Hey there everyone,

It's me again, yep I know it has been a while, was nice having a break from writing for a bit as I sorted things out in my life. Due to the popularity of my Vampire Nights verse I have decided to create a sequel to Demon Days. I want to write a couple of chapters in advance so I have an idea of the storyline but was just wondering what you readers think about another story? (And I just want to add how freaky it is how the Deanom has become real...psychic prediction or what?! :P) Anyways let me know if you are still interested in these stories and I will see about creating the third as I must admit I do miss writing about these boys.

THANK YOU all again for your support and loyalty throughout these years of being on this site. It always means so much to see people enjoying my work and I hope that will continue down the line. You readers are amazing on this site, so thank you :)