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Temperance sat on the couch in her office, leaning back into the cushions with a sigh. She reviewed through the last couple of notes she was making for her latest book, brows creasing in slight frustration as she wondered where Angela was. Tucking a stray strand of hair which had made its way in front of her face she sighed and shook her head. Usually by this time of the morning they two of them were already at work and having a little bit of "fun" before the other squints arrived.

Angela ha a bounce in her step as she made her way to her best friend with benefits' office. She had been aching to see Temperance all morning but had to run a few errands before work. The artist clicked through the hallway joyfully before entering her friend's office ad making her way over to the couch where Brennan was seated and plonked herself down next to the anthropologist, snuggling up beside her and kissing her girlfriend on the cheek.

Temperance smiled brightly as her best friend strolled into her office, blushing slightly as a kiss was pressed to her cheek. Placing her papers down on the desk she turned towards her, biting her lip almost nervously and cupping Angela's face in one hand. "I missed you." she whispered, moving her head in closer, capturing Ange's lips in her own. She sucked and nipped at the bottom lip lightly, knowing she was smudging both their lipsticks but she didn't care. A light dull throbbing began in her head as the anthropologist nudged the artist's jaw open; their tongues touched a rush of head flooding to Tempe's core. Their tongues danced and duelled for dominance in each other's mouths, instinctively her hands moved around to cup Angela's neck, her full weight falling forward until she was straddling the artist's hips.

Angela responded to the kiss eagerly and her eyes fluttered closed in ecstasy. Her knees trembled as the anthropologist straddled her and she placed her hands on Temperance's back. The little voice was in the back of her mind telling her that they shouldn't be doing this in plain view, easy for all their friends to see, but she ignored it, giving into the mind-blurring sensations coursing through her body.

Seeley Booth slumped through the hallways of the Jeffersonian, ready to pick up his partner for their new case. He figured he would surprise her; he hadn't seen her for almost a week since their last case and made his way to Brennan's office. In the doorway he stopped short, his jaw falling and his cock springing to attention at the sight of his partner and her best friend full on making out on her couch. "W-w-whaaa? Bones?" he choked out, unable to believe the sight in front of him. "ANGELA?" he added, his eyes looking like saucers. "Bones, uh. We have, uh.. a case, and all," he fumbled, not able to tear his shocked and possibly scarred for life eyes away from the sight before him.

Temperance sat up suddenly at the sound of her partner's voice, her face flushing slightly. Her eyes flickered towards Angela's towards Booth and she quickly un-straddled her friend. "Oh a case?" she questioned, rushing towards her desk and grabbing her bag and trench coat. "I'll see you later kay Ange?" Brennan exclaimed, a slightly flirtatious tone to her voice that she hoped only her girlfriend would pick up on it and not Booth.

Angela grinned at her friend as Temperance left the office, and her pussy creamed in anticipation of what she knew was to come, judging by the tone of Brennan's voice. "Can't wait, sweetie," Ange called out in the seductive tone only reserved for her girl.

Booth was still in a state of shock as he moved to his car, Brennan following behind him. He opened her door and moved to his own seat, starting the car and beginning to drive in silence. "So, Bones. You kissed Angela and you liked it?" Booth prompted with a grin, turning to face his partner as they stopped at a traffic light.

Temperance was shaken from her reverie at the sound of Booth's voice and turned to face him. "Yes Booth, in fact many times I have kissed Angela and I have quite enjoyed the sexual feelings which then have led to other sexual situations." she explained matter of factly before frowning slightly. "Why is that of any relevance at this current time?"

"You mean you've never heard the song? Katy Perry?" Booth questioned, gobsmacked, before beginning to sing despite himself, "'I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick'? you can't seriously tell me you've never heard it before, Katy Perry's all over the place, almost as bad as Lady GaGa," Booth rambled.

Temperance frowned in confusion, trying to stop herself from laughing as her partner sang. "No Booth I don't believe I have ever heard that song or of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga," she replied, her tone one of pure confusion. "I also don't understand what the song implies about a cherry chapstick Booth, it just doesn't seem relevant to the homosexuality between two women. Of course if it heightens the person's arousal or state then it would appear to be correspondent to our conversation." The anthropologist frowned for a second, her jaw clenching in thought before adding. "I don't believe Angela has ever worn any 'cherry chapstick' in any of our sexual encounters either..."

"Too much information, Bones!" Booth cut his partner off, placing a hand up in gesture. "I don't need to hear about yours and Angela's sex life, as shocked as I am that you two actually have one, together, I don't want to know!" he added, turning up the radio and staring at the road ahead, trying to comprehend the events of that morning so far.

Brennan literally jumped out of Booth's car and ran into the Jeffersonian after the case, grinning the whole time. Slowing down towards the glass doors of her lover's office she knocked carefully before peeking her head around the door. "Miss me Ange?" she crooned, slinking her way into the office.

"Sweetie!" the artist exclaimed, sitting herself up on the couch where she was lying down with her nose buried in a magazine. "Yes, I did," she added, folding down the page she was on and placing it on the table in front of her as she bounced up and bounded over to her friend, hugging her and planting a kiss on her lips before pulling back and retrieving her magazine. "You know, I was reading this article on 'top ten toys of the new day' and some of them look pretty interesting. Like this one, vibrator chair," Angela pointed out to her friend.

Temperance examined the article her friend was showing her and cocked a brow in interest and curiosity. "That looks extremely interesting..." the anthropologist murmured, her mind already forming mental images of the wonderful things they could do as a couple on that chair. A lopsided grin crossed Tempe's face, staring blankly into the distance until she remembered what she was going to ask her friend. She spun around to face Angela, almost feeling shy and nervous, thinking of how to place her words properly. "Ange, I was talking to Booth in the car. About this morning," she started, looking into her friend's eyes and biting her lip, letting a cascade of her auburn hair fall in front of her eyes. "He made reference to a song called I Kissed A Girl by an artist I think called Katy Gaga... No wait it was Katy Perry! In her song she apparently makes reference to a cherry chapstick in the use of homosexual situations between two women... Would you be able to shed some more light on the matter since I believe you would have a further understanding of pop culture."

"Cherry Chapstick? Sweetie, I really need to introduce you to these things. Katy Perry sings 'I kissed a girl', the title is pretty self explanatory, but apparently Katy likes the taste of Cherry Chapstick on her girls. I much rather the taste of Temperance, but you know… I happen to have some, if you'd like to test Katy's theory," Angela rambled a bit, moving over to her bag, and bending over though she didn't necessarily have to, to find the small tube. She fished it out and held it up as she turned to face her friend. Angela unscrewed the lid and applied some carefully and teasingly before re-capping and placing the tiny tube in the pocket of her slacks, moving towards Temperance with a glint in her eye that could only mean one thing.

Brennan listened intently, eying her best friend's ass as she leant over to her bag to pull out her cherry chapstick. Temperance resisted the urge to lick her lips at the way Angela applied the lip gloss. She stepped into the space between them, taking Angela's lips in her own and letting out a small moan at the combined taste of her girlfriend and the sweet taste of cherry that was covering her lips. Slowly her hands moved around to cup around the artist's neck, feeling her arousal grow from this morning where it had been left unattended to. The anthropologist's body pressed up towards her friend's, rubbing against it slightly needily.

Angela responded equally eagerly, placing her hands on her lover's hips, pushing her closer to her. She felt her pussy flush with desire and her clit began to throb, her bra suddenly seeming so much tighter as her arousal spread through her body, making her shudder as she was pressed up against her best friend, and she knew some pretty kinky shit was going to go down somewhere in the Jeffersonian today as she felt the cherry flavour exchange between her and Temperance.

Temperance nudged Angela's mouth open with her jaw ravenously, her arousal instantly clouding her mind and forbidden any judgement. Clumsily she lead them over to the couch, walking backwards while she simultaneously ran her hands up and down Angela's top, gripping the hem. The anthropologist disposed of her best friend's top, a loud squeal leaving her lips as she hit the edge of the coffee table and fell backwards, landing on the couch. Brennan's pussy creamed at the sudden feel of Angela's body being so suddenly pressed on top of her own and she kissed along her friend's neck needily. Her chest heaved underneath the artist, experimentally she gyrated her hips upwards, surprised when a loud needy moan left her lips. "Ange..."

"I take it you enjoy the cherry chapstick?" Angela prompted breathlessly, her hands travelling all over the body of her best friend, who, in reality, was so much more. Angela rubbed her now only bra-clad chest up against Brennan's and her hands trailed down to unfasten the buttons on Brennan's blouse, pushing the material away from Temperance's shoulders, and noting the aroused glint in Brennan's eye that grew even more as Temperance looked at her almost pleadingly, before Angela gave in and her hands moved down to the needy anthropologist's slacks.

"Of course I did but nothing can.. ah," Temperance started to reply, a breathy moan leaving her lips as Angela rubbed her chest up against Brennan's. Her breasts just begging to be freed from the confines of her blouse and bra. "Nothing can compare to the taste of you Angie.". Pleasure coursed through the anthropologist's body at the light touches her lover gave, groaning as her blouse was finally removed giving way to a bright red bra. Her hips bucked up instantly as Angela's hands moved down to her slacks, anticipating what was going to happen next knowing that her panties were going to be thoroughly soaked..

Angela unzipped the slacks slowly before pulling the sticky material from her friend's extended legs, dragging the equally sticky and soaked material from her friend's core and licking her lips unconsciously at the sight. Her own pussy flushed in anticipation and she eagerly bent her head down and began to suck and nip at Temperance's folds.

Temperance let out a breathy sigh as her slacks and panties were finally removed from her body, exposing her drenched core to the cold air in her office. A pang of heat flooded to her lower regions as she watched eagerly as Angela's head moved down in-between her legs. The anthropologist parted them instantly, giving the artist more access. Her back arched up instantly as the first nip was pressed to her folds, a gasp leaving her lips. Brennan's hips rolled forward of their own volition as Angela pleasured her folds, her own hands moving up her chest unconsciously to caress her needy breasts through the itchy confines of her bra.

Angela felt her own arousal dampen the thin material that made up her panties, and pressed her body against that of her friend's harder. She reached a hand up and joined Brennan in the caressing of the anthropologist's breasts, the other hand snaking down and taking Brennan's clit between her thumb and forefinger. All thought that they could get caught was lost as Angela was lost in the pure need and hunger for release, and she concentrated on pleasing her best friend and lover.

Temperance groaned at the sensations flowing through her body. Knowing her lover needed her release, the hand caressing her breast moved down to give a simple tug on Angela's locks to command the artist to move up. Once she had done so, the anthropologist flipped her friend over so she was now resting on top. Leaning her head forward, her tongue snaked out to lick along the hem of her bra, giving her perky breasts a simple squeeze through the thin material of the lacy fabric. Tempe's hand snaked down, quickly undoing her drenched slacks and equally drenched panties. Pulling them down as one, Brennan plunged two fingers into Angela's soaked pussy, groaning aloud at how wet her friend was. Shifting her position Temperance curled her fingers inside of Angela and moved further up her body, gyrating her lower sex on Angela's and pushing her fingers further inside her friend in the process. As Temperance did this, the heel of her palm ground against both their clits, the anthropologist's head flying back in abandon.

Angela shuddered and her mouth hung open, gasping in short and laboured breaths as she focused on the sensations coursing through her body. Her nipples perked up even more, hardening beneath the flimsy fabric of her bra. She let out a groan as she felt the long awaited orgasm building in the pit of her stomach. "Oh Tempe," she sighed breathily.

Temperance reached her spare hand forward, smoothing up the caramel skin of her stomach and reached the front clasp of her bra quickly undoing it. Her eyes sparkled at the sight of the artist's plump breasts which were suddenly exposed to the anthropologist's greedy eyes, her perky nipples accentuating how aroused her best friend really was. Keeping the rhythm up with her hand, her head falling back on a pleasurably gasp as the heel of her hand brushed her clit and Angela's on the way down. Slowly her head craned down, taking a perfectly, pebbled nipple in-between her lips and sucking almost harshly in her own need. Releasing the nipple a groan left her lips. "Is that nice Angie?" she started, a desperate moan leaving her lips before continuing. "Oh god... yes..."

Angela gyrated her body against her best friend and lover's, creating the most delicious sensation between them. She felt herself near the edge and her eyes fluttered closed in ecstasy. Her stomach began to churn and she felt her release begin to flow, coating Temperance's fingers and the intersections where their cores connected.

Temperance knew her friend was close to her climax, wanting her lover to come first her fingers curled inside of Angela's soaked pussy. Her mouth latched back hungrily onto her friend's breast, groaning as she gyrated her hips faster feeling her own release slowly build up in her stomach. Gently, she scraped her teeth over the sensitive bud, enjoying the artist groan of pleasure. Kissing along the valley of her breasts, Brennan took the other bud into her mouth and lavished it greedily, the new angle pushing her fingers deeper and adding stimulation to both their clits.

Angela let out a loud moan as her release began to flow at a steadier pace, her hips pumping and her core riding Brennan's fingers eagerly to achieve the ultimate orgasm. She reached up and began caressing the hardened nub of her nipple to stimulate herself to go further, her fingers brushing over Temperance's cheek as she did so, and caressing her hair. She let out a deep moan as she continued to release, her creamy love juices coating her and Temperance's pressed-together bodies.

Temperance watched in awe as she watched her lover come; pumping her fingers in faster to help Angela ride out her orgasm Brennan found hers wasn't too far away. Her head fell back into abandon as her core brushed against the artist's.

"Ange.. I-I think I'm.. close…" she whispered, looking down at her friend with arousal clouded eyes.

"I know you are, sweetie," Angela moaned, coming back from her earth-shattering orgasm with arousal still pounding in her core at the sight of her friend and lover atop her, on the verge.

"Come for me, Tempe," she almost begged, looking up at the over-stimulated anthropologist.

At the sound of her lover's begging, Brennan felt her insides churn, the familiar feeling of pure bliss rose up in her body. Her lips parted to release a partially desperate scream which partially resembled Angela's name. Her body fell to the side, resting against the back of the couch while she still lay atop the artist. Temperance's chest heaved, her breathing laboured and she looked down at Angela adoringly.

Angela sat comfortably sandwiched between her lover and the couch. She caught her breath before swallowing and trying to push herself up. "Come on Sweetie, we should get dressed before everyone gets here and starts to get suss," she told Temperance, picking up her girlfriend and depositing her on the couch beside her before beginning to search for her clothes. Donning her soaked panties and jeans, pulling on her flats and fastening up her bra, before the glass door to her friend's office opened accompanied with a familiar voice. "Dr. Brennan, I found some particulates on th- What the hell?" Hodgins exclaimed as he walked into the room. Brennan sat on the couch pulling on her boots, while Angela was one garment away from bare chested. "I-I thought I had a… a lump, and Bren was helping me look," Angela thought up a lie on the spot.

Temperance quickly placed on her clothes, re buttoning her blouse and refastening her jeans, her eyes moving towards the door then back to her girlfriend who was close to placing back on her bra. Bending over, Tempe reached for a boot, cringing inwardly at the sound of Hodgins' voice spinning around to face entomologist at the door. Brennan looked towards Angela pleadingly, hoping she would come up for a suitable lie. The anthropologist couldn't help but cringe further as none other than Camille Saroyan walked through the door. "I heard shouting, is everything ok- Oh…" the raven haired woman stopping in mid sentence at the sight before her and feeling her face flush, remembering the events from only a week or so ago with the artist and the anthropologist.

Angela smiled at Cam and repeated herself. "I just told Hodgins, I thought I had a lump and got worried so Brennan was helping me to check if there was anything to be scared about," she lied easily. As she pulled on her blouse, Angela blushed a tad as Booth walked through the door. "Hey guys, what's up?" "Uh… Angie had a lump, Hodgins told the agent. "Mmkay then," Booth replied.

"Yes but it's okay because it was nothing to be truly worried about." Brennan backed up, standing up from her spot on the couch and moving close to Angela but not too close as to arouse suspicion.

"Alright people, we have evidence to collect, chop chop!" Cam cried, clapping her hands together and all the squints slowly made their way out of Brennan's office. Angela and Brennan were the last two to leave, the anthropologist gripping the artist's hand and giving it a firm squeeze and shooting her a reassuring smile as they both walked from her office.

Temperance stood at the platform, preoccupied with their latest Jane Doe. Carefully she picked up the clavicle and held it to eye level, examining it with care and curiosity. Her thoughts started to drift as she started to wonder where her girlfriend was, it was already late into the afternoon and Brennan was sure most of the squints would be leaving soon.

Angela scanned the lab as she emerged from her office, checking for any signs of life. All she saw was a couple of starved interns in scuttling around in the experiment area. Everyone else was at lunch. She crept up the platform, scanning her card as she did so, and wrapped her arms around the waist of her best friend, girlfriend and lover, pushing aside her hair and planting a kiss on her neck before spinning her around and continuing the actions to the anthropologist's lips.

Temperance let out a gasp at the feel of familiar hands wrapping around her waist, carefully she placed the clavicle down a slight moan leaving her lips as Angela kissed her neck. Brennan's hands instinctively wrapped around Angela's neck before smoothing their way down her back and resting at her hips. "Mmm. Ange..."

The two continued to kiss, the passion escalating as their tongues clashed together and their bodies pressed against one another. Angela's hand thread its way into her best friend's hair while the other stayed firmly planted on the anthropologist's waist. That little voice from this morning reminded her that the last time this happened inside the lab, there were questions, but she was too caught up in the kiss.

Brennan's hands smoothed up and down Angela's back, resting near her ass and give it a slight experimental pinch. Her tongue clashed with the artist's, pushing her body closer and enjoying the warmth that radiated from her lover's body as they kissed. She tried to press herself closer, her spare hand curling into Angela's hair and tugging roughly in her passion.

So caught up in the heat of the kiss, the two lovers didn't notice the small crowd slowly gathering at the foot of the platform and the footsteps that were slowly leading to join the three occupants of the group. "I KNEW IT!" came the familiar voice of no other than Seeley Booth. Angela quickly pulled away, blushing, and turned to face the group. Cam stood with wide eyes, while Hodgins was pinching the inside of his wrist, unable to believe the sight before him. Angela cleared her throat and her swollen lips forcing out two words. "Hey guys," she grinned.

Brennan looked towards the group wide eyes, feeling her face flush with arousal and embarrassment. Her lips still tingled with the force of the kiss, arousal still evident through her features and flowing freely through her body. Looking towards Angela she smiled nervously before facing the group again, her lipstick obviously smudged across her lips. "Oh... I didn't realise we had an audience..."

"Nah!" Hodgins said sarcastically. "What were you trying to do this time, try and see if Ange had tonsillitis?" he deadpanned. "Dr. Hodgins!" Cam scolded. "I'm happy for you guys," she added before rushing off. Hodgins looked at them shocked once more before shaking his head in utter disbelief and trudging back to his workspace. "I knew all along," Booth said with a shrug, hating to be proven wrong. "Mmhm, sure you did, Studly," replied Angela, looking at Brennan and rolling her eyes before grinning and slipping something into the pocket of Brennan's lab coat discreetly.

Brennan felt her face blush at the comments, feeling something slipped into her pocket by her girlfriend who had given her a seductive wave and walked off the platform the anthropologist reached in and pulled it out. A grin crossed Temperance's face as she pulled out her red lace panties with a note attached obviously with Angela's hand writing. 'Sweetie, thought you might want these back. They won't come of use tonight though. My place, 7 we'll continue the show and so much more. ;) xx Ange'


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