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Storm Clouds

The wind had kicked up very hard by the time Emily left Reid's little house. Its cold breath tried to push her along as she made her way to the car. Overhead, grey and black clouds had started to gather as the temperatures dropped. The sunny day, it seemed, had taken a backseat to a brewing storm.

Her dark blue sweater flapped around her like a bat's wings as she fought to keep her footing and her hair out of her eyes. Fortunately, the walk to her car wasn't long. She unlocked the door and climbed inside. The interior was as cold as the outside and she began to shiver as her finger fumbled with the key in the ignition.

Finally, the car roared to life. She turned on the heat, turning it up as high as it would go. She sat there for a minute looking at Reid's ancient Volvo before backing carefully out into sleepy little street. She only passed on other car in the three blocks it took to get to the main street that would take her back to DC.

She realized that she had been holding her breath. She drew in a gulp of air to her taxed lungs and sighed. She'd run away from him. She didn't have a dinner appointment with her mother. The lie was just an excuse to get away from beautiful dark eyes that saw things other people routinely missed. It wasn't just the eyes though, she thought as she rolled to a stop at a red light. He had the whole package and so she ran.

Another honking horn behind her brought her snapping out of thinking about his fingers and the way they touched her. She pulled off the road into the parking lot at a coffee shop. If she could just stop shaking at the memory of his lips touching her cheek. She reached up and touched said cheek, caressing it like a girl with her first crush. If he'd kissed her on the lips… It was better not to think along those lines.

A drop of rain splattered on the windshield of her car. She watched it slide slowly down as another joined it and then another. She didn't try to turn off the engine as the car sat idling while people hurried past to get in out of the rain.

She shouldn't have run away. After all, what was there to fear except losing herself in another person? Perhaps the right one had been in front of her all along. She closed her eyes and breathed in. She could still smell him inside the car as though he were with her. The unique scent that made him Reid had followed her in her flight from the possibility of her one great love.

She looked up at her face in the rearview mirror angling it to try to see something in her eyes that could tell her why she'd decided to fun away. As she looked in the mirror, she saw the collar of the shirt she wore. She'd forgotten to give Reid back his old gray shirt. How could she have forgotten to give back the shirt?

You're the hotshot profiler. You tell me!

She ignored the voice in her head that spoke of Freudian slips and intentional stealing. Her hands pulled up the tail of the tee shirt and brought it to her face. His scent washed over her, making her hands shake again. All she could see in her mind or think of was the disappointment on his face when she left. It was like kicking a puppy then leaving it huddled and broken in the rain.

Well… there was nothing left to do then. She put the car in gear and backed out of her parking place.


Reid went back to the kitchen after sitting in his easy chair trying to read for the past twenty minutes. He paced in front of the window watching the sky go from bright blue to grayish white as rain began to fall. Huge drops fell onto the glass, one after the other as he paced the small room. Excitement and disbelief at his boldness had his heart pounding hard enough to leave him a bit dizzy. He'd actually kissed her cheek. He'd touched his lips with a finger. He could still feel the softness of her skin on his mouth.

He began pacing again, trying to imagine what might come next for them. They had to talk, but he supposed that could wait. It had all come about so fast he was a bit dazed. He started to make another turn, and stopped dead in front of a chair that had her red tee shirt slung over the back to dry. She'd left it there and he hadn't noticed. Why hadn't she realized she still wore his shirt? He picked up her shirt and brought it up to his face. Her scent enveloped all of his senses like a warm blanket on a freezing winter day. Tingles began to ripple down his spine as he breathed in the same smell that had overwhelmed him when she'd washed his hair. He closed his eyes and inhaled more deeply… If he couldn't have her there with him, he'd have to make do with this shirt.

He stood there until the storm had fully broken over the house and the neighborhood. The rain hammered on the windows as someone hammered at his door. The sound of knocking and a voice finally broke through the haze of desire that bound the shirt to his face. He jerked, tossed the red tee shirt aside and went to the door.


She stood, the rain soaking through her sweater and shirt to her skin. She shivered as she knocked on his door. He didn't open… Perhaps he was angry. "Reid!" She shouted over the thundering rain.

He opened the door, confusion and something else warring in his eyes. "Emily…"

She didn't answer the clear question in his eyes. If he were allowed to speak, or if she spoke, the opportunity would pass. It was time to act without thinking, because thinking was highly overrated as she tried to tell Reid, time and again.

He had no chance to respond as she walked in out of the cold rain and grabbed him by the shoulders. Her mouth found his lips. He tried pulling away from her, but she held on knowing that he'd just start talking and she didn't want to talk anymore. She slid her arms up to his neck, pulling him close enough to feel the excitement in him she'd seen just an hour ago.

Her hands scrabbled across his neck and up into his hair. The silky strands fired her blood so hot she shoved against him while trying to get him out of his purple shirt. He stumbled and crashed into the end table. They careened across the hall to the opposite wall. She had to release her hold on his mouth to breathe. He stood there, his new hair cut mussed as he breathed in and out like they'd been running instead of kissing each other like a couple of love struck teenagers.

"Emily…" He gasped. "I thought -"

"Don't say it!" She ordered. Her face inches from his pink face.

His chest heaved against hers, his arousal hard against her belly as they stared at each other. He leaned in and kissed her long and slow, taking the hot edge off the passion flaming in her gut. She decided she didn't like slowing down. She pushed him down onto the carpeted floor with a thump. He gazed up at her with startled surprise and a little fear in his chocolate eyes

"Don't worry I'll be gentle." She grinned down at him.

He reared up, surprising her so that she nearly fell off him. "Oh no you don't…" She pushed him back. "I like the top!"


"I thought you had plans." He said when he could talk.

"I lied," She kissed his chest.

"You lied?"


It was getting very dark outside as the storm raged over their heads. The afternoon was turning into premature night, but somehow it was soothing to him as he lazily ran his hand up and down her back.


"I was scared."

He stopped rubbing her back. "Why?" He asked again, incapable of anything other the monosyllabic questions for the moment.

"Because I finally saw what's been standing in front of me all this time. The perfect guy. It terrified me."


"Are you going to use bigger words, because you're freaking me out just a little?

He laughed and went back to stroking her back with his long fingers. They really should get up off the floor and go to his room, but he couldn't make himself move and destroy a wonderful contented feeling.

"Sorry… I'm having trouble thinking right now. You king of scrambled my brains just a little."


"Now who's monosyllabic?"

"And he's back," She enthused, kissing his Adams Apple.

"I like that," He purred.

"Do you?"

"Very much!"

"We should talk about this." Emily said.

"Later... I want to stay this way forever."

"What do you say we get up off this floor and get something to eat? I'm starving."

"Do we have to?" He heard the whine in his voice and winced.

"Yes…" She slapped his chest lightly. "Get up lazy bones."


Reid watched Emily making grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. She wore his old, ratty brown bathrobe that looked a lot better on her then it did on him.

"Come over here." He said

"I'm busy Reid."

"Call me Spencer."

She rolled her eyes at him. "I'm busy over here so stop looking at me like that."


"The eyes won't work this time."


She turned her back on him. "I said I'm hungry, Spencer!"

He grinned at her back. Stronger measures were required it would seem. He stood up and walked over as quietly as he could. He put his hands on her waist and kissed her neck. She jumped. "Watch it!"

"Come to bed." He whispered.

"No…" She relaxed back into his arms as he nuzzled her neck.

"Please… I need you."

She turned around in his arms and plastered her body to him. Her tongue was exploring his mouth when his cell phone rang.

"Damn it!"

"Don't answer that phone or I'll kill you," She warned heedless of the soup heating on the stove and the sandwiches that were getting just a little to brown in the pan.

"It's JJ's ring tone. She's probably got a case."

Emily sighed and let him go. "Damn it!"

"That's what I said." He reminded her.

"I'll get dressed." She went to the stove and turned off the heat under the food.


The jet, made its way back to Quantico after a week in Montana. Everyone slept except for Reid who read and Emily who sat across from him playing solitaire. She kept looking up at him, unable to keep her eyes to herself. The flight seemed like it was twice as long as it should have been.

As always Reid tuned out everything around him, Emily noticed. His long fingers moved up and down the page with a speed that never failed to grab her attention. He suddenly put the book down on the table and looked over at her with eyes that adored only her face.

"Want to play cards Emily?" He said as though everyone was listening and it was a totally innocent question.

She felt a smile cross her face for the first time in days. "Sure… What's the stakes?"

He waggled his eyebrows at her. "The winner gets to be on top!"

She began collecting cards. "Then you better have your game on, because I play to win!"