The Hedingham Chronicles

Book 1: Walk of Fire

Alternate Reality

Crossover - Reign of Fire – Yugioh – and numerous other things...

Full Summery:

In a world destroyed by a nuclear holocaust that had been the hope of humanity to obliterate a plague of dragons, two young men lead separate lives in the small communities scattered across the globe as pocket safe-havens against the dragons, radiation and crazed humans. One will undertake a daring journey to lead his loved ones to safety; the other struggles on the confusing road of unravelling his very existence.

Together they'll uncover the mystery of their connected ancient pasts, learn who they'd once been, win over the hearts of the hardened, scarred world to bring a peace only dreamed of and find a home where all can be safe.

This is their story.



Prologue: The Rising

Year – October 2009

The blistering sand-dunes, sun-kissed in their sweet golden sheen loitered around his feet as he wiggled his bare toes into the tiny grains, giggling gleefully as he skipped and skidded his way towards the encampment near the temple ruins.

Twilight's glitter cast itself across the risen tents and he squealed, dashing between them in laughter, catching the trousers of a tall man carrying a pot of steaming tea.

The man's blue shined hair fluttered around his weather hardened features, but the smile upon his cheeks was crystal clear and full of tenderness as he stared downwards into the grinning features of the ten year old boy at his ankles.

"Hello Yugi my boy," the British accent was rich and aristocratic, "I thought you would be off with Ryou and Malik hunting out the dinner tent."

"No, I wanted to find ojii-chan!" Yugi squeaked in childish excitement, sweeping back his long golden fringe. Around his back the shorter hair surrounding his head was a deep, black yet sprayed at the tips a purple shine was visible.

Still, it was always the boys amazing eyes that struck the elders of the archaeological dig. They remained always a constant unhuman amethyst, wide and innocent, making the perfectly rounded features of the cheerful boy seem angelic.

Alfred Bakura knelt down, giving a chuckle. "Well, I believe the last I saw him he was still down in the tunnels, how about you go find him and tell him its dinner."

"Hai, hai Bakura-sama!" Yugi dashed off, bare feet padding across the sand, tearing it up behind him.

For an eight year old boy the sands of Egypt was a playground of great magnitude, expanding his imagination, tanning his skin golden-brown, giving him the most wonderful sense of freedom ever possible. He loved the world in which he'd been born into, the friends in whom he made during his grandfathers travels but most of all, he adored his grandfather. Solomon Motou was his everything. The man who had raised him from birth, given him an education while travelling, and given him the name Yugi.


How he loved the word.

Grinning as he ducked his way into the temple ruins the tiny boy of petite size of his age followed the torches deeper into the cold underground network. The air through the tunnels gave the strangest sensation that the world was breathing as it brushed past him, fluttering his golden bangs back. Stepping over excavation equipment Yugi heard the muffled sound of voices not too far ahead and quickened his pace. Soon he flung himself onto the legs of his grandfather and grinned into the old man's furrowed brow.

For a moment the old man with the tussled grey bread and wind-swept hair bundled back in a yellow bandanna looked slightly taken aback at the sudden appearance of his adorable grandson, but his frown quickly vanished and his pale grey eyes under the rim of his glasses shone brightly in warm cheer.

The oddest thing about him was that though his wear was as simple as a pour archaeologist could manage he bore rather proudly around his neck a small blue crystal. Yugi had always wondered what it was and why the kindly old man wore it in the manner that it was visible to the world.

"Why hello their Yugi, my bright ray of sunshine!" Solomon proudly chuckled down at the tiny boy.

"Ojii-chan!" Yugi clung tighter, adoring the smell of his grandfathers pants, the musky scent he carried that reminded the child of books and libraries, "Bakura-sama said it is dinner!"

"Ah, well...being the proper English Lord he is, Mr. Bakura does know the time." Solomon chuckled, scrubbing at his scalp under the wild grey hair.

Yugi only grinned, hearing another voice join the conversation. He twisted his head around, craning his neck upwards to see a tall Egyptian man standing some feet away near a small hole in the wall of the tunnel side. Yugi's eyebrows raised slightly in curiosity at the sight of the darkness within the tiny hole, the breathing was coming from within it, and if he listened harder, he was sure he sensed a gentle rumble of a heart-beat. The world was sleeping.

But the two adults above him didn't seem to notice.

Yugi continued to grin.

His friend Malik was only a year older than him, his Egyptian father was a strong man of dark black hair and a kindly smile behind sharp, stark features. Beside his short grandfather, the Egyptian towered like an ancient lord.

"Alfred should be down here," the accent was a little odd but Yugi had adapted to it, considering how long he and Malik spent spilling around the sands together, playing dragons and Pharaohs, "this could be the break through we've been looking for Solomon. All our years of searching and maybe this is it."

"True...maybe we should go back and get him and he might need to call Arthur, all the Inklings should be here for this but then again," Solomon pouted, "we could be wrong it might just get their hopes up. I wouldn't want to bring Arthur out here just to see nothing-."

"What is it ojii-chan? Gomen." The boy blinked suddenly, bowing his head in shame, "I did not mean to cut you off."

Solomon ruffed the boy's head of strange tri-coloured hair, the evidence of someone having tried to dye out the unnatural colouring still lingered, "that's alright Yugi. Come, have a closer look!" Solomon pushed the boy forward and knelt beside him as they both peered into the darkness of the hole in the tunnel wall side.

Yugi screwed up his brow, tasting a foul scent in the air.

"Is there a mummy inside?" He tipped his head up, "because it smells!"

"That, Yugi, is what we're trying to find out." Solomon clicked a small torch on from the belt around his waist, he pointed it through the darkness but the light was swallowed up thickly. Yugi tilted his head.

"Can't you make the hole bigger?"

"To worried the whole place will come down." Beside them both the Egyptian man shrugged his board shoulders.

"Can we go inside?" Yugi peered at the hole, looking as though he was thinking quite deeply about something, "ojii-chan...we can both fit!" He exclaimed suddenly, pointing to his shoulders. "Oh, please ojii-chan, can I? Can I?" The boy began to bounce in excitement.

Solomon sighed a fake sigh of endearment, "well, I suppose so...since we're down here. Azeri can you get some rope to tie around us. We may as well see if this is worth all our fuss and bother and if it isn't...then Arthur won't have a reason to leave his dying daughter."

"Makes sense." The Egyptian stood and moved towards a gathering of equipment. Yugi began to squeal softly and Solomon smirked at the boy who would eventually take after him, he was sure. Not quite the Indiana Jones type of archaeologist but close enough. At least he didn't wear a gun or a whip.

Azeri returned, bearing a length of long rope. He knelt beside Yugi and hooked the rope around his middle before doing the same to Solomon.

Picking up a brighter torch Solomon passed one to Yugi before kneeling and carefully pushing his way through the small hole.

Yugi followed after him, keeping his excitement in check as he scanned his light around the tunnel wall. Strangely enough everything felt wet and the odd smell grew plainly more obvious. He heard his grandfather swear from up ahead and tried to ignore the naughty words, only to find himself giggling in excitement.

"Right, come along Yugi..." His grandfather's arms hooked under his arm-pits and he was propped down upon a stone floor, his bare feet wiggling in the cool wetness. Solomon flashed his light around, giving a long sigh of amazement at the beautiful artworks scattered over walls and pillars.

"Yes...yes...yes...we found it, Yugi! We did!" Solomon laughed, the sound of the cheerfulness echoing through what sounded like a large cavern. Hand in hand they snaked their way around, finding scattered golden artefacts lying upon the floor.

Curiously Solomon began to note down the translations, taking a few photos from the tiny pocket digital camera around his waist, "this is interesting Yugi. I think it tells a story...hmm, the one I did my PhD on back...long time ago now..." Solomon chuckled, noting his grandson was hardly listening to his waffling on.

"Look, a dragon!" Yugi pointed to a painted image burned red upon golden brick, it was intricate, not in the same manner of the Egyptian paintings he was use to, considering how realistic it appeared, " looks so...scary!"

Solomon nodded and snapped a photo of it. "An image of one of the Dragon Lords, Yugi...I believe that was Heba."

Yugi frowned at the name, "Heba...and Ryu and...and...and...the Dragon Pharaoh too!" He blinked at the bright flash of the camera going off again. Solomon chuckled at the boy's excitement. "My boy, you listen too many of Mr. Ishtars stories."

" do we have here." From the glare of the bright flash of the camera Solomon noted a gleam in the distance. He motioned to Yugi and carefully they both plotted their way across the darkness. Yugi screwed up his face, making a small wincing noise as his bare feet came in contact with a slimy we substance upon the ground. It felt weird between his toes, and tingled as if it was trying to burn.

Ignoring it he caught up with Solomon and watched as the old man carefully checked over a pedestal for traps, coming away clean he picked up a golden box.

"Ojii-chan, you should not touch it..." Yugi pouted, "Your fingers could damage it."

Solomon smirked at the face his grandson was pulling. He knelt beside him and revealed the golden box to him. The boy's eyes sparkled in lust at the sight of the treasure. All his young life he had been shown treasures and he knew that forever, which seemed a very long time to his young mind, that he would always, and always search for treasures like his grandpa.

"This, I believe, Yugi...used to belong to a young Pharaoh."

"The Pharaoh you're trying to find!" Yugi's eyes gleamed in excitement.

"Yep." Solomon nodded thoughtfully, giving his grandson's head a gentle pat, chuckling at the ruffles of spiked, tri-coloured hair.

"The Dragon Pharaoh!" Yugi squealed in excitement, slapping hands across his cheeks, "I love his story. What is it ojii-chan, oh please, tell me what it is?"

Solomon glanced over the box, "it must hold the Inverted Pyramid, one of Seven ancient artefacts made of a Dragons golden tears. Remember the legend; they said the young Pharaoh made a pact with the dragons of old. I believe, as do some others my field, my boy, that the young Pharaoh discovered a way to communicate with the beasts, to understand them not as monsters and he bridged a gap...Yugi...what's wrong...?" Surprised to find his grandson no longer listening to him Solomon raised an eyebrow at the pale white expression the boy was giving. Slowly he turned his head around and he gasped, staggering back three paces and grabbing Yugi's tiny body as they both stared into a widely opened red eye. It blinked, making a clipping sound like the tinkering of chain-mail.

A breath of foul tasting wind brushed past.

The eye vanished into the darkness but light flared. Solomon heard Yugi's cry as liquid was splattered over them. The boy clawed at his eyes in a frantic motion, screaming as the ground began to rumble and the light of a flaring fire ignited once more.

The shape of an shadowed beast moved and snaked. Solomon stood shock still for a brief second, not quite believing the vision he was seeing.

Then he moved, the human reaction of flight kicking in. He grabbed for his tiny grandson and ran towards the tiny tunnel opening. Shoving Yugi into it he pushed the boy onward, feeling something akin to heat but more like the freeze of ice skin his back as a roar sounded from behind. Tumbling out into the larger tunnel Solomon staggered to his feet.

Without hesitation he yelled.

"Run! Azeri RUN!" He snatched Yugi around the waist and dashed past the Egyptian man. A shattering blast erupted from behind as fire consumed the tunnel. The Egyptian's body vanished in the combusting air of smelling, mutated shadows.

Solomon threw his legs into a swifter pace, the faintly glowing small crystal around his neck lighting the path as he dashed around the corners of the ancient underground network. From behind he could hear the rumbling of the ground as their world was shaken.

A light up ahead told he was nearing the entrance and yet the strange heat burning his back revealed he was going to reach it too late. The fire raged forward and he threw himself onto the ground just as he came free of the tunnel, covering Yugi's tiny body with his own, the shadows combusted like a splurge of toxic waste, consuming their two bodies as it erupted from the temple entrance like a sweeping tornado.

Yugi screamed as the noise died away, his blinded eyes unable to see anything but darkness. His grandfather's body was limp over his own and he scrambled out from under him, shaking the body until he could feel sticky wet blood upon his fingers. Everything smelt of burnt flesh.

"Ojii-chan..." Whispering Yugi shook the body, "No! No! Ojii-chan! Ojii-chan!"

Voices echoed all around him, but all he saw was the old man's kindly face staring back at him, blankly and without expression. In his hand he grasped the ancient golden box, the heat having fused the gold to his skin. Yugi trembled, scrambling away, into the arms of Alfred Bakura as the man knelt in the hot sand, staring in disbelief at his old friend and colleague.

"Yugi, Yugi." The kindly English-lord touched his burned cheeks, "Yugi, little one, what did you see?"

Yugi turned his bright purple eyes towards the sky, whispering, "red eyes."

Alfred held the tiny boy closer as voices clustered all around, "so it begins again..." The English Lord bowed his head, staring at the ancient golden box Solomon's hands still clutched. "Solomon, we got our wish..."

Yugi blinked his painfully swollen eyes, reaching trembling hands out, tugging at his grandfathers yellow bandanna and pulling it to his lips. "Ojii-chan...come back to me..."




So...a lot has been happening and lot hasn't been happening. I'm still so sick but I'm just trying to take every day as they come. It's hard to roll out of bed in pain and know that's all you can expect for the day.

However, this story has given me so much entertainment during sad and sick nights when I have been unable to sleep due to being too hot or in too much pain.

The entire writing process of this 'story' has been an utter, utter delight to do between getting my novel edited. Yes, you heard me right; I'm having my novel edited! W00t! Painful process but it's rather fun at times. :(

One step closer though!


Anyway, about this story, some of you might remember I started it awhile ago, deleted after awhile too since it was going nowhere. Well, this is redone version, it screamed at me to finish it. It's totally finished. I waited until I finished it to upload it but won't upload it all in one go. That'll give me time to write the next book, lol. My Dad pretty much told me to write it, why? Well, being of my state of being so sick I'm quite dark at the moment and I was killing my second novel with my depressing state.

So my Dad said, 'Dear, write something about the end of the world, about death and sadness and loneliness.' So...what did I do, I wrote a story about what happens after the end of the world.

This is that story.

The first part of kind of taken from the movie 'Reign of Fire' however then I start bridging out. You'll start to see bits and pieces of so many other things, if you can pick them up. I can't name all of them right now, but this whole story is kind of a mish-mash of ideas thrown together. I've also used some other cartoon characters simply because it's easier to use them than to create OC's.

In saying that, there are some OC's in this story, if you've read Those Distant Stars, you should be pretty familiar with them (No, Little Sam is not in it). I'm not sure if Sol is an OC in this story, I'll let you decide that when you figure the story out.

OC's are an interesting breed in Fanfiction's. I want everyone to understand, I write 'all the time' and I write 'big books.' I've been creating my own characters pretty much from the moment I could imagine them. I know how to write a character, I think, anyway.

One problem with Yugioh is the lack of females in their cast, or the females I like to write. So, I'll let you be the judge of things in the end. But I did have a lot of fun! That's what counts for me at the moment.

Now if I say anything else, I'll give the whole thing away.

So, right now, sit back, enjoy, try to enjoy the grammar and spelling of a dyslexic and very sick writer.

I really, really hope you enjoy this story as much I enjoyed writing it!


The Writer Within :P