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Chapter 1: iFall Into a Coma

The temporary school site turned out to be the spare apartment spaces in Bushwell. I think Franklin picked this location on purpose, though he can't really show favoritism to us. Any who, after school I told my mom I was walking Sam home. Well, I was, but I was also going to 'drop' by the school with this letter from Franklin, saying I can go in.

As we walk out of Bushwell, the first thing out of Sam's mouth is: "Are we going to get a pizza?"

I looked at her incredulously, "Wha-?! No! I'm taking YOU home, then I'm going to the school to finish my investigation. Or at least, find something to help,".

"Look, Freddork, I really do appreciate what your doing but...your just prolonging the inevitable. When the weeks up, Briggs and Howard are gonna lock me up, throw away the key, and leave me to rot... whether I deserve it or not." She looked down while she was talking. Sam hated feeling weak, and I knew this all too well. I made us stop walking.

"Sam... I need to know right now, did you do it or not?".

"I didn't... I really didn't," I smiled. I knew Sam was innocent, but I needed to get her to confess to it.

"In that case," I replied, carefully choosing my words. One wrong move and Sam, even in this state, could pound me into creamed corn. "I can, and will, prove you innocent. There is no such thing as the perfect crime, and there will be some loophole, you'll see. It's just a matter of exploiting it," We continued walking, as Sam continued the conversation.

"Just like I exploit you and Carly?"

"Um...no?" Why would she us that analogy I don't think she exploits us. Last year I probably won't have said that but now...no, she's never taken advantage of us. Except financially, and she's right, I don't need that money.

"Uh huh, right. Listen Benson, don't lie to mama; do you really think you can do this?" By now we were at her house. I gave her a loop-sided smile.

"Does ham make Sammie happy?" I know I'm pushing it, but I'm gonna take my chances.

"Watch it! Mama likes her ham!" She's letting me go easy today. Shuffling her feet nervously she said, "I believe you, okay?"

"So, you're coming?" No, she's not, but I need to appear optimistic.

"Are you nuts, Benny-boy? I believe YOU can do it, not me. Good luck though!" And exit Sam.

I stare at the door where she disappeared a moment longer than usual before heading for my burnt destination: Ridgeway.

"Alright, you're clear for entrance," FINALLY! The guy at the door isn't doing his job so well. I've been here for almost half an hour just so he could give me clearance on his laptop. Something that would have taken me several minutes. Who hired this guy again?

"Thank you," I manage to say half-politely. Then I inquire, "Do you have any knowledge on the security tapes?".

"Sorry, kiddo. Yesterday two very old-looking people came and took all of them. But have fun searching the school!" He flashed a grin, and I roll my eyes while walking into the building. Two old-looking people? That can only be Briggs and Howard. No one else who hates Sam would have clearance. But why take the tapes? They'll get them when I'm done anyway, and it won't really help them to hide evidence like that, why take it? I suspect foul play.

Being alone like this creeps me out. Quickly, I pull out my cell-phone and call Sam. I know for a fact that Carly's busy with Spencer and Socko tonight. Something about a family get-together? I dunno.


"Yellow? Really, Sam?" I didn't think she would use that greeting.

"Oh, hey dork," she didn't sound so upset to hear from me. "So, how's it going, Sherlock? Bag any dangerous fire-starters, yet?"

"Nope, but I'm bored all by myself. Too bad you didn't come." Maybe I could guilt her into coming?

"Hmm, in a burnt up school with you, no meat, and a psycho pyro? Pass." Yeah, didn't think so.

"Well, mayhaps you change your mind, Puckett, you know where I'll be,".

"Mayhaps? Really, Inspector Geek?" Hey!

"Don't judge me by my vocabulary!"

"Don't judge me by my vocabulary!" She's mocking me!

"Why did I call you agai- What's that?" Just as I'm about to finish my sentence, I spot something in one of the rooms where the fire started. Sam keeps asking what's going on but I ignore her for now. Then, I find what I was looking for, on the floor, under a desk.

"It's a... laptop?"

"Why would a criminal leave their laptop behind?"

"Like I said, no crime is perfect. I'm logging in now." I wait for the computer to load up in silent suspense. Well, minus Sam asking over and over again if it's done. I have half a mind to hang up on her when it's done.

I'm really glad I'm, in Sam's terms, a tech geek. It's so easy to find out what the criminal is hiding. Unfortunately, All the incriminating stuff has been erased.

"Geek?" Sam inquires gently. "What's up?".

"There's...nothing. No evidence...nothing," I can't believe it. Possibly our biggest piece of evidence and there's NOTHING ON IT!

"Hmm...check the internet history. Maybe you can find something linking them to the fire, and give the laptop to the police," That's...not so bad, actually. I pull up the internet history, but only find one website in the past 42-hours. The other days of the week? There all sites about fashion magazines and online clothing stores and, surprisingly enough, iCarly is favorited.

"Anything else?" Sam asked when I told her the contents. I nodded my head, and after a while... "I can't see you, nub! Answer me verbally, with your words!" Oh.

"Just one more. I'll click on it," and I'm onto a semi-familiar website. One that requires a log-in password. There is already a user name...

I take a few random guesses until I get it. The password is coincided with another fact about Sam. I guess the culprit is either obsessed with her (which would be creepy) or knows her personally...

Shaking that thought out of my head for now (but storing it for later), I look through the documents and I found a new one. After a moments debate, I read it.

"Freddie? You-who, still here!"

"Sorry, Sam, I'm reading through a- whoa!" This is- This is-.

"What!? What did you find?! Come on, tell me!" I thought she wasn't interested... oh well, I'll tell her anyway.

"The plans, for both the fire and something else, and there addressed to- no!" It can't be!

"WHO?! WHO ALREADY NUBFACE!" Sam's getting impatient. But as it sinks in, it starts to make sense...

The witnesses of Sam...

The cause of the fire, gasoline (something Sam wouldn't, and can't, have)...

The websites on the computer...

"Sam, it's- Ugh!" A heavy pain pulses through my head, and I fall backwards, onto the wooden floor. I can make out the (although shady) familiar figure...


The attacker raises a crowbar in preparation for another strike...

The last thing I remember thinking is Now who's gonna prove Sam innocent?

Pain. Fade to Black.

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