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A Dhampyr Named Bella

Chapter 1: Indecision

1972 BCE

Twelfth Dynasty

Lower Egypt

Remote Village along the Red Sea

It was all rather disgusting.

Rehuerdjersen, or Rehuer as he preferred to be called, breathed in deeply again the air around him, merely out of habit. The unwanted smells assaulted him just as much as the more alluring ones.

The smell of the soaked clay banks of the Red Sea hit him first, then the smell of the rotting papyrus that littered the banks. The scent traveled over great hills of scalding hot sand. Next, the musk of oily wool from the goats and sheep being tended to on the other side of the village.

Lastly, he smelt the rather appealing collection of 30 or so blood filled bodies.

Opening his blood-red eyes, Rehuer gazed at his potential prey standing right in front of him. The little villagers clustered all around--some of them speaking all at once to him, while others stood quietly in awe as they gazed at him.

Rehuer with his mind-reading ability had no choice but to listen to the insignificant thoughts in their heads. Their thoughts buzzing around in his skull ranged from sickeningly idolizing, to sickeningly naïve. However, none of their awed thoughts were worth his attention, so he tried to tune them out. He somewhat succeeded. In light of the situation, he couldn't blame them for their awe. It wasn't everyday an immortal priest of the Pharoah came to visit such an insignificant place. They were both honored and frightened by that fact, which made their blood all the more sweeter for him to smell.

They took in his appearance, his attractively tall build, his angular jaw set in a constant scowl of importance, his bronze unruly hair. They lusted after his expensive priestly clothes, but were too afraid to actually approach and touch due to his glowing red eyes—the humans were naturally drawn to his alluring aura. Of course, their natural instincts also warned them of his dangerous nature hidden beneath his desirable façade, and they kept what they deemed a safe distance from him.

No distance was safe enough.

Rehuer himself was seething inside at the fact of his being here. Treasurer and High Steward of the nation, Rehuer felt the task of coming here to this gods-forsaken part of Lower Egypt was utterly beneath his stature and responsibility.

If a list were to be made, Rehuer would rank as the 3rd most important man in the nation. The man who held the top position was technically the Pharoah. However, the man who held true power, yet kept the humble appearance of second in command, was Rehuer's creator and master. He was an immortal, who had chosen to share that endless life with Rehuer, not the Pharoah.

Instead, Rehuer and his master saw to it the Pharoah did as he was told.

Sometimes Rehuer wondered why the two of them bothered letting the human pharaoh rule in name at all. However, the decision was not his to make. His maker called the shots in this era, and Rehuer was happy to let him take the responsibility of running the nation of Egypt.

But right at the moment, Rehuer was cursing his master's latest order. It had involved calling Rehuer late at night to his master's chamber, where he informed Rehuer that he was to deal with a grave dilemma that had brewed in Lower Egypt. Somehow, and his maker wasn't sure who had done such a thing, but a child had been turned into an immortal.

A Child of the Night, loose in Lower Egypt...

Rehuer had felt a chill go down his spine.

He understood the repercussions of creating a child immortal could be catastrophic. However, he hadn't expected his master to hand the degrading job of getting rid of the wretched creature over to him!

He'd protested, naturally.

His master had replied that the situation was delicate, and only another immortal—meaning Rehuer, his creation—would do.

So here he was. Standing in the sun, his skin glinting at his exposed hands and sandaled feet beneath his priestly robes. The villagers oohed and awed over his glittering skin, having heard about the immortal priests god-given skin, but having never seen it for themselves.

Currently, Rehuer was doing his best to ignore their gawking, giving his unnerving attention to the village leader, who was explaining the situation to Rehuer with elaborate hand motions and a tooth-gaped mouth. His thought process was so agonizingly slow Rehuer wanted to growl in agitation, but he listened to the old man ramble.

"--My daughter, Perhia, was attacked in the desert, a month ago, by a creature. She could not remember anything, but woke up bloody and in pain. The creature was nowhere in sight, and her flock was gone too! She came home, and was punished for losing such a valuable asset of our people, and for being dishonored as she was! Her shame was even more confounded when we realized she was pregnant from the experience!"

The old man's eyes glazed over in remembered rage. "The rate at which she grew from then on was unnatural! Within a month, just last week, the baby was fully carried inside her. My daughter was herself like a walking corpse, though. She couldn't eat, barely breathe! She confided to her mother she felt like the baby was eating her soul from inside her womb!--

--The baby was born soon after that. A girl! All that trouble, for a mewling little whelp of a thing. No doubt it was a child sired by a dinjii! We wrapped it in layers of flax and left it in the wilderness, to die!"

The village leader spat on the ground, making a sign against evil spirits in the air. The rest of the villagers all parroted him, voicing their agreement in hatred of the abandoned baby.

Rehuer resisted the urge to strangle the innocent humans. Their mucus being spat so close to his priestly robes was insulting. Instead, he decided it was far better for the man to speak than to be unoccupied in silence. "What happened to the baby's mother?" Rehuer inquired, hardly caring but curious.

The village leader for once, didn't speak. His weathered face became hard. Apparently he still had some room for grief over his dead, dishonored daughter.

The village leader's wife, seeing his stubborn jaw, quickly answered the question so Rehuer wouldn't become angered. "She died in childbirth, great lord. The baby monster--" She paused, stealing her features. "—The baby ate its way out of her stomach. Actually, it would be better to say it burst out of her stomach. Its little fingers pushed her mother's ribs outward like it was a door into our world." She quit speaking, tears forming in her wrinkled eyes as she remembered.

Even though the monster in him enjoyed the bloody images, at her pause Rehuer felt impatience brew in him. "And then?!" He bit out.

She winced at his deadly tone. "Then, the baby slithered its way from the gaping hole in her stomach up her blood soaked chest. It settled around her neck like a loving child and sunk its teeth into her pulse. And gulped at her blood as she died."

The tale, delivered so stoically, elicited a reaction from the villagers. The women began to chant and shake their heads in mourning. Some dropped to their knees, bent to throw sand into their hair.

Rehuer rolled his eyes. If they were going to start wailing like the crazy women he'd seen outside his temple, he would kill them all.

His master would not tolerate such behavior, however. Perhaps, it would be better for him to leave.

"Where is the babe now, do you know?" He inquired, hoping they would so he wouldn't have to spend a precious day hunting the despicable thing down.

The leader once again found it in him to speak. "Yes, great lord. We have a watchman at all times guarding the entrance to the valley we left it in, making sure it doesn't try to come back to our village."

Rehuer nodded his chin, jaw tense. "What can you tell me about this creature? It is still alive, yes? How is it faring on its own?"

The leader shrugged. "The men do not get too close; they watch it from the valley's edge, several hundred feet away. However, they tell me in their reports she hasn't moved from where we've left her. Barely moves at all, but from that we know she's alive, despite the fact she's eaten nothing." The leader swallowed, hesitating, before continuing in a whisper. "They tell me she is no longer a babe either. My men—they say they think she has grown into a child of 3 years within a week. They are wondering if this will continue…" The man trailed off, watching Rehuer worriedly.

Despite his outward appearance of mere annoyance, inside his head Rehuer was perplexed at what he was hearing.

This tale didn't match his knowledge of a Child of the Night. Such children were turned into immortals by being bitten by another immortal. They had no control over their thirst, and it was insatiable. A child immortal also inspired absolute trust and devotion in all who looked on them. Fearsome little things to be sure, but understandable and predictable in nature to Rehuer.

But the baby immortal the village leader was describing, one that was born from a human womb, sounded much more peculiar!

He wouldn't think the baby they described could be an immortal, except the blood drinking it had displayed on its mother afterward seemed to verify it.

Could this truly be a more terrifying form of an immortal than had ever been seen before? Or, had his maker just conveniently forgotten to tell Rehuer about other forms of immortality?

But, an immortal born as a babe? That grew?

It sounded too fantastical to Rehuer. Too convenient. That was not how the process of becoming an immortal worked.

So, Rehuer silently came to the conclusion that the village people must have dreamed up the tale, elaborated on the real facts to create a sort of meaningful existence in their mortal lives. These people were stupid; it wasn't really surprising their thoughts could believe in the lie so eagerly they forgot the truth in their memories.

No, this wretched baby they spoke of had to be a Child of the Night. Nothing more…

Even if it was something other, Rehuer knew he couldn't just return home--he'd still have to get rid of the child immortal to please his master.

But first, to satisfy the thirst in his throat that he had diligently been ignoring since his arrival here…

"I need one of you to escort me to the valley," he informed the villagers, turning to pin each of them with a raptor red gaze. They trembled or shuffled their feet as his serious eyes assessed them, critically.

His eyes landing on one young boy who met his gaze innocently. Rehuer suddenly appeared in front of the boy, lifting his chin under his sparkling fingertips. Rehuer ran his finger down the pulse in the boy's jaw, that was beating wildly in awe at being touched by a priest of the gods.

The boy's scent was by far the best the village had to offer.

Rehuer grinned, his smile one of a predator. The boy would do nicely as payment for his services. "This boy is to lead me to the valley entrance," he informed the village leader. His tone left no room for argument, by anybody.

None gave it, although the boy's mother began to wail softly. Her family shuffled her away before she could embarrass them in front of the Pharoah's blessed one.

A mere hour later, Rehuer arrived at the entrance to the valley. Alone. The boy had served his purpose well the minute they'd left the village. He felt fully sated, the boy's blood sloshing around in his stomach.

Rehuer casually noted the presence of the watchman the village leader had mentioned, who scurried about along the surrounding hill's edge. Listening to the man's thoughts, Rehuer was amused to hear that the man thought Rehuer couldn't see him watching from afar. Rehuer almost thought it a shame he wasn't hungry enough to be bothered with the man. Although it would be amusing to suddenly turn and run straight at the watchman…

But at the moment, Rehuer couldn't. He had an immortal abomination to get rid of. Then, he could make his way home to the capital in time for the Pharoah's breakfast the next day. He comforted himself in the knowledge soon he would recline in sandalwood carved couches, be fanned by gentle slaves, and be serenaded by the finest harp musicians.

As an immortal, he felt a life of leisure and higher culture was not too much to ask for.

Instead, here he was, walking through a valley of hot sand, dried up shrubs, and sharp stones. Lizard's slithered under rocks, and birds of prey floated overhead.

He scowled, kicking at a stone sharply and sending it spinning toward the hill's edge.

The watchman didn't even have a moment to scream. The sharp stone imbedded itself between his eyes, knocking him back. Rehuer listened to the impaled watchman's shocked thoughts as he plummented down the hill, his thoughts finally snuffing out as he landed with a thud.

Finally, Rehuer was alone. Not a single human or immortal thought filled his mind.

It wasn't something that happened often. Rehuer breathed in deeply, enjoying the silence.

Before realizing it wasn't a good thing he couldn't hear anybody.

If he couldn't hear the Child of the Night, it meant she wasn't around here.

Growling in frustration at his job becoming harder, Rehuer clambered up the side of the large rock outcropping and knelt on top. He had a good view of the valley from this point. Closing his eyes, he breathed in deeply.

Apart from the obvious scents of nature, he caught...something else.

Faintly, something spicy. And wet.

He wrinkled his nose. Blood? It smelled like the consistency. But, the spice was different from anything he had ever tasted. it was pungent, and elusive...

He leapt off the rock, heels landing without noise into the hard ground. He took off in a run, following the scent, which became stronger and stronger as he began to catch up.

After about a mile, the scent became so intense Rehuer found himself gulping in the air to feel the flavor on his tongue.

Who's blood is that?!

It no longer mattered that he had slaked his fill on the village boy, for with that smell he was once again ravenous! For indeed, there was no doubt it was blood he was now hunting. Whoever's it was, their blood would be his soon!

The wind shifted, carrying from the south. And with it, a thick blast of his prey. He knew without a doubt where his prey was now. Just on the other side of the mountain of rock to his right.

Closing in on the kill with satisfaction, Rehuer went into a run, gaining momentum before leaping over the small bouldered hill. He landed on all fours without making much of a sound at his impact. Rehuer lifted his head, knowing he'd see his prey when he looked up.

To his confusion, a human did not stand before him.

Instead, he saw a wild dog--rather large for what Rehuer was used to seeing--curled up in warm sand, snoozing. The dog didn't wake, having not realized an immortal's presence yet.

Rehuer was beyond perplexed. He could smell something intoxicating, and all his senses screamed that the blood was right in front of him! He truly doubted the incredible smell could be coming from animal before him. Animal blood was akin to what the humans referred to as eating dirt.

The monster inside of him didn't like being kept waiting for this appetizing scent. Find it!

Rehuer silently cast his glance around him, looking for any signs of a human's presence hiding amongst the rocks. His keen vision could spot and hear every movement of the bugs and creatures moving above and below the ground.

So he did not doubt his senses when he assessed that no one else was around.

Frustrated, Rehuer swallowed his growl of rage and took a step toward the sleeping dog. Perhaps taking his anger out on the helpless creature would be satisfying…

The dog shifted in his sleep, his thick fur shifting in the breeze. As he moved, something glinted like the sparkling of precious stones from amongst his fur around his feet.

Rehuer froze, his eyes widening. He recodnized the peculiar glint. He looked down at his own hand. The Egyptian sun sent off the same sparkle across his straining knuckles.

In disbelief, Rehuer carefully moved around to the other side of the dog, and he could only stare at what he found.

The cur's large back had been shielding the body of a small girl. She was curled up against the dog's back, in a feral position, her cheek pressed against the dog's thick fur. Most of her body was shaded from the sun by the wolf's form, but the arm that had made its way under the dog's curled legs was casting flares of bright light around the ravine, giving her away.

Rehuer wanted to chuckle at how easy it was. Without a doubt, he'd found the elusive Child of the Night. He was surprised, since he hadn't known she was there until now.

He wondered why she hid her face from him. Out of fright? Or was she pretending to sleep? The trick would not save her. He chuckled lightly, sadistically amused. Did she truly think he was that stupid?

He focused his keen attention toward her mind, curious as to what thoughts were flashing around inside her little, soon-to-be-extinct, head. He assumed he'd hear childish musings of fear, of silly plots of escape, of how hungry she was for a little bloody play...or at the very least, what she thought of his silently watching from behind her, for any immortal would instantly be aware of another…

What he heard was absolute silence.

His brow drew in over inflamed red eyes. He was not in the mood to be perplexed, not when some human's delicious scent still called to him from somewhere nearby.

His instincts wanted him to wrap this up with her as soon as possible so he could hunt after that scent. It was so close


He was insanely curious as to why his gift wasn't working with her! He should hear something, he thought desperately. His hearing of people's thoughts had never failed him before, and Rehuer didn't like knowing he potentially had a weakness.

He shifted towards the little immortal child, a moment away from snatching her up. Perhaps if he ripped her arm off her screaming thoughts would awaken inside his mind…

Before he could do just that, the immortal child rolled over, pressing her back against the cur's warmth. Her arm stretched out across the sand, her head rolling into the crook of her elbow. Her eyes never opened as she stifled a low yawn, her lips murmuring something unintelligible.

She brought her little legs up until her knees pressed into her chest, a comforting position. The movement sent her scent wafting toward him.

Rehuer could only groan as the force of it hit him like a battering ram. His nostrils flared, recodnizing the spicy scent of blood that had sent him into the hunt without a care to the fact he'd just eaten or not.

Never had he smelt something so…perfect! It was a smell that the god's would wage war for, more purer than any incense the priests could burn in their honor.

The little immortal child's blood was also more appealing than any sacrifice that could or ever would be brought to Rehuer for his meals at the temple.

Indeed, he wondered if he would be able to stomach any other's blood after he drank this girl's.

The monster was ravenous, wanting nothing more than to leap on the sleeping girl's jugular instantly and without the usual niceties. Nothing would get in the way of his drinking her dry…

So, why was he just croutching there, trembling from hunger?!

He knew why. It was because his own nature couldn't stand to be wrong or mistaken on anything! And there were several things he did not know how to register in this situation…

One, he couldn't read her mind.

He didn't like that fact at all. Even though she wouldn't be alive long enough for that fact to be very relevant, he didn't care. Her act of defying him even with her mind was something he could not take.

Two, she did appear to really be sleeping. Immortals did not sleep, and the fact she could filled Rehuer with insane jealousy.

He'd prefer to believe she was only a really good actress. But that was unqualified given what his senses told him. Her blood pumped sluggishly in her veins, a sound that signified a resting body not having to work its usual movements. Her breathing and mannerisms seemed to suggest an unawareness to his dangerous presence. At the least, her body would be tensed to run at his slightest movement if she were aware and only feinging sleep. Acting asleep wasn't a very good ploy to use in her case anyway.

Three, there was the fact of her blood itself.

Rehuer found it hard to think rationally about her blood when the monster was so intent on drinking it, but he barely managed. An immortal, even a child of the night, should not have delicious blood running through her veins. It was against the rules of nature, of how immortal's worked.

Yet his eyes did not betray him. Nor his hearing, nor his smell…and--he prayed to the gods--nor his taste-buds…

He really would give his soul to taste her blood. Just one taste, even, and it would be worth it!

Stop hesitating like an idiot! The monster growled at him. Just eat her…

Rehuer was torn; for the first time in his immortal life, his fast thinking brain could not decide what to do.

He wanted to rip the sleeping child's throat open and slurp from the spray of blood.

He wanted to touch her sleeping eyelids gently, in hopes of catching a fleeting thought of her dream.

He wanted to crush her ribs in his hands and drink the blood that she would cough up from her goblet-like mouth.

He wanted to wake her up so she would look at him with her eyes, so that maybe, just maybe he could read her inner thoughts in their depths.

Rehuer's fists clutched at his head. The indecision of the two sides of his nature was killing him! The monster that demanded he slake his fill on this delicious offering, was warring heavily with the side of him that was morbidly stubborn in its desire to slake its curiosity over this strange little creature.

She was not a Child of the Night, that much was obvious. It least, she wasn't the monster they knew about. She could be a hybrid of it, a part of him mused. Something new, and equally as dangerous.

His master would demand he kill it. To be cautious. It wasn't worth the risk to mankind to let the abnormal undead child sleeping before him live.

He knew he might as well drink from her then. This one had mouthwatering blood! Shame to waste her blood and let it soak into the desert sand.

His curious side was momentarily knocked aside. The monster, ravenous and gaining the upper hand, drove Rehuer to take the final steps to the little sleeping vampire child.

The dog lifted its eyes, alerted now to Rehuer's obvious movement. The cur jumped to his feet, his back fur bristling and his teeth displayed in feral growl. The creature placed one paw over the sleeping girl's form, as if protecting her.

Amused, Rehuer lifted his lips and showed the dog his own feral growl. It made the earth shake and the loose stones to dance across the ground.

The hound whimpered instantly, forgetting his bravado as instinct kicked in. Leaping back and taking off into the rocks, the dog ran as fast as it could to get away.

Rehuer chuckled at his retreat, then turned back to the matter at hand.

His eyes fell instantly into the wide-eyed black stare of the undead child.

Both startled to suddenly be seeing the other awake, they studied each other in turn.

Impossibly wide eyes, was Rehuer's first thought. Disbelieving, confused. His gaze moved to her features for a moment. The child—her apparent age looking to be about 5—had a beautiful seraphim worthy face for one so young. Her face was heart shaped, almost perfect if it weren't for strange little dimensions that looked like a great artist had done it on purpose, as if to proudly mark his work for all to see. Long chocolate brown hair, typical of southern Egyptians, hung to her waist.

It was filthy and knotted.

No surprise. The villagers claimed to have abandoned her as a baby. No one had combed her hair or taught her the art of some form of cleanliness. Nor had they provided the child any clothing.

Rehuer felt his lip turn up in a sneer as he looked her over. She was absolutely filthy! Dirt and mud all over, under her fingernails. He could hardly tell her skin was pale white under all that muck.

But no amount of dirt would hide the blue-ish veins prominent in her child's neck and wrist.

Nor would it disguise the suddenly rapidly beating heart of a terrified little girl.

Rehuer croutched down onto his ankles just before her, moving his gaze back to her obsidian wide eyes now level with his. He had to frown at their color, the deep black of an insanely hungry vampire. He was sure they matched his own about now…

Odd. Why had she not fed herself yet? Surely a child—a Child of the Night!—would have the sense and the lack of inhibition to hunt her first meal as soon as possible. Then again, if the villagers story was to be believed, this girl was not turned at 5.

She had been born from a human's womb. A baby, even an immortal one, would be helpless to hunt for itself. Perhaps, if that were the case, she had never learned that her natural thirst could be sated by biting a human?

Born only a month ago. And already 5 years old! Rehuer couldn't believe it. His frown deepend as he gazed into the terrified little girl's eyes. He noted she hadn't moved, seemingly paralyzed by the sight of him. Her little column like body didn't even sway in the breeze she stood so still and perfect.

Eyes narrowed, and insanely curious once again, Rehuer reached out an abrupt hand to her.

Her eyes widened even more, her heart beating incessitantly.

Rehuer nearly gaped at the beautiful sound. An immortal with a beating heart! Why?

To give us sustenance, the hungry monster in him growled. Squeeze her beating heart's juice onto your tongue, like a succulent pomegranate!

Rehuer licked his lips at the thought, his eyes nearly rolling back in his skull. But, instead his hand settled around the little girl immortal's thin dirty neck and pulled her closer.

She stepped forward without protest, and this pleased him immensely. He liked a willing meal. Now, if only she'd present him with her willing mind first, then they could proceed to the dining portion of Rehuer's needs. At this point he wouldn't be sated without both…

Rehuer's thumb stroked the throbbing pulse in her throat. It matched her heart beat perfectly. Ah, so it wasn't all an illusion! A steady stream of that mouthwatering blood was indeed running through this little vampire's body!

But her body…

Here Rehuer did pause to wonder. His thumb stroked across her collarbone, dragging at the dirt until her pale skin appeared clean. He was surprised at the velvety feel of her skin.

It felt just like his. Stone-like to human touch, impenetratable.

But to him, an immortal, it was like touching one of your own species, only beautifully warmer like a human from the blood. He could tear her beautiful skin, if he so choose. She could do the same to him, though.

However, would she repair as well as himself, Rehuer wondered. Was she more immortal creature in that regard or more human? Just how breakable was she?

Who cares? The monster grumbled. Eat her and go home.

NO, the curious, analytical side of him insisted. Keep her. Test her. Observe her.

Don't waste her! The monster growled.

Don't waste her! The analyctical side begged.

Rehuer wanted to rail in disgust at his internal self. Really, could be no longer make up his own mind?

The little immortal child blinked. Her eyes glanced down to Rehuer's arm, rising up it's length until she studied his big fingers spread on her own skin. Her brows puckered in around her eyes, as she contemplated some strange new thought.

Rehuer watched her keenly, like she was a fascinating little pet that had started to walk around for the first time. He wanted to know, what was she thinking now as she stared at his hand on her?

The little girl, so slowly he wasn't threatened in the least by her movement, lifted her own little hand up to her face, staring hard at her fingertips. Biting her little lip between her teeth, she suddenly reached out to Rehuer's chest.

He nearly recoiled—nearly flung her away from himself at the idea of a Child of the Night touching him of its own violation. But, instead of doing that, he stayed still.

Her little fingers caressed across the base of his neck, just as he was doing to her. His flesh tingled pleasantly at her touch.

Surprised, Rehuer let his fingers drift up her neck to her soft cheek.

She copied his movements, her little dirty nails sliding over his prominent cheek bones. He should have been disgusted by her dirty touch. Instead, the monster in him surprisingly wanted to purr at the contact.

Understanding the game they played, and delighting in the control he had over his new little pupil, Rehuer moved his hand across her body to the places he wanted to feel her touch, knowing she would copy without hesitation. Her fingertips were so warm in comparison to what he was used to, it was almost like being burned.

It was glorious.

He trailed his finger to her ear, tracing the rim caressingly.

The little girl wiggled her shoulders, her head tilting away from his touch and she giggled.

Rehuer froze at the transformation of her features.

Her little black eyes sparkled with a newfound warmth of child-like delight. Her lips were tilted in a shy smile from her giggle. Touching his ear as he'd done to her, she giggled again and aimed her angelic expression straight at him.

Rehuer was instantly captivated.

He was also instantly alarmed.

Rehuer sprung back suddenly, not stopping until he was abruptly standing several yards away. His face shown with his excitement, both from his hunger and his disgust with himself. He glared at the surprised little vampire child in front of him.

She'd let her hand fall back to her side, watching him intently. Her smile had dimmed, her expressive little eyes confused as to why he'd moved away. But she didn't chase after him. She stayed where she was.

Rehuer let loose a growl, running a tense hand through his hair. This wasn't good. He'd fallen captivated for the little immortal child. Just like his master had warned him.

He knew beyond a doubt he should definitely kill her, now that she'd shown how manipulative she could be with him. Her little seraphim expression of child-like innocence was drawing him in, controlling him easily. Rehuer would not be controlled! He could not afford to have weaknesses! He served no one but his own maker, and that relationship itself was based only on how well both could suit the others needs. If anything, Rehuer was the one who should be in control, not this little vulnerable child.

So own her, the analytical side pointed out, rationally.

Rehuer paused at the thought. That was unexpected.

The analytical side continued its idea. Keep her for a time. She's only a child. She cannot harm you, let alone control you. The child doesn't have an ounce of your knowledge or intelligence. How can she manipulate you? You, on the other hand, have all the tools you need to keep her under your rule.

Musing the odd suggestion, Rehuer wasn't sure whether he should like it or disregard it as insanity.

Do it, the monster goaded, sounding bored with the argument already. Keep her under your control. Keep all her blood for yourself, and don't let your maker get any of it!

Ah. Rehuer began to warm to the idea. If both of his wants, the two-sided coin of his personality, were happy with this arrangement, then perhaps it wasn't such a bad plan…

…as long as her blood was worth the trouble. Was she only good for one meal? Or would her blood filled immortal body be able to withstand multiple feedings?

Rehuer began to pace around the girl, studying her from all angles. The little girl turned her head to follow him when she could, but did not bother moving her body.

The monster began to rear his hideous head. For his purpose, Rehuer let that side of him slide into control.

Rehuer moved to stand behind her in blur, staring down at her little child's head that barely came past his knees. He knelt, brushing her matted hair off the back of her neck. He pulled her back so her little body was between his bent knees, her warm back leaning into his chest.

He bent his head and pressed his nose at base of her neck. He dragged his lips up her thin skin, a rumble in his chest with delight as he smelt the delicious blood pumping through her body in that path. His nose and lips followed the trail to the curve in her neck, below her chin. Rehuer licked the velvety skin, instantly hating the dirty taste. But mollified with the thought of the elixir that rested beneath.

Rehuer placed his hands on either sides of her little sweet jaw and tilted her head the way he wanted. The little creature did not fight him. She followed his hands demands like a little doll.

She probably thinks this is another petting game we are playing, he mused. Rehuer smiled, lifting his lips to reveal his sharp teeth. How wrong she was.

He plunged his eager teeth into her vibrating pulse.

Now she reacted. The little girl jerked in his hands, a whimper escaping her mouth. From pain no doubt. Her little legs began to scissor.

Rehuer dropped his hands from her chin and wrapped his strong arms around her little body, tightening until she was forced to lie still in his grasp. His teeth had a firm hold in her neck without his hands assistance. She could not move her head if she wanted to.

His doll fell still in defeat. But she continued to whimper.

A part of him might have felt some concern for her pain. But it was vastly overshadowed by the monster that reveled in the intoxicating scent of her blood dripping down her throat, and between his fangs.

One drop on his tongue, and he was in euphoria!

Gulp. Heaven! Gulp. Ahhhhh…

Gulp. Rehuer saw stars in his mind, and explosions of color! Gulp.

Each mouthful brought him a higher sense of happiness! Is this what the men who smoked from their pipes in the temple felt when they entered the minds of the Gods? Or when they intoxicated themselves on honey wine?

For he felt intoxicated. Nothing in the world mattered to him. It could cease to exist for all he cared, as long as he still could hold this child and drink, and drink, and drink

She tasted unlike anything imaginable! More than spice, it kicked at his taste buds, curled and pooled around his tongue torturously, while at the same time like a soothing liquid.

In his mind, he tasted the image of red silks and golden bells adorning feet of the greatest pleasures in the world—then white sails unfolding around blue-green waters and salt-slicked skin…

The last image was so surrealistically beautiful he was sure he must have stepped into another world through her blood alone. Green earth, everywhere, covered in thick grass and flowers of dazzling colors he'd never seen before. Great domed mountains of white surrounded the haven, the sky flashing with deep thunder and dark raging clouds. Rehuer lay there utterly at home in the world, watching it all unfold lazily. In the dream, a warm body shifted in his arms. He looked down, at the woman stretched near his side—he felt an intense feeling of possession clench his mind when she looked at him. She was more beautiful than any woman he'd ever beheld, with thick wavy hair and golden eyes like topaz. She rested her hand against his sparkling chest gently, and leaned in to smile at him. "Edward," she breathed, her language foreign to him, and the sound of her voice alone was more beautiful than any sound in the world…

Enjoying the strange images and sensations enfolding in his subconscious, Rehuer fettered his tongue across the severed vein beneath his lips and gulped at more.

The amount that escaped was not as much as before. And it became less and less as time went on. Rehuer groaned in frustration when the images began to wilt with the last of her blood. He did not want to return to reality after what he'd just seen and tasted!

But before long, no amount of probing could find a drop of her delicious blood. He'd finally drained her dry.

Rehuer pulled his lips from her bloodied neck, glaring down at his prey. Her head hung limply against his white arm, her eyes open and glassy. She looked absolutely dead and soulless.

Her heart was glaringly silent.

In disgust and disappointment, Rehuer let her body fall to the ground. So, she was only good for one feeding. That fact saddened and frustrated him more than he wished it to. All that blood…

Rehuer moved away from her silent form, all the way to the other side where he leaned against the boulder's flat face. He ran his tongue across his teeth, closing his eyes as he recalled the euphoric journey her blood had taken him on.

It wasn't normally like that, when drinking one's blood. It least, Rehuer had never experienced a feeding like it. Perhaps his master had, he would have to ask. But never before had he lost a sense of consciousness or experienced an otherworldly feeling! He truly had felt transported…

And what's more, his inner awareness felt absolutely at peace! As if he'd been well rested and purged of some inner evil. In all his life as an immortal, Rehuer had never felt this…at one with his own soul.

He lifted his bloody fingers to his lips, wanting to taste her again. He now regretted drinking her all at once, wishing he'd of thought to take better care with her, now that he knew what he would be missing for the rest of his existence.

How easily she was killed, he mused, his brow fettering when he remembered that she had been an immortal. Surely on of their own would not be so easily snuffed out, even if she was different

His gaze, a burning intense red from her blood, shifted over to her sprawled form. Perhaps, he wondered, she is not really dead…just drained…weak…recovering

It was an insane hope. But one he grasped onto with all his being.

Rehuer decided to wait for a while--a day even--to see if she would recover. Then, he promised himself, if she did, he would keep her as his, taking better care so that delicious blood would be his for the taking for all time…

He sent a desperate plea to the God's that it would be so.

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