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Chapter 23: iAwaken

Ah! Again with the annoying feeling of being pulled back into reality. This is nothing like on TV!

I will my eyes to stay open, because, despite being done with the coma, I'm insanely tired. I look around my dark hospital room for the first time. Plain walls, simple tile flooring, pictures, Howard strangling Sam... wait, what?

"S-Sam!" I'm hardly able to recognize my own voice; it's lower and more horse than it normally is. My vision is slightly blurred as well. That's bad, isn't it? But I have to regain my strength and speak again; for Sam's sake! "You can d-do this! Sam..." I feel my body go limp, but my eyes don't shut. Sam, inspired by my words, fights back mercilessly. One moment she's suspended up in the air; the next, she's kicking teacher butt!

Sam judo flips the teacher onto his back, but he grabs her wrists and pulls her down with him. I can only watch in silence as Sam struggles back, despite being pinned against the floor. The knife Howard's holding (How did I miss THAT?) is pressed against her neck. Forgetting my exhaustion, I bolt up and scream. Howard looks at me, smirks, and slits Sam's throat. Sam cries out as best she can, then falls back, limp. I scream.


At that point, my body jolts forward, hitting something. When I look around, something is different... the room is lit, there is no Howard anywhere in sight, and Sam is on the floor moaning in pain. Wait a second...

"SAM? Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" I ramble my apology as Sam picks herself up. Devoid of wearing any scarlet, I might add. She looks up to me and laughs, launching herself into my arms. I catch her, somehow, and wonder if maybe she hit her head a little too hard, "Did I hurt your head, Sam? Are you in your right mind?" She stops laughing and glares daggers at me. Right, she's sane.

"Shut up dork! Did you know you were out for four days?"

WHAT? FOUR DAYS? In that time, Melanie could've killed someone! Multiple someones! I begin voicing my concerns to Sam, who grows tired of my talking and places her finger on my mouth. She then smiles, and leans backwards... only for her head to hit the wall. I remember the way she looked on the floor, wreathing in pain, and immediate worry comes out as I check her over. She chuckles, pushing me off of her.

"Don't worry," She looks like she's keeping in laughter, "They're both in jail, rotting in their respective cells. I'm innocent, your awake, and that's all that matters," With a gentle smile, she embraces me. Relief floods over me. I'm alright. She's alright. Our enemies are behind bars, and everything's okay again. I hug her back.

Once we break off, she looks at me and asks, "So... did you really send me a dream message, or did my mind just make that up?" I blink. I thought that was all in my head. Maybe the mental world is more powerful than it seems.

"You got that? Wow, I didn't think it would work. Scar certainly didn't."

Sam raises her eyebrow, oblivious as to who Scar is. "And who's Scar? Is she the one who made you where that ugly purple suit?" I grin. She'll never know, until I tell her. And the fact that I know something she doesn't has got to be killing her inside.

My response? "I'll tell ya later." She rolls her eyes, and gets up to leave, presumably. A sort of dread fills me up as I watch her go. No. I'm not gonna watch her go. "Sam... wait." She looks back at me. Great. Now my words leave me. "I, uh, well-"

Why is this so hard?

"Well, what it is it, Frednub?" She snaps at me in impatience. Why is this so hard? How can I possibly explain this? Would she love me back? I stare her straight in the eye, then sit up. Which, as it turns out, is harder a task than it seems. Sam helps me. Once I'm up, I look straight into her eyes. Beautiful. Full of worry and concern. So, I follow my first instinct.

I kiss her. On the lips. Again.

Her lips still taste like ham. But there's something there that wasn't before. I can't describe it. You'd have to kiss that special someone to get it. Once we break apart, I flinch away from her, expecting her to hit me. Surprisingly, she doesn't. "Well? Your gonna tear my eyeballs out, right?" I ask her. She shakes her head no, smiling at me. I can see a new maturity in her eyes...

"Oh, good, you're up. I'll go get you a doctor, you wait right here," Stupid nurse.

I remember something at that moment. "Hey Sam?" She looks up at me. "I love you."

She smirks. "Love you too, dork."

"Three cheers for Freddie!"

I smile modestly as the people toast me. Really, I don't deserve it. I mean, I've been in a coma for the past... um, four days, wasn't it? Anyways, after everyone toasts, I subtly to Sam gesture towards the elevator. She gets the message and heads to it. Once inside, I press the button. The door closes. And I gently kiss my girl's lips yet again.

"So," I begin after pulling back, "How was playing detective?"

"Playing?" Sam scoffs, "Freddork, I put a dangerous criminal and his accomplice behind bars. I avenged your beating, solved a mystery, made friends out of enemies, and beat up biker dudes! I was NOT playing!" I nod, confirming what she said. It was all true, after all.

"I know. I still can't believe you did that... for ME!" She eyes me, then smirks.

"Oh, I didn't do it for you," She narrows her eyes in mock anger, "Nobody messes with Samantha J. Puckett's property and gets away with it!" I roll my eyes. So I was her property now, eh? Well, time to fight fire with ice!

"Whatever you say, Samantha Jocelyn Puckett."

As I expect, she gaps stupidly at me knowing her middle name. "How do you know my middle name?" She asks in her stupor. I lean forward, pressing my lips gently to hers, and then pull back, saying:

"My little secret." And I'm assaulted with a pillow. Whatever, I'll play along here. I won't go into the details of our pillow fight. And I let her win, mind you.

We laid on our backs, content, when Sam turns to me and asks, "Who is Scar, anyways? From the sound of things, she can't be a very good character."

Oh, the irony. "Alright Sam. I'll tell you about what happened in my coma. It went down like this..."

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