Chapter One


The neighborhood of Privet Drive, located in Little Whinging was a quiet place. Rarely anything happened there that was truly worth noticing, unless one could count Mrs. Number Six's unattended and ugly garden, or Mr. Number Twelve's lack of a wife and 'proper' family. So no, nothing really interesting ever happened in Privet Drive. Not normally, at least. But this was not a normal day; in fact, this was the exact opposite of a normal day. Just earlier a Dark wizard named Lord Voldemort had been unexplainably defeated by a one year old baby boy after having murdered his parents when his Killing Curse rebounded off the infant's forehead and struck said Dark wizard. Not normal. And now Privet Drive was witnessing more non-normalcy. For there, standing in the middle of this usually normal street stood three decidedly not normal people. One was an old man, with a long white beard that seemed to reach his knees, and colorful robes. The second was a stern-looking woman also wearing robes and a rather strange pointed hat. And the last was a giant of a man (or half-giant, if one wanted to be precise) standing next to a motorbike. The three not normal people soon scattered away and left, with no one in Privet Drive ever knowing that they were even there that night. The only evidence that there had indeed been something going on was a small child wrapped up in blankets and left on the doorstep to Number Four.

When morning finally came to Privet Drive and the door to Number Four opened to allow Mrs. Petunia Dursley outside, said Mrs. Dursley encountered the most unpleasant and unwelcome surprise of all. Harry Potter, a wizard child of wizard parents had been left in her care. Those freaks expected her to take care of this freaky child of her freak of a sister. Well, she would not have it! Not in her home, contaminating her little Dudders and ruining her perfectly normal life. No sir!

"Vernon! Vernon!" The high-pitched screech of Mrs. Petunia Dursley woke her husband up, and indeed it was a miracle that it didn't do the same to half the neighbors. Grumbling a bit but getting up none the less, Vernon Dursley decided to go see what was wrong to make his lovely wife raise her voice like that so early in the morning. He went down the stairs, which groaned loudly in complain to his rather considerable weight and into the living room, where his wife was standing and looking at a bundle of clothes or blankets in the floor. "Pet? What's going on?"

Petunia Dursley turned to look at her husband, relieved that he was there and he would make it all right again. "Vernon, look! Look what they left on the doorstep. The doorstep! Where everyone could see!" She pointed to the bundle he had already noticed and discarded as nothing of importance, perhaps laundry or something alike. It soon proved to be nothing of the sort by letting out a childish giggle when the large Vernon Dursley approached it. Large green eyes peered at him from the bundle of blankets. A child? But what the…? "The freak! They get blown up and we get saddled with their brat!" Screeched Mrs. Dursley again, waving a piece of paper at him. Taking the paper from her and determined to find out what all this nonsense was about, Mr. Dursley started to read. And as he read his face started to make some interesting changes in coloration which ended in a particularly ugly shade of puce.

"I will not have it! Not in my house, not this kind of…of nonsense!" Declared Mr. Dursley loudly, shaking a fist in the air and the pointing hatefully at the giggling bundle still on the floor. "But what will we do Vernon? Those…those people" She said the word with hints of doubt and scorn, as though she'd really like to say something else instead, something decidedly unpleasant "will surely be watching over him or something. Who know what they can do" She looked around fearfully, expecting to see freaks in the shadows. The large man snorted loudly "Watching over him? Look Pet, they left it on our doorstep so they obviously don't care what happens to it and neither should we. I'll get rid of it, Pet, and everything will go back to normal as it should" The man barely spared a glance at the orphaned boy on his living room floor. "They'll track him! They'll track him for sure Vernon and then they'll blame us!" Cried Petunia, once again looking around in obvious fear…and a bit of paranoia. Her husband paused, taking his time to think. "No they won't" He said suddenly, and one could almost see the lit light bulb floating over his head. "Not if I get it far away, very far away. Pet, remember that business trip to Tokyo I declined? Well, I could still say I'll go, I'll take it with me and leave it there. The freaks will never know!" The man was smiling widely know, happy that he and his family could still be rid of the abnormal little freak that apparently no one wanted. And so Harry Potter, the Savior of the Wizarding World, the Boy-Who-Lived, the Defeater of Voldemort, etc, etc and etc went aboard a plane headed to Tokyo with his uncle Vernon, on an apparently one-way trip.


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