For starters, there is not going to be another episode after this. The winner is actually going to get to keep their money.

On another note, I have more returning contestants to announce! Electrode, Lapras, Bronzong, Banette, and Mismagius are all returning. Another contestant will not be returning. I'll just give you another heads up, seeing as this'll be the last chapter where I can give you a hint to the next series (which won't start for a while). Kabutops will not be returning…sorry?

Also, I shall confirm it: you all have voted, and I'm doing Total Pokémon World Tour first.


"Well, this is it," said Oddish, with a small smile. "I never really expected to make it this far, actually…and I know everyone's probably sick of me saying it by now…"


"Wow, the final two!" said Piloswine. "It sort of sucks that Clefairy had to go, but it needed to be one of us…I can't believe I made it! This is amazing!"


"I expected to get eliminated before the merge…after that…I thought I wouldn't make it to the final ten."


"I can't wait to go for the win! All of the money!" shouted Piloswine.


"And then I got to the final five…then three…and now the final two," said Oddish. He sighed. "I guess even I can be good at this."


"And Poffins!" added Piloswine happily.


"I guess I'll thank everyone who helped me get this far," said Oddish. "Thanks to all of my friends…I hope some of you are still supporting me. And thanks goes to Piloswine too. Good luck in the finals, man!"


"Thanks to everyone who helped me get here!" said Piloswine, eating a cookie. "Wish me luck!"


Mew picked up his megaphone, grinning. This was it.

"Would Oddish and Piloswine please come into the center of camp?" he called. Oddish hopped out of his shack. Piloswine exited the cafeteria, licking ice cream off of his nose.

"Well, congratulations to both of you, Oddish and Piloswine. Despite the fact that no one's won yet, you both have done a lot to get this far. I never expected the average guy and the piggy to get this far…but you did. So, you have my respect. But right now there are two people left. But there can be only-"

"One," interjected a familiar, calm voice. Mew snickered as the voice remembered the joke.

"Wait…that sounds like…," began Oddish.

"That's right!" said Mew. "We've brought back all of the eliminated contestants to watch! They've come to cheer on and support you both from the sidelines!"

He pointed towards two sets of bleachers. "So, let's bring back…Electrode, Primeape, and Gliscor!"

Electrode rolled in, Primeape stomping angrily behind him, and Gliscor floating over both of their heads. Electrode sat on Oddish's side (as he hated his team) with Gliscor, while Primeape sat on Piloswine's side (she had felt guilty for crushing him in the eating challenge).

"Lopunny, Pidgeotto, and Luxio!"

Lopunny sat on Oddish's side (at least Oddish was clean). Pidgeotto joined Gliscor on Oddish's team, while Luxio sat at the front on Piloswine's side.

"Hitmonlee, Ninetales, and Venonat!"

All three of them sat on Piloswine's side…until Venonat changed her mind and sat on Oddish's side…indecisive girl.

"Lapras, Wooper, and Diglett!"

Wooper wheeled Diglett over to Piloswine's side, before sitting down at the front next to Luxio. Lapras went over to Oddish's supporters.

"Rhydon, Golbat, and Mismagius!"

Rhydon, grumbling to himself, sat next to Primeape on Piloswine's side. They shared a smile, which Wooper stared at, scared.


Wooper shuddered. "I think Primeape and Rhydon are having a secret affair…they could bring down buildings if they got angry together!"


Golbat and Mismagius both sat on Oddish's team. Golbat stared at Gliscor and Pidgeotto, who were cuddling, glumly. Mismagius just smiled and winked at Oddish, who blushed.

"Dragonite, and our returning contestants, Gabite and Bronzong!"

Gabite and Bronzong both sat with Piloswine's supporters, but Dragonite sat in the middle.

"Dragonite, pick a side," said Mew impatiently.

"But…I support them both!" said Dragonite. "I like them both!"

"Dragonite, Dragonite," said Mew, shaking his head and sighing. "Fine, I'll allow it. Next up are Kabutops, Kadabra, and Lileep!"

Lileep crawled over to Oddish's bleachers, but Kabutops picked her up and carried her since she was taking so long. Kadabra sat on Swinub's side, although he didn't seem to look as if he cared about the winner.

"Mawile, Gengar, and Scizor!"

Mawile sat besides Wooper, who nudged her, grinning. Mawile just rolled her eyes and huffed. He was such a Casanova…Scizor joined her, smirking challengingly at Kabutops. Little did the others know that the competitive couple had a bet; Scizor on Piloswine, and Kabutops on Oddish. Gengar floated over to Oddish's side, flashing a thumbs' up at the weed.

"Gardevoir, Charmeleon, and Bellsprout!"

Gardevoir sat on Oddish's side, smiling. Charmeleon made his way over to Piloswine's bleachers and sat next to Gabite, wrapping an arm around her. She glared at him and gnashed her teeth. Bellsprout sat on Oddish's team, smiling encouragingly.

"Weavile, Banette, and Houndoom!"

Weavile sat on Piloswine's side simply because he was on her team. Also, Lopunny was on Oddish's side, so…

Banette headed over to Oddish's team and sat next to Mismagius, grinning widely. Houndoom, surprisingly, chose Piloswine- despite being teammates, he had never really become friends with Oddish. But he and Piloswine had worked together before, so…

"And lastly, Cacturne, who finished that line for me back there, and Clefairy!"

Cacturne walked in and sat besides Gardevoir, covering a smile with his hand. Clefairy, on the other hand, joined Dragonite in the center. She couldn't choose between a close friend and a boyfriend.

"Clefairy, pick-"

"You let Dragonite stay there."

"Because I LIKE him."

"I'm not moving."

"Ugh…fine," grumbled Mew. Lastly, Mew stood in front of Oddish's side. Mewtwo chose Piloswine, because Piloswine enjoyed his cooking, and because Banette wanted Oddish to win.

"Alright!" said Mew approvingly. "It's time for your challenges today! Guess what it is?"

"What?" asked Oddish nervously.

"A FIGHT TO THE DEATH!" roared Mewtwo. Oddish and Piloswine both jumped.

"Not quite, we were just kidding," said Mew, snickering. "But it IS a fight, because the final challenge is an old school…POKÉMON BATTLE!"

"What?" asked Oddish, eyes wide.

"Are you serious?" asked Piloswine.

"That's right! Here's how it works. You get four moves that you can use…I know most of you can probably use more than that, but anyways…your four moves are the ones you can use for the battle. Tell Mewtwo and I what they are.

Oddish chose Toxic, Giga Drain, Petal Dance, and Sludge Bomb. Piloswine picked Eartquake, Ice Shard, Blizzard, and Headbutt. When they had both chosen their moves, they gathered on the opposite side of the arena.

"Are you both ready?" asked Mew. Oddish nodded. Piloswine snorted.

"Good luck, Piloswine!" shouted Oddish.

"You too!" yelled Piloswine.

"THEN GET READY TO…BATTLE!" shouted Mew. Mewtwo blew a whistle.

"Here I come!" yelled Piloswine, dashing forward. Oddish gulped and leaped out of the way. Piloswine screeched to a halt before turning around.

"Not bad…but you won't escape me!" shouted Piloswine. He leaped into the air and came crashing onto the ground, causing an earthquake. The ground trembled, and Oddish fell over. But the Weed Pokémon got right back up again, ready to fight.

"That looked powerful," said Scizor, frowning. "But Oddish looks like it did nothing!"

"Oddish is a grass type," said Kadabra knowingly. "A ground attack like Earthquake won't damage him too badly. But he can't take repeated hits."

Scizor glanced at him. "Stop being such a know-it-all."

Kadabra snorted, but didn't say anything.

Oddish leaped out of the way as Piloswine tried to charge him down again. But Piloswine turned again and grazed Oddish with a tusk. Oddish slipped, and was headbutted by the Swine Pokémon. He rolled across the battlefield, and struggled to get up.

"Ow…," he muttered.

"That looked painful," said Kabutops, not tearing his eyes from the battle. Piloswine reared back before sending an Ice Shard attacking flying towards Oddish. Oddish let out a cry of pain as he was hit.

"He's not doing good," said Primeape to Rhydon. "That little shrub can't take much more of this."

"It's an unfair fight," muttered Ninetales. "Piloswine is evolved-"

"But Oddish has type advantage," Houndoom reminded her. "I don't think he's done yet."

And indeed, Oddish was smiling as if he had gotten a bright idea. Piloswine chuckled before launching himself at Oddish again. Oddish was ready this time. The Grass type Pokémon shot a Sludge Bomb at Piloswine's face. As Piloswine was hit, he ran forward, unable to see. He stopped and shook the goo off of his eyes.

"You won that round, but- wait, where'd he go!" Piloswine's challenge became bewildered. He looked around, but Oddish was nowhere in sight.

"Piloswine! Above you!" shouted Luxio. Piloswine looked up before a heavy weight landed on his back.

"How's this for a fight?" asked Oddish, sticking his tongue out at Piloswine. Piloswine gasped as he felt his energy getting drained.

"Ah…," said Cacturne, his golden gaze fixed on the duo. "Very clever."

"What's going on? I don't get it!" said Bellsprout.

"Oddish tricked Piloswine into thinking he had the upper hand…only to drain his energy and recover some of his own."

Piloswine groaned, but he hadn't lost yet. Shaking off Oddish, he ran at him when the other Pokémon hit the ground. Oddish grinned before ducking down and firing a Toxic at Piloswine. Piloswine's eyes widened- if he was hit by that, this battle would be over.

But Piloswine managed to avoid the blow of the attack by hopping to the side. Piloswine then began to look as if he had grown.

"Wow…he looks bigger when we battle," said Gengar, frowning. But Piloswine didn't just look bigger…he was swelling up!

"What's going on?" asked Gliscor, stunned. "Is he gonna explode?"

But his answer came when Piloswine let out an enormous burp. But this wasn't an ordinary burp. Snow was shooting out of his mouth, and the wind knocked Oddish backwards and fell over, yelling as the snow struck him.

"To think Piloswine would turn burping into an attack," muttered Kadabra with disdain.

"That…was…awesome!" shouted Mew, grinning wildly.

"I call it…the Blizzard Burp!" shouted Piloswine, smiling. Luxio flashed him a dazzling smile.

"Go Swinub- er, Piloswine!" yelled Wooper happily.

"Dude, he's your best friend, get his name right!" said Diglett, giving Wooper a head butt.

Piloswine was too busy gloating over his new attack to notice Oddish getting up. Oddish launched a Sludge Bomb at Piloswine, knocking the pig back. But Piloswine shook it off in time to dodge Oddish's Toxic attack.

"Poison isn't strong against ground," said Cacturne, frowning thoughtfully.

"But grass is," said Gardevoir. "But Giga Drain isn't the most powerful grass move…I don't know why he doesn't use a stronger move…Mew, what's his last move?"

"Petal Dance," said Mew, looking at the list he made.

"Ah, well that explains it…now it makes sense," said Cacturne, grinning a little bit. Gardevoir looked startled.

"This isn't your dark side enjoying the violence, is it?" asked Banette suspiciously.

"Not at all," said Cacturne, still grinning. "I'm just admiring Oddish's strategy…he's got some weak moves to distract Piloswine, and then he'll hit with a finishing blow at the end. But if he does it too soon…well, Petal Dance can lead someone to become confused…"

Oddish let out a groan…he was losing. He had no choice…he needed to use Petal Dance. With a loud cry, a flurry of petals emerged from the leaves on top of his head. Piloswine let out a squeal as the waves of petals struck him. The wind blew him backwards and he fell over on his side, breathing heavily. Oddish smiled, before his eyes rolled and he let out a groan. He began to teeter and stumble around the grassy field.

"What's wrong with him?" asked Electrode, smirking at the spectacle.

"He's obviously confused," drawled Bronzong. "He's an idiot, using a double edged sword before the end of the battle."

"He's not an idiot!" shouted Clefairy angrily.

"Whatever," rasped Bronzong.

Piloswine flipped back up onto his feet and snorted. Oddish was dazed! Now was his chance. Piloswine charge forward at full speed and rammed Oddish. The Grass type Pokémon staggered backwards and fell over.

"No!" yelled Bellsprout. Oddish didn't get up.

Then Pidgeotto gasped. "Look!"

Oddish began to glow with a white light. Slowly, his body grew bigger. He grew arms, and orange petals drooped under what looked a flowery hat. There was a tiny bit of drool dripping out of his mouth.

"Ah…perfect timing," commented Charmeleon, smirking in amusement.

"Whoa…I'm a Gloom!" he said, gasping.

"Wow, I didn't see that coming," said Mewtwo.

"Shows what you know," shot Banette, snickering. Mewtwo clenched a fist angrily.

"Well…I'm happy you evolved, buddy!" said Piloswine. But then he grinned. "But don't think that'll make you win!"

With those words, Piloswine charged straight at Gloom. Gloom looked up and stepped out of the way. And then it happened.

Piloswine smelled something…it was a peculiar smell…but unlike food or sweets this was…


Piloswine screeched to a halt before sniffing Gloom.


Then Piloswine let out a squeal of horror. He let out a massive shudder before fainting from the stench. It was too much! Worse than Stunky, worse than the corpses in the horror challenge, even worse than Dragonite's trip in the outhouse. This just…REEKED!

Silence. Gloom prodded Piloswine's unconscious form.

Mew walked over and examined him.

"He's done," he said. "And the winner of Total Pokémon Island is…Oddish…I mean…GLOOM!"

Loud cheers were heard from both sides of the bleachers (except for the more sour competitors).

Bellsprout and Lileep were jumping up and down, Luxio and Wooper looked disappointed, Gengar was pumping his fists, Weavile was gnashing her teeth angrily while Kadabra smirked at her, Cacturne nodded with his arms folded, smiling, Banette was laughing at Mewtwo, and so on…

Clefairy ran up and hugged him before planting a kiss on his mouth. "YOU DID IT!" she screamed in delight.

Then she made a retching noise.

"Is the smell that bad?" asked Gloom unhappily.

"It's fine…," choked out Clefairy. "Just…fine."


It was night, and the campers were gathered at the fire pit for the last time. Many of the people had different facial expressions…whereas Bellsprout was smiling, Weavile had a dark scowl. Cacturne and Gardevoir were smiling, yet Mawile looked disappointed. Wooper, Diglett, and Piloswine were all together, smiling- even Piloswine, who had lost in the finals. Clefairy looked ecstatic, while the ghostly trio (Mismagius, Banette, and Gengar) were all grinning. Mew stood at the front, smiling widely.

"And after thirty three grueling challenges…I am proud to announce that the winner of Total Pokémon Island is…GLOOM!" yelled the host. Gloom smiled and walked up. Mew pinched his nose as he handed him the check.

"Your poffins will arrive in the mail," said Mew. "And I also have something else for you…a symbol of your endurance and perseverance throughout all of these challenges we've hit you with…Gloom, I give you…the last Pokeblock."

Gloom grabbed with his hand, before splitting it in half. He tossed the other half to Piloswine, smiling. Piloswine smiled back, eating it quickly. Most of the other contestants were cheering.

"Well…Gloom, I have to ask…what are you going to do with the money?" asked Mew.

"Uh…try and find a way to make myself smell better?" asked Gloom, smiling. The other contestants laughed. Clefairy ran up and embraced Gloom- the winner of Total Pokémon Island.


"Well, that's the end of it," said Mewtwo, nodding.

"OR IS IT?" asked Mew. He waved a hand. "TAKE IT AWAY, CAMPERS!"

Electrode rolled forward. "Well, Total Pokémon Island may have ended, but that doesn't mean it's over yet!"

"That's right!" said Diglett. "We're going to hit you with a whole 'nother season! Yeah!"

"According to Mew, it'll take place a few years down the road," growled Gabite.

"But it'll probably appear on the Internet in a couple of months or so," added Primeape.

"And we're not just going to tell you that there's going to be another season!" yelled Gliscor, grinning. "Nope, we've got some special inside info on the next season that we're going to reveal to you!"

"For starters, the name of the season is Total Pokémon World Tour," drawled Bronzong without enthusiasm.

"It also doesn't take place on Total Pokémon Island," said Lopunny. "Instead, we'll be travelling around the world."

"Or at least some of us," interrupted Pidgeotto. "Mew has hinted that not all of us will return…I wonder how many of use won't-"

"But that's not all!" shouted Shinx, smiling widely. "Mew has also let slip that there'll be some new contestants joining in on the fun."

"I've got a number!" said Hitmonlee. "Apparently there'll be five new contestants joining the party!"

Ninetales smiled. "Well…at the moment we have four. But soon enough, there will be a poll on the main page asking you to vote for the final Pokémon contestant."

"And the winner of the poll will get to compete on Total Pokémon World Tour!" finished Venonat.

"Mew has also hinted that there will be some twists in this season," Lapras revealed, smiling mischievously.

"Expect more drama. More suspense. More unexpected moments!" said Wooper.

"That's right," grunted Rhydon. "The drama hasn't ended yet."

"And get this!" said Golbat. "It's rumored that we're going to have to sing!"

"Actually, it's confirmed," corrected Mismagius. "According to our pink host, the campers must sing in every episode. Whoopee."

"And to make it more challenging, we have to make up the songs ourselves!" added Dragonite. "Doesn't that sound fun?"

"Bite me," grunted Kabutops. "But yeah…we'll be singing…perfect."

"That's not the only bit of drama," said Kadabra. "Expect more dark plots, more alliances, more backstabbing, more cruelty-"

"And more romance, and friendships, and peace!" gushed Lileep.

Mawile gave her a weird look. "Well…just…expect a lot from this next season, after the success from the first one."

"We can also safely say that most of the loved contestants will be returning," added Gengar, grinning widely. "The unpopulars? Most of them are gonna be long gone."

He jerked his head towards Primeape, who raised a fist.

"We'll be travelling the entire Pokémon world. In fact, we have three confirmed locations," said Scizor. "We'll be visiting Dark Cave, Pallet Town, and Veilstone City!"

"I have also been given the task to inform you that no fifth generation Pokémon will be competing," said Gardevoir. "And that no locations from the Isshu region will be visited."

"But who knows…if there's another season after this next one, there might be," said Charmeleon, shrugging.

Bellsprout quivered. "Y-you can expect m-more…gr-grueling challenges, too!"

"The characters will have aged as well," added Weavile. "And I'll be back."

Banette grinned. "Mewtwo is also returning…I can't wait to torment him again."

Houndoom nodded. "So! Be prepared!"

"And get ready for another amazing season of…," said Cacturne, smiling.

"TOTAL!" yelled Clefairy.

"POKÉMON!" yelled Piloswine.

"WORLD TOUR!" finished Gloom. And with that, the show ended.


This is…the longest story I've ever finished…of course, my Crystal Chronicles story will probably beat it soon, but…

Yes…Oddish/Gloom won. I laugh because no matter how much grossness he can take, Piloswine can't handle the stench of a Gloom. I made Piloswine lose because everyone thought the "Owen" would win. SHOWS WHAT YOU KNOW! MUAHAHAHA!

But yes, Gloom shall leave with his money. And now you must wait for my next season, which I won't start for months.

I was happy to write this, and hopefully, I'll write up another new season soon.

I hope you've enjoyed the story, and I hope you'll enjoy the next one as much.

Sincerely yours,


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