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Chapter 9

Together with You

"This is AWESOOOME!" Sakura squealed with glee while Naruto cover her ears to avoid being deaf, but well Naruto have to agree with her best friend all the things and view that they were seeing is definitely awesome. After they depart from China Ferry Terminal (Kowloon) one hour ago, the must see beautiful scenery started to show up right in front of their eyes. "Ne, Naruto-chan they said this ferry would go to Hong Kong then back to Macau." Sakura said still looking really happy and excited like a 7-year-old girl.

Naruto snorted as she lean against the railing, "Yeah, in 24 hours…this boat will sail in Hong Kong and Macau."

"Naru-chan, I'm sooo excited to go to Hong Kong! Darn if only your boy friend's best friend said, we are going to this place I probably get prepared and take some cash with me! How can I possibly go shopping with an empty wallet?" Sakura whine as she sat on the bench, the two of them are currently inside Naruto's private suite looking and admiring the beautiful lights of Macau.

"Yeah, as if you have money remember you already spend your money buying those shoes you like." Naruto said as the matter fact tone while she went inside the room. "It's cold outside Sakura you don't want to freeze there aren't you?"

"Naruto-chan, tell your boyfriend thanks okay?" Sakura said following her blonde-haired best friend inside. "What? Why would I thank him? I don't even want to go here so why should I?"

"But he was kind to let your best friend come along with you so we have to say thank you." Naruto look at her cherry-haired best friend exasperatedly, "I won't say thank you so that's final!"

"Oh, by the way where are those guys?" Sakura asked Naruto while lying down the fluffy bed.

Naruto snorted, "Why should I know?"


Sasuke is currently leaning on the railing right on the stern of the ship, looking deep and dark sea beneath him with a can of beer on his hands, remembering his mother. "Why…why did you leave me? Why did you let me suffer? Why did you let father find me?"

Sasuke closed his eyes, remembering his mother's face on his mind imagining his mom's gentle and smiling face… "Why you left me alone in darkness?"

"You're not alone." Someone said right behind his back but Sasuke did not have to look back to see who it is, "Shinn." Sasuke watch his friend Shinn as he lean backwards at the railing.

"Yuki told me." Shinn said casually.

"I know." Sasuke said as he lean forwards the railing drinking the last drop of his beer. "Don't consider yourself alone you have us and now…you have Naruto."

Sasuke scoffed as he started, "I always saw my mom cry… she thought I never saw her cry but she's wrong…I had always hear her sobbing and whimpering at night. Just because of my father who I never see since I can remember. She is so pathetic…she cried over a man that she knows she would never have." Shinn opens the can of beer on his hands and give it to Sasuke, "Thanks."

"Then that fateful day July 23 on my 7th birthday she said we're going to her friend's house…she said she would buy something to eat she even promise me that she will come back to me and she would be gone for a couple of minutes but that minutes turns to hours— I waited for her… I waited and waited but she never showed up. It turns out that house of her friend was actually an orphanage..." Sasuke said breaking the can on his clenched fist the contents of beer pouring out off his hands, his raven locks covering his eyes from the view. "She left me all alone…I spend a whole year alone…I cried…and cried, I never felt so alone in my whole life…from that day I never smile I didn't talk to anybody then I realize something she abandoned me. She never loved me for the first place…what kind of mother would abandon their child…and left alone to the point that I think insanity would eat me alive."

Flash back

It was Sasuke's Eight birthday on the exact date when his mother left him, Sasuke seating on the swing alone, eyes staring at empty space while other children are playing happily with each other, Sasuke didn't even felt someone seat beside him it's been one year since his mother left him but until now he's stuck inside this orphanage, "Hello Sasuke."

Sasuke heard the older woman said but he did not even bother to look up his eyes still glued to the ground,

"Sasuke, I'm here with your father." Sasuke heard her say; even that news did not make him feel excited. "I don't have a father." He said nonchalantly.

"But here he is Sasuke and he would bring you home." Sasuke slowly turn to look up only to see a man in his mid 30's same features as him walk up to him the difference is he looks stern and strict his presence intimidate him. "Sasuke let's go I'm taking you home." With that, Sasuke slowly let go of the chain on his hands and stood up to reach for his father.


End Flash back

"He said he would bring me home but I don't think it was… yes he gave me all I wanted all the things that mom cannot give me but there's still something missing. The hole in my chest is still there…that is the time we're I realize that my mother is actually the other woman…when I met his real wife…and my so called older brother. I said to myself— so that is why she never has a chance to be with my father or I never have a chance to meet him in eight years of my life because he does have a real family— because me and my mom are just his other family." Sasuke said throwing the can of beer on the sidelines lifting his head up to look at the horizon tears cascading down his cheeks, "I never felt so lonely…not until I met you guys and her…"

"Are you— willing to talk about her now Sasuke?" Shinn said looking at the sky same as his friend.

"She is another issue Shinn…"

"As you say so…" Shinn said while shoving his hands on his pockets. "Hope you feel okay for now."

Sasuke nodded, "Yes, for now."

"I understand two women in your life betray you what will you going to feel? Let's go inside Sasuke or else were going to freeze to death," Shinn said walking passed to Sasuke.

"Hey Shinn wait for me!"

"Stop being so mellow dramatic okay!" Shinn muttered under his breath. "Oh shut up! At least I open up!"

"Yes, you open up to me but not to your girlfriend." Shinn said, well that is true but Sasuke feels like she did not have to know that if their relationship is not real.

"Na, she doesn't have to know."


That morning the ferry docks, they are currently at Iao Hon Market wondering around visiting all the shops they pass by. "Wow, this place is soooo KAWAII!" Yuki and Sakura said in unison making Neji, Sasuke and Naruto sweat dropped again while Shinn is nearly laugh on his friend's childishness.

"Ne, Naruto-chan! Don't you agree this place is sooo beautiful I never seen a place like this!" Naruto snorted on her friend's happiness, "Sometimes I wonder why she's my best friend."

"So sugar you happy?" Sasuke ask Naruto all of the sudden that get her off guard, "You what?"

"I asked if your happy idiot?"

"Well I will be more than happy if you take us home!" Naruto said leaning on the railing just beside the high way. Sasuke cupped his chin acting as if he was thinking, "Well wait a minute I'll think…oh the answer is a big NO."

"Arg you're so irritating!" Naruto said exasperatedly.

Sasuke smirk, "Well it's my pleasure to annoy the heck out of you Naru-chan."

"Hey guys can you please cut the lovers' quarrel! Wont you two won't last a day without even quarreling!" Neji said exasperatedly for the first time Neji had no woman on his arms. "Oh hey Neji where's your girl? I thought she is with you. What is her name again, Sasha something?" Naruto said while cupping her cheeks trying to remember the name of Neji's girl. Neji sighed, "Her name is Sherry its long way different than Sasha, Naruto-chan."

"Yeah alright so where is she?"

"I broke up with her a moment ago." This made Naruto eyes widen and gape on Neji, "What's with that face Naru-chan?" Neji said as he chuckled.

"You— you broke up with her you're such a jerk Neji." Naruto said glaring at Neji. "How can you be so heartless?"

"Well that's Neji for you Sugar so you have to bear with it." Sasuke said.

"Hey is that even a complement!" Neji said feeling offended.

"Maybe not, maybe yes."

"Arg! I'm outta here!" Neji said as he walks out.

"Hey— Nejiwhereyougoing?" Yuki asked while eating a mouthful of dumplings.

"Back to the ship, I think I need to meet some gorgeous girls than walking out here." Neji said.

"Hey teme don't you going to talk with your friend." Naruto asked Sasuke. "Nah, he'll be alright later."

"Guys I'm going to the bookstore I saw earlier." Shinn said to Sasuke. "Oh okay…"

"Let's just meet at the fountain right there on the other side of the street." Shinn said as he walk away.

Yuki and Sakura approach the couple, "Hey guys were just going at the other shops down there."

"Oh well okay but after that let's meet there at the fountain near the bake shop on the other side of this street." Yuki nodded, "Okay Sasuke see you later! Let's go Sakura-chan!"

"Aye, Aye! Bye bye Naru-chan see you later!" Sakura said merrily.

"Hey you can't leave me behind Sakura-chan!" Naruto is about to go with Sakura and Yuki when Sasuke hold her wrist preventing her to do so. "Let go!"

Sasuke smirk, "Nope, you can't leave your 'boyfriend' alone."

Naruto groaned, "Great, I'm stuck with you!"

"Let's go at the other side." Sasuke said dragging her somewhere, she did not know. "Where we going?"

"To heaven." Sasuke simply answered making Naruto blush, "Stop being so perverted!"

"You're the only one who thinks green Sugar! We're just going there at the fountain."


"You're so irritating you know that!" Naruto cannot take it anymore being alone with Sasuke making her crazy.

(A/N: they were currently at the fountain)

Sasuke smirked as he wrap his arms on Naruto's shoulder making their sides pressed together, "It's my pleasure to annoy the heck out of you but this time can't you act like you love me."

Naruto raised her brows, "And why is that will you pay me if I ever do that?"

Sasuke chuckled, "Why would I pay you Sugar remember our deal? If you don't do whatever I said

You're finish." Naruto gulped really hard she almost forgot the deal and the black mail that he set up for her. "Why you're still asking for my opinion? You all know that I can't say no even though I'm against on it."

"That's my girl…" Sasuke said smiling, as he pats Naruto's head not so nicely.

"Hey— stop ruining my hair."

"Hey I'll just check the other shop and by the way before I forgot here." Sasuke said giving her 1000 HK Dollar.

"What's the money for?"

"You buy whatever you want just wait me there at the fountain and don't go anywhere you don't know but don't worry if you went missing I promise I'll look for you." Sasuke said making Naruto look at him with wide eyes and heart beating against her rib cage so hard.

She don't know why but she felt something inside her heart when Sasuke said that to her it was like she felt safe when he said that and the butterflies on her stomach is flying everywhere inside her body.

"What's wrong Sugar? You have problem?" Sasuke said worriedly.

Naruto shook her head wildly, "Yeah, I'm fine! Just go inside and leave me here I'll wait for you there." She said pointing at the clear blue fountain.

Sasuke smiled, "Yeah Sugar just stay here and don't talk to strangers okay."

Naruto frowned, "Am not a little kid anymore!"

"Yeah right just wait here and don't do anything you regret."

"Yeah right sir." Naruto said smiling when Sasuke turned his back on her.

"Being with him is not that bad either…and I think I will let our situation for now."


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