Shasta: second Chapter of Drifting Wolf!

Blueshadow: I'm surprised that u even started on this…isn't u supposed to be making a comic?

Shasta: Yeah…

Blueshadow: Then skip the story and make the comic!


The young pup washed up on the shore where humans found her, they saw she had a third eye mark…where did she come from they wondered but they took her in a libratory where they will experiment on her. The young pup opened her eyes a little only to see a white room filled with machinery she was on a table.

"Experiment 6778…Underworld Beast Guardian of both Anubis and Cerberus."One of the humans said.

The pup started to think…was that her name Experiment 6778? (Anyone who read Art Wars will now know what happened to Lavi and Jerome)

"Let's start the experiment."The human said as they started to stick in painful needles making the young pup cry in pain.

Painful shocks came through like a never ending shooting of a gun, dying slowly in pain.

Eighteen years later

The experiment still went on, she was still in terrible pain, the young pup was now eighteen years old, being a Guardian she ages like a human but once she reaches age eighteen she will stay that age. In pain emotions stirred and she started to become a black demon wolf with five tails, horns, and bone wings. In fear the humans tried to run but she killed each and every one of them, she escaped and turned back to her wolf form and went to sleep in the forest of the shadow moon.

The next morning the wolf woke up and found another wolf that looked like her but with blue markings and sky blue eyes.

"W-who are you?"She asked.

"I'm you…well used to be."The other wolf replied.

"Me you can't be me…"

"Whether you believe me or not is your choice my name is Lavi by the way."

"…My name is Experiment 6778…"The wolf replied.

"Ehhh that's just a code name your real name is Jerome."Lavi told her.

"Jerome…that's my name how do you know?"

"Well I used to be your split personality but…the experiment they did on you made me come out of your body into a living split personality."Lavi replied.

"I see…does that mean our blood is the same?"Jerome asked.

"Of course that means were sisters now!"Lavi told her.

"…I see…"

"You look hungry let's go hunting."Lavi told her once more as they disappeared into the forest.

End Chapter

Shasta: Had to make it short cause' of internet problems.

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