Birthday Bash - Includes Horror

5 Friends, Me, Siobhan, Athena, Fran and Sophie. I've known Fran the longest, then Siobhan then Athena and Sophie. Everyone except Fran are in y7. She's in y9. It was a Friday lunch and we were all sat at the benches. All of us were excited because it was my birthday tomorrow and we were camping in my backyard. Mum and dad went out for the night leaving the eldest in charge. Fran. We all chatted excitedly about my birthday, all the attention on me. "Hey Jess! You'll love the present I got you!" Sophie said to me. I nodded to be polite. Athena pushed me playfully so we play fought like normal. We didn't seriously hurt each over and we laughed the whole way through. Fran tried to split us up like normal but we still hit out. We were having so much fun. It came to the end and we hugged. We walked back. As normal Sophie was annoying Siobhan and had stole her bag. Siobhan was chasing her. They were both laughing. My foot hurt. I moaned because of the pain. Everyone stopped what they were doing and asked me if I was okay. I replied yes as the pain went away. It came to the end. Everything was normal. Mum was home early and so was dad. For me it was heaven.

We all were laughing again. The tent kept falling down on us. Fran managed to put it up after about 2 hours. We all walked in. It was huge. 1 room each for all of us. It came to about 9:00. We had all sorts in there. Coke, lemonade, orange juice, fruit, chocolate and jelly. The music was on and we were having a great time. Soon we all got bored and came together in the middle. It was scary story time. "Once upon a time 5 girls were having a sleepover in a tent." I whispered. "THAT'S US!" Sophie screamed. "Okay, okay shut up!" I replied. "Anyway, they were having a great time. But it turned to 12 at night. They all heard clicking. It was repeating. Click, click, click." I continued. Athena was miming it and making me snigger. Everyone cried "STOP IT!" In her face. We all laughed again. "So, as I was saying. One of the youngest got scared. The eldest comforted her. She went outside and all the girls could hear was a scream." I whispered, my voice wobbling. I was starting to get scared as well. What if the story came to life? What if Fran would get taken away by darkness? My friends looked at me confused. I was frozen. Siobhan leaned forward. "WAKE UP!" In my face. I jumped. I felt cold. "Oh yeah. Sorry, anyway. The girl shivered. Then the dare devil got up and walked out. The rest of the girls shivered in the tent. Suddenly a lifeless arm flopped through the tent door and the girls screamed.". All of us were frightened. "I think we sh, should go t, to bed." Sophie stuttered. "Y, yeah, night." Athena whispered and we all crawled into our compartments.

"Click, click, click." I could hear it. Getting louder. I ducked under the covers. It sounded like it was outside the tent. I saw a shadow come into my room. "AHHHHH!" I Screamed and turned on the light. Siobhan sat there. "SIOBHAN! You scared me!" I yelled. Siobhan had fear in her eyes. "Can you hear that?" She whispered. "Click, click, click." I turned to her. "Yes. Get the others." Siobhan crawled out and we all sat in the middle once again. "I'll go out!" Fran whispered and crawled out. Just as I suspected we heard a scream. "FRAN!" We all yelled. Athena went out being he daredevil she was. Another scream was heard. Then Siobhan scrawled out. I heard a snap. "GIRLS!" I yelled and crawled out myself. The clicking was deafening. On the floor lay my 4 best friends ever. Tears went down my cheeks. I saw a shadow move across the ground. I quivered. Then I felt it. Something grabbed me and I saw complete darkness. This was the end of me. I can see the ground but my eyes are not open. I can hear police cars but my ears are not open. I feel my mums hand place upon my shoulder. But my senses are not open.

The End