A/n: I went to the doctor's office today when I got this idea. I was waiting in the waiting area, and a ninja, literally, jumped out of the doctor's examination room. I was astonished. Guess who made a new friend. XD (P.S. This is a Sigma 6. They are the ones that I know the best.)

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It was a calm peaceful morning, and golden rays of sunlight shone down onto the yard of the G.I. Joe secret headquarters. Snake Eyes was out in the yard, practicing his katas in the warm sunlight. He gracefully moved, without faltering in his movements. To some, his movements where like a beautiful painting, gracefully, and smooth. Yet, for all art, there is a critic.

A pair of brown eyes shone in the shade under a bush, not to far from our favorite ninja. With a lash of its tail, it darted forward and leaped at Snake Eyes, surprising him. He quickly caught it by the tail and looked at it.

The mouse squirmed and squealed, desperately trying to escape from Snake Eyes. Snake Eyes placed the mouse on the palm of his left hand and stroke it's brown body with his right hand. The mouse bristled and dug its teeth into his finger.

Snake Eyes let out a surprised and dropped the mouse to the ground. The mouse landed with a dull thud and looked up at Snake Eyes, before darting off into the under bush. Snake Eyes looked at his finger and mentally sighed when he saw the blood. He turned and headed off to the bathroom to clean the bite.

Inside the headquarters, hardly anyone was awake, but that was because it was only six a.m. Snake Eyes walked silently down the hallway that lead to the medic office.

"Where ya goin', Snakes?" a hoarse voice asked. Snake Eyes nearly jumped out of his skin, so absorbed in his thoughts he had been, that he hadn't heard the door to Heavy Duty's room open.

Snake Eyes turned towards Heavy Duty and showed him the finger that the mouse had bitten. Heavy Duty narrowed his eyes and examined it.

"Seems like that's a nasty little bite ya got there," muttered Heavy Duty straitening up. Snake Eyes nodded and looked at the bite himself. It had started to develop an unpleasant odor, and pus.

"How'd ya get it?"

Snake Eyes took his uninjured hand and began to act like a mouse, with his hand moving around. Heavy Duty blinked, and Snake Eyes mentally sighed. Snake Eyes shook his head and got down and the floor and started darting around like the rodent that had bite him. Finally Heavy Duty clued in, and Snake Eyes stood up, hoping that Heavy Duty wouldn't tell anyone about what Snake Eyes had just done.

With a smirk, Heavy Duty opened his mouth and said, "So. Ya got yer ass kicked by a mouse?" Snake Eyes slapped his forehead, making Heavy Duty break into laughter. "Ok. I get it. Jus' go get that bite cleaned. It looks disgusting."

Snake Eyes nodded and began to head down the hallway. Then he heard the snickering. With a movement so quick, a shuriken flew from Snake Eyes' hand and narrowly missed a shocked Heavy Duty. Too no ones surprise, Heavy Duty stopped snickering.

Snake Eyes continued on his way to the medic office. He opened the door and nearly jumped out of his skin once again. Duke was standing at the counter of the medic office with his hand bandaged and Scarlet scowling at Duke.

"I told you Duke, no grabbing strange chemicals," she scowled him. Duke smiled sheepishly and turned to face Snake Eyes.

"Hey Snakes. What's wrong with your finger?" questioned Duke, taking note of the bloody, pus-covered finger. Snake Eyes looked at his finger and visibly recoiled at the site. It had gotten worse.

"Snake, you should disinfect your finger, immediately," Scarlet said, handing him a bottle of peroxide. Snake Eyes took it and opened it and poured a bit into a small medical cup on the counter. Replacing the cap on the bottle, he stuck his finger into the cup of peroxide. Snake Eyes hissed at the stinging that came from the bite on his finger.

"I think Snakes should go have his finger checked by a doctor," said Duke noting how the cup was filling with odd coloured bubbles. Scarlet nodded and approached the ninja and looking at his finger currently dipped in the peroxide.

Snake Eyes stiffened as Scarlet pulled his finger out of the cup and examined it.

"That looks revolting!" Scarlet said, her face twisting into a look of disgust.

Snake Eyes shivered and shook his head vividly. Duke and Scarlet looked at each other, and smirked in unison.


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