Behold, the new story, Total Pokemon Island! In which 34 Pokemon, two of each type, will be competing. I know I'm not done with Tipa's Crystal Chronicles yet, but I thought I'd post this up ahead of time…just a little preview of a story to come. MUAHAHAHAHA!

No…I am not accepting OCs. I've already got them all. And I'm sorry if you're favorite Pokemon isn't included, but (1. I did NOT use legendaries (except for the hosts) and (2. …well, I don't have a two.


So sit back and enjoy the first episode of TOTAL POKEMON ISLAND!


-insert static here-

"Hello!" yelled a small, pink Pokemon, floating in front of the camera. "And welcome to Total Pokemon Island! I'm your host, Mew, helped out by my assistant, Mewtwo! Say hi to our fans, Mewtwo!"

"Bite me," growled Mewtwo.

"No thank you!" said Mew, his cheerful attitude not even affected. "So, let's give the lowdown on this whole entire show, shall we?"


"All right! So here's how it works!" shouted Mew. "We have invited 34 different Pokemon, 2 of each of the 17 types, to compete in a contest that takes place on this island. They will be forced to compete in many different challenges and competitions. At the end of the challenge, the winner, or WINNERS, will be invincible, being able to continue into the conversation. However, everyone else will NOT be invincible. These are the people who will vote to eliminate a certain person from the competition. If you receive a Pokeblock at the ceremony, you're safe. If you don't, then that's too bad. The person who gets the most votes is OUT! They will have to walk along this dock, and board the Wailord of Losers!"

"The one person who makes it all the way to the end of this lovely competition will win 1,000,000 dollars in cash, as well as a lifetime supply of ALL KINDS OF POFFINS! Does that sound great or what?" asked Mew, turning to his co-host.

Mewtwo just grumbled in annoyance. Mew glared at him, then turned back to the camera.

"So…our guests should be arriving shortly…shall we go to the dock and greet them?" asked Mew.

"Stop asking the audience questions and get to the dock," said Mewtwo gruffly.

"Y'see, this is why you're the CO-HOST," said Mew, folding his arms. "You have no charisma. This is ALSO why you're single."

"Now come on, let's meet the contestants!" said Mew.

Both legendary psychics walked over towards the end of the dock, waiting for the Wailords to bring their new victims- er, challengers. On the horizon, the first Wailord came into view.

"And here is our first contestant, Venonat!" shouted Mew.

A small, fuzzy, purple creature with big red eyes hopped off the large whale. She was pulling a purple suitcase behind her. Her eyes lit up when she saw Mew.

"Oh my gosh!" she squealed, jumping up and down. "It's real! It's really real! I can't believe it—I thought this was some big prank…I get pranked a lot, you know?"

"I bet you do," said Mew, smiling at her. "Now go and stand over there—make room, because the second contestant is arriving."

A round Pokemon hopped off of the large Pokemon, pulling a suitcase along with his teeth. His upper body was white, and the lower part was red. He had a shifty expression on his face.

"Hello, Electrode!" greeted Mew enthusiastically.

"Hey man," said Electrode, letting go of his suitcase. "It's great to be here. I'm gonna become a leader and head all the way to the top!"

"Must be hard without legs," quipped Mewtwo to Mew, who snickered. Sure, Mewtwo wasn't the friendliest guy, but he had a sense of humor.

"That's good, Electrode. Just don't let your ambition make you an enemy to some people. Now go stand beside Venonat."

As Electrode moved over, a third whale floated across the ocean. This time, a small blue Pokemon leaped off of the whale, with his suitcase in his mouth, and swam up to the shore. He flopped up onto the dock, shaking his tail and feet off. He had no visible arms, and a big smile on his face. His body was vibrating with hyperactive energy.

"Wooper, welcome!" said Mew.

"Hi!" said Wooper, his voice being very fast. "Great to be here! This is gonna be fun!"

He gave Mew a head butt. Mew flinched away, rubbing his skull.

"Yeah…stand over there," grumbled the host. Beside him, Mewtwo smirked.

The next whale came into few. A tan Pokemon was stretching his legs on top of the creature. He leaped off as the whale reached the shore, his lanky legs giving him a boost.

"Hitmonlee, welcome to the island!" said Mew.

"Uh…wow…looked a lot different on the brochure," said Hitmonlee, looking around.

"Right…go stand over there," said Mew. He whispered to Mewtwo. "Not the brightest one we picked."

Another Wailord arrived. A small, pink Pokemon was sitting on the back, but she hopped off when the whale pulled up beside the dock. She had small teeth, bright eyes, and stubby little legs.

"Clefairy," said Mew, nodding his head. "Glad you could make it."

"Why thank you," said Clefairy, smiling at him. "I'll just go stand by the others."

"Finally, one gets the idea," said Mew. "I like you kid!"

Clefairy just giggled and stood over next to Wooper. He gave her a head butt, which caused her to look at him strangely.

"Next contestant…Mawile!" said Mew, as another Pokemon arrived by Wailord. This Pokemon was small and yellow, but she had a large extension coming out of her head that resembled a Venus Flytrap.

"Nice to be here," she said, simply waving to Mewtwo and taking her things over to stand by Clefairy.

"Okay…," said Mew, a little put out by the lack of enthusiasm. "Ah, here's our next contestant! Cacturne!"

A medium-sized green Pokemon was laying on the Wailord, watching the sky. He jumped off with his suitcase as he arrived on the island. His body was covered in needles and diamond designs, and his eyes were an eerie yellow. He had a large green hat on his head, which he tipped slightly as he landed.

"Nice to be here," he said, extending a hand to both Mew and Mewtwo. "Didn't think I'd get accepted."

"Well, you were," said Mew. He nodded over to the other contestants. Cacturne nodded and walked over to them. He greeted them with a casual wave, but only Clefairy and Venonat returned it (although Wooper and Electrode lacked hands).

The eighth boat arrived, carrying another Pokemon. This Pokemon was small and gray, with gleaming red eyes. He had a long tail coming out of his head, and a short, yellow, stubby tail coming out from his back. The most abnormal feature was his mouth, however: his mouth was a closed zipper.

"Banette," said Mew. "Good to have you."

"Thanks, nice to meet ya," said Banette. He nodded towards Mewtwo. "You too."

Mewtwo didn't respond. Banette raised a brow.

"Why isn't he talking? Lemme guess…it's because he's JUST the co-host, right?" asked Banette.

NOW Mewtwo reacted. His eyes narrowed, and he frowned. Mew just snorted, and gestured for Banette to go over to the other combatants. Banette just shrugged and walked over.

"I hate him already," growled Mewtwo, seething.

"Really, I like him," said Mew, still chuckling. Mewtwo just huffed.

Banette stood next to Cacturne. "Sheesh, I wonder what's eating the purple guy?"

"Maybe the fact that he's bossed around by a creature half his size," said Cacturne.

Banette grinned. "A sense of humor—I like that. I'm Banette."


"How many contestants ARE there?" asked Venonat to Clefairy.

"I believe there are 34," responded the Fairy Pokemon. Venonats eyes widened.

"Oh, wow! I wonder if any cute boys will show up!"

Electrode rolled his eyes. Typical girls.

While these conversations were occurring, three more contestants arrived.

The first was a large fox with nine tails flowing out behind her—Ninetales. She had red eyes that gleamed with intelligence. She calmly greeted the two hosts, and sat behind Hitmonlee.

The next contestant was small, with a little brown body, two leave hands, and a large yellow head with beady eyes and pink lips. He was a Bellsprout, and a nervous wreck. He was jittery and accepted Mew's high hesitantly. He worked his way over to the crowd, and waved nervously.

"H-hi," he said, stuttering a little. "I'm Bellsprout…"

"I'm Clefairy," said Clefairy. "It's nice to meet you Bellsprout."


"I'M WOOPER!" shouted Wooper, popping up behind the small Pokemon. Bellsprout's eyes widened in panic, and he scampered off, hiding behind Cacturne.

"Hey, calm down," said the Scarecrow Pokemon. "Nothing's gonna try and kill you."

Of course, these kind words did not work well with the appearance of the next contestant. He was large and made of stone, with deep red eyes, and spikes going down his back and to his tail. There was a large drill on his nose, as he glared meanly at the other contestants.

"I'm Rhydon," he grunted.

"I'm Electrode," said Electrode, smirking. He liked this guy…he looked strong. "What's up?"

"Not much," responded the Pokemon rudely, stomping off. Electrode arched a brow. That was awkward.

The next contestant hopped off of her Wailord, flipping her long ears behind her head. She appeared to a bunny, and her body was very tall and graceful. Mew and Electrode grinned, while Banette whistled. Cacturne simply remained his quiet, deadpan self.

"I'm Lopunny," she said.

"I bet you are," said Mew, still grinning stupidly. "Yeah…you go stand over there."

Banette grinned as she approached. "Hey, beautiful," he said, eyes gleaming.

Lopunny sniffed. "Hey…midget," she countered, sauntering off. Banette stared after her.

"Well that was icy."

At this time, another player had hopped off their Float Whale Pokemon. This time, the Pokemon was small and blue-gray, with large sharp claws. Feathers seemed to be coming out of her head. She didn't smile as she glanced at the contestants, before introducing herself directly to Mew.

"I'm Weavile."

"No, really?" asked Mew, smirking. "Yeah, yeah…stand next to the other people."

Weavile just walked over. Venonat greeted her.

"Hi there!" said the small bug in a friendly matter.

Weavile smiled sardonically. "Uh…hi."

Two more Wailords appeared in the distance…but this time…one appeared to be chasing the other one. The first Wailord had a small bat-like pokemon resting on it. He appeared to be blind, lacking eyes, but he still seemed to be able to know his location. The other Wailord had an angry Pokemon that looked like a cross between a pig and a furry monkey. She was screaming at the Zubat.


"I didn't mean to, I swear!"


Zubat flew off his whale and fluttered next to Mew. "I'm Zubat," he said, panting. "Save me before psycho monkey kills me?"

"Uh…you're on your own with that one," said Mew apologetically. "Y'see, I'm not supposed to interefere."

"Oh crap!" said Zubat, fluttering over to above Ninetales. Meanwhile, the pig monkey had leaped off of her whale in pursuit.

"I'm Primeape," she growled, as if struggling to remain calm.

"I see…stand over there," said Mew. As she stomped off, he glanced at Mew. "Feisty one, eh?"

Next came Gliscor. Large, purple, and with a mouth full of sharp teeth, he glided over to the host.

"Here I am," he said.

"All right…another one here…just go over to the others."


After him came a strange Pokemon. On Wailord's back, there was a wheel barrel. The Wailord dumped the wheel barrel at the edge of the dock.

"What the…did we get a mistake?" asked Mew, glancing at the dirt inside the barrel. Mewtwo just shrugged. All of a sudden, a small brown body popped out of the dirt.

"YAHHH!" yelped Mew and Mewtwo, flinching.

"Diglett!" shouted the thing.

"What!?" asked Mewtwo.

"That's me! Diglett!" repeated the small Pokemon.

"It's just a contestant," said Mew, sighing in relief. "Thank goodness…just stand over there."

Diglett didn't move. "Uh…," he said, looking away.

"What?" asked Mew.

"Can you get someone to wheel me over there?" asked the Mole Pokemon.

"Don't you have legs?"

"Well, I do, but-"

"I'll do it!" shouted Wooper, pushing Diglett in his wheel barrel over towards the others. Wooper gave him a head butt in greeting. Diglett returned the favor.

The next two Wailords appeared, moving rather quickly across the ocean. They were going so fast, they crashed into the dock. Both of their riders and their suitcases fell off the whales, who swam off looking annoyed.

"Ha! I was here first!"

"The hell you were! I was way ahead of you!"

Mew stared at the two bickering Pokemon. The first one, which was female, was red with large claws and wings- a Scizor. The second was a Kabutops, although he was rather large for his size. He glared at the Scizor in annoyance.

"Look, if you can't accept the fact that I won-"

"Because that's not fact, that's your opinion, which is OBVIOUSLY wrong-"

"Both of you!" yelled Mew. The arguing duo stopped and stared at Mew.

"Just go stand by the others," said the Psychic Pokemon tiredly. They both nodded, but continued to eye each other in annoyance.

Next came Lileep. She moved rather slowly off of her whale, but she greet Mew and Mewtwo with kindness. She crawled up to the others.

"I'm Lileep. It's great to be here with you all," she said.

Clefairy, who had been talking to Mawile, smiled. "I'm Clefairy, and this is Mawile," introduced the fairy. Mawile just gave a short wave.

Next came Kadabra. He was meditating on his whale before floating off, using telekinesis to carry his suitcase. He walked past Mew and Mewtwo without a word.

"Showoff," muttered Rhydon and Mew at the same time.

Next, a Wailord came speeding through the water. At the same time, a spiky purple Pokemon leaped off and floated down to the dock. He had red eyes and a large grin.

"The name's Gengar. Remember it, cause I'm going to win!"

"I like your determination!" said Mew, faking enthusiasm. "Now go and show your skill by standing next to everyone else!"

"I'm no stranger to sarcasm, pinky," retorted Gengar, still grinning as he walked over to the others to stand near Lopunny.

After him came another Pokemon. This time, the Pokemon was small and blue, with green leaves coming out of its little head/body. He smiled.

"I'm Oddish. I'm here to compete," he said. Mew nodded, the plant Pokemon walked over to stand by Bellsprout.

"I'm Oddish," he said.

"I'm Bellsprout," said Bellsprout, giving him a little smile.

Another Pokemon arrived. It was a black canine with bone designs along his back, a skull on his neck, and large white horns. He was trembling as he hopped of the whale.

"You are?" asked Mew, already knowing the answer.

"H-Houndoom," said the Pokemon, shaking himself a little bit.

"Why are you so twitchy?" asked Mewtwo.

"I…I don't like water," responded the dog.

"Aw…is the puppy afraid of little water?" asked Mew, grinning. Houndoom let out a warning growl. "All right, all right! Go over towards the others."

Houndoom walked off and sat down. Nearby, Zubat was fluttering.

"That host is an ass," barked Houndoom.

"Aren't all hosts?" asked the bat.

Houndoom smirked. "True." He glanced around a little bit.

The next contestant arrived, and when she did, everyone stopped and stared.

She was graceful and majestic in a white gown, her green hair short. She moved across the dock like a dancer, although her beautiful appearance was lessened by her battered suitcase. Gengar's jaw dropped, while Banette and Gliscor exchanged a glance. Lopunny was eyeing her with obvious distaste, while Cacturne, who had been unfazed by Lopunny, was also staring in shock.

"I'm Gardevoir," she said, smiling kindly at Mew. Mew chuckled nervously.

"Yeah…uh…go stand over by the others."

She did so, standing next to Bellsprout. "Hello there."

"Uh…hi," said Bellsprout, giving her a little nervous wave.

Next came Mismagius. Her appearance didn't cause as much as an affect as Gardevoir's, but Banette and Gengar still eyed her appreciatively. Banette whistled again, and Mismagius winked at him, before she floated beside Weavile.

After that came Shinx. She bounded off her whale, tail holding her bags, and she quickly said hello to Mew and Mewtwo, before heading over towards the other competitors. She just wanted to start this contest already.

Another Wailord pulled up, and got rid of its contestant quickly before swimming away hastily. Mewtwo arched a brow as a Pokemon that resembled a walking shark headed over.

"I'm Gabite. I'm going to win. Stay off my bad side," she warned, before moving over next to Ninetales. Mewtwo glanced at Mew.

"Such a lovely, sweet tempered girl," said Mew. Mewtwo snickered.

The next Wailord came up, but this time, no contestant was on its back. Instead, a Lapras was swimming beside it, making pleasant conversation with large Pokemon. As they finally arrived, she slid herself onto the dock.

"I am Lapras," she said. "It's good to be here."

"It's good to have you. Stand by the others."

Lapras slid over to stand by Gardevoir. She smiled at the Psychic, who smiled in return.

After Lapras arrived, Charmeleon and Pidgeotto appeared. Pidgeotto flew over to be next to Gliscor. He winked at her, causing her to blush. Charmeleon marched over, a clever smirk on his face, and stood next to Mismagius.

On the next Wailord came a large silver bell Pokemon. It was Bronzong. He floated down slowly and stopped in front of Mew.

"Welcome, Bronzong!" he said.

"Yeah…thanks," the newcomer responded, his voice flat and emotionless. "Thanks for letting me stay in this little, mediocre island, competing in challenges, and living in a shack. This is just dandy."

He floated off towards the others. Mew looked at Mewtwo. "I don't like that one. Something about him annoys me."

"Like the fact that he doesn't give a damn about this whole thing?"

"Yeah, that's it."

Dragonite appeared next, dropping out of the sky. He offered a huge hand to Mew and Mewtwo, who both shook.

"I'm happy you picked me," said Dragonite, smiling cheerfully. "I didn't really expect it at all."

"Well, we liked you so…get over there," said Mew, pointing to the almost-complete group. Dragonite smiled, took a humorous bow, and stepped over to the others.

"Now HIM," said Mew, nodding to the dragon. "Him, I like!"

The last Wailord came into few. A small, furry pig hopped off, his pink nose sniffing.

"Swinub, our last arrival," said Mew. "Welcome to the competition!"

"Thanks…hey, where's the food?" asked Swinub, licking his lips.

"All in good time, Swinub, all in good time," said Mew, smiling. "All right! We've got all of our players here, so let's get to the camp and explain!"


"So…you're all wondering why you're here, right?" asked Mew.

"No…we read the beginning of the chapter," said Charmeleon smoothly.

"Okay, I won't repeat all of that information, but seriously? Don't go breaking the fourth wall," said Mew, his eyes narrowing. "Mewtwo, tell them the teams."

"Okay then, maggots!" snarled Mewtwo, glaring at them all. "There are two teams. There will be 17 people on each team, and the team names are Team 1 and Team 2!"

"That's creative," drawled Banette sarcastically.

"You got a problem, puppet!?" asked Mewtwo loudly.

"Yeah, it's ugly, purple, and has an attitude problem," retorted Banette, grinning.

As Houndoom and Zubat laughed, Venonat turned to face him. "Me?"

Gengar frowned. "It better not have been me," he said, but his eyes showed that he wasn't being serious.

"SHUT UP!" shouted Mewtwo, looking down at a list. "Okay, so here's Team 1…Oddish…Bellsprout…Lileep…Pidgeotto…Venonat…Banette…Cacturne…Houndoom…Dragonite…Zubat…Lapras…Mismagius…Gardevoir…Kabutops…Gengar…Gliscor…and Shinx."

Mew cleared his throat. "Which means that Team 2 will have Clefairy, Swinub, Mawile, Bronzong, Weavile, Charmeleon, Ninetales, Wooper, Primeape, Diglett, Gabite, Rhydon, Hitmonlee, Lopunny, Kadabra, Scizor, and Electrode."

"The cabins are over there," said Mew, pointing to four cabins. "They're NOT coed, because we don't want law suits. Seeing as you're all 16-18…we'll leave you unsupervised for the most part. But honestly, try to control yourselves. No burning down cabins…Charmeleon."

Everyone stared at the fire lizard. Charmeleon just shrugged. "What?"

"So go put your stuff away, and do it quick, because your first challenge starts in 15 minutes."

"Already?" asked Ninetales.

"Yep," said Mew, grinning. "It's gonna be great. Now go and get unpacked!"

-static appears-


-Mew, in a Pokeball shaped room-

"This is our confessional. You wanna say something about anyone, or give us some dirt, do it here. We don't show anyone else what you say…most of the time. So use it at your leisure, especially if you have something you're dying to get off your chest."


Rhydon groaned inside of the room. "This place sucks."


Zubat was hanging upside down. "Well, I wasn't expecting a bunch of sunshine and meadows, so this place isn't horrible. We'll see what happens."


Swinub moaned, banging his head against the wall. "I need food so badly."


"All right," said Mew, as the last of the campers returned to him. "All unpacked? Ready to get started? Good! Everyone, follow me!"

"I wonder what the first challenge will be," said Oddish, looking over at Diglett (who was being pushed by Wooper).

Diglett shook his head. "It shouldn't be that hard. It's only our first day."

In front of him, Mew smirked evilly. It wouldn't be that hard? They had no idea.


Oh look, we're done. Hurray! Woo hoo! Score!

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