Shasta: A redo of Drifting Wolf cause the first was…not so great.

Blueshadow: And idiotic…

Shasta: Humph…*Glares at a mirror obviously glaring at Blue*

Blueshadow: Yeah like that's going to work.

Shasta: Jackass…

Blueshadow: I HEARD THAT! *stares strangling self*


A young White wolf with black markings of a cheetah on her face and tail was born along with her brother a white and blue wolf. The brownish black wolf with a blood like tail looked at the child in fear; she had a third eye on her forehead. The brown wolf started feeling rage boil up in him, he yelled at his mate.

"What kind of demonic child have you brought in this world?!"He yelled at the Bluish silver Cheetah. (I know I'm weird it's not really full of wolves but it's still a wolf story)

"Demonic? This child is not a Demon! She's a Cheewolsky not a demon!"She yelled back in reply. (Let me clear this up Cheewolsky means Cheetah/Wolf/Husky mix)

"Then if she isn't a demon…WHAT IS SHE?! Do you really think that random Beast's would have a third eye huh?!"

"N-no…but still she…"

"I don't care! She's a demon and everyone knows it! A child is not supposed to be born with a third eye same goes for humans as well."He told her simply not wanting to start a fight with his love.

"Even if she is one…we should still care for her…"She replied as she snuggled the two young pups.

"No…she should not even be here…this child…this child is the child of Malefore…not us."

"What are you talking about?! She's our child! You and I know very well that Malefore died a long time ago!"

"Yes…he did die but he must have recreated half of himself to be that child, while the rest…is no where to be found."

"Y-you can't be serious!"She said as she turned to her young pup.

"…Forgive me for doing this but…she…is not one of us."

With that said, he Brown wolf quickly snatched up the white pup with black marks, and started to painfully inject his fangs into her, making the poor pup scream in pain. The Blue Cheetah told him to stop but he wouldn't listen, tears ran over her face as she saw her child being slowly killed. Once he thought she was dead he threw her in the icy cold river where a blizzard flew over. The Blue cheetah tried to stop him from doing so but was sill in pain after the birth.

'I'm sorry…Eclipse.' He said to himself as he threw her in the river never to be seen again…

End Chapter

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