclusion

There are people in this world that would, upon first glance, have looked at them and called them enemies. But their close friends knew that they shared something special. Even before Kyle told Stan and Kenny that he and Cartman were seeing each other, both of their friends knew almost instantly. After Kyle told them, however, Kyle never brought it up again. Both boys barely acknowledged their relationship at all. Stan and Kenny were used to their unusual connection, and could see that, underneath the insults and bickering, they shared a deep bond.

Of course, if you talked to either of the boys in question, both would deny any semblance of friendship at all; in fact, they would describe their feelings toward the other as "hate."


AUTHOR'S NOTE: THE END! I really hope that people didn't feel like I rushed the ending. I feel like I might have, especially with ending it so abruptly. The reason I did that, though, is because I don't necessarily enjoy focusing on the relationship once it's official. Haha, I'm weird. I like the chase the best. ;) Soooo… yeah. Also, I felt that, in a lot of ways, it fit with the flow of the story better. If you think otherwise, please let me know.

Thank you for all of you who have supported and encouraged me through the whole process. Your reviews and comments mean the world to me. I hope that you enjoyed the journey as much as I did, and I hope that I grow stronger as a writer so that I can provide you with even better stories in the future.