Days Go By

Emmett could only grin as Edward checked his phone for the sixth time in half an hour. "You've got it set as loud as possible, sweetie," Em reminded him. "You're not going to miss the email when it arrives."

"If it arrives," Edward corrected, a trifle petulantly. "Why hasn't he emailed me back yet? He asked me to email him!" He'd sent the email an entire hour ago, as soon as Emmett had taken the photo and downloaded it to his netbook, emailing it to Edward. He expected...well, he could admit that he expected to hear back right way. An hour going by with no reply was nerve-wracking.

"Oh my god," Em grinned. "You are being such a girl. Hey – you're being ME!"

Edward scowled. "Go fuck yourself," he muttered in Emmett's direction before compulsively peering at his phone yet again. It hadn't changed since the last time he'd looked at it.

He set it on the table again, half a second before it screeched loudly, an obnoxious siren splitting the relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant. He silenced it as quickly as possible, but it wasn't soon enough to spare him from glares from their fellow patrons. He felt mildly sheepish, since he was usually the one to glare when others' cell phones would ring in a restaurant or movie; but today he was so anxious to get an email back from the mysterious Jazz, he'd purposely downloaded the most offensive ringtone he could find so he wouldn't miss it when it arrived.

He quickly opened the message, his heart in his throat. Adrenaline surged through him when he realized that there was, indeed, an email from jazzlovesjizz atgmail.


I love your picture. You're just as hot with your clothes on as you are raw. I'm attaching a few more pictures of myself. I would really like to meet you and find out if your mind is as beautiful as your face and the rest of your body.

And since you asked, Jazz is short for


(Yes, really)

Em bit his lip for as long as he could, until finally he couldn't stand it any longer. "Well?" he demanded excitedly. "What does it say?"

"He wants to find out if my mind is as beautiful as my body," Edward said incredulously, still staring at the message.

"Oooh!" Em squealed, bouncing a little in his seat. "That's so cheesy and awesome! And did he tell you what Jazz is short for?"

"Jasper," Edward replied absentmindedly as he opened the pictures Jasper had attached. "Holy fuck," he muttered when the first one came over. "Em, slide over here and look at this – Jesus H."

Em did as he was told, moving to the other side of the booth to sit next to Edward. Together they gazed at the three pictures of the utterly gorgeous blonde, two taken another time and one clearly taken, according to the timestamp, just a few moments before it was sent.

"Wow," said Em, for once finding it difficult to come up with a witty comment. He settled for adding, "Slurrrrrp!"

"I know, right?" Edward agreed. He dropped his voice to a whisper to add, "Imagine holding onto those curls when he's blowing you."

Emmett didn't reply, and Edward looked up at him to find Em staring hungrily into space...imagining it. Edward chuckled, saying, "Em?"

"Emmett can't take your call right now," Em replied mechanically, his gaze still unfixed.

"Hey," Edward said, nudging him with his shoulder. "Stop imagining it!"

Emmett blinked and came back to the present. "You said—"

"No, I'm imagining it – you keep your imaginary hands to yourself."

"Rowr!" Em countered, but he was grinning. "Look who's already all possessive! Well, sweetie, he emailed you back, and he wants to see you. Email him your number."

"Wait, my number? Already?" Edward wasn't sure he knew enough about this guy to give him that kind of access to his life. He'd made up a new email address specifically to reply to Jazz; otherwise there was no way for Jasper to know who he was. "Isn't it too soon?"

Very little happened too soon to suit Em, who fell in and out love with alarming frequency. "He wants to meet you! Aren't you going to talk to him first?"

"I don't think I'm ready to meet him." Edward's palms had suddenly become clammy. "I'd rather email for a while."

"Oh, my god," Em complained, literally throwing up his hands. "You're such a nervous Nellie."

Edward grinned. "You would know, being a great big Nellie boy yourself."

"And yet, I am not the one who's so sexually frustrated, he wakes up and finds bite marks in the headboard," Em said smugly.

Edward's smile quickly faded, because it wasn't that far off the mark. "Regardless," he replied, "not giving him my personal information yet." He picked up his phone and began typing a reply back, muttering curses when the auto-correct rewrote his words.

Hi Jasper,

Thanks for the pictures – you're gorgeous.

I'm not sure I'm quite ready to meet yet. Honestly, posting my picture on the site was done in a moment of drunken foolishness and it's not something I would normally do. If it's my mind you're interested in, though, perhaps we could get to know each other by email for a while first.

I'll understand if you're not interested...but I hope you are.


Emmett rolled his eyes as he watched what Edward typed, but kept his thoughts to myself. He knew the fact that Edward had replied to the guy at all meant he was very interested, and he knew his friend well. He didn't want to push him too far too fast, and risk having him shut down completely.

Edward felt another thrill when his phone, now set back to its normal subtle ringtone, chimed softly just a few moments later.

Hi again,

I am. :)


"Well, all right!" Em said enthusiastically. "That's a great start – he wants to get to know you."

Edward suddenly felt sick to his stomach. "Yeah. Great."


Over the next few days Jasper and Edward emailed. The emails became longer and more frequent with each exchange as they discussed college, family, interests...even exchanged a few more photos, including one or two sexy ones. Finally, Thursday night, Jasper simply signed one of his emails with:



Reading it, Edward's breath caught in his throat. They hadn't talked about meeting, hadn't mentioned phone conversations; but here Jasper was casually dropping it into the realm of possibility. Edward stared at that email for a long time, stung by insecurity. Sure, it was easy to be witty by email when he could take his time, edit, eliminate social awkwardness. There was no editing on the phone...this was serious shizz. And what if their conversations were awkward or stilted?

On the other hand, he told himself, they'd told each other a lot in a very short period of time and seemed to have no lack of things to talk about via email. Perhaps it was time for him to finally hear Jasper's voice, and maybe learn his last name.

With shaking hands he dialed the number, knowing that when Jasper got the call, he'd have Edward's number too. He took a deep breath to steady his voice as he waited for Jasper to pick up.

"Hello?" The voice on the other end was mellow.

"Hi, is this Jasper?" he asked.

"Yes...Edward?" Jasper replied.

"It's me." A grin came to his face.

"Wow, it's great to finally hear your voice," said Jasper. "I didn't know if you'd call."

"Well, since you were nice enough to give me your number, I thought the polite thing to do would be to use it."

"Polite, huh?" Jasper's tone was teasing.

Edward just chuckled nervously in reply, before asking, "So, uh, how's the studying?

"I think I might actually be prepared for these midterms," Jasper replied.

"That's great," Edward congratulated him. "I hated exams – I'm so glad to be done with that." They had determined in their emails that Edward was three years older than Jasper, and at twenty-four had been working in his field for two years. Jasper, in his junior year, would have another year to go after this one before he got his degree.

They chatted about inconsequential things for a while, and Edward was relieved to find Jasper so easy to talk to. When Edward sensed the conversation was wrapping up, he knew he had to make a decision – and he decided to take another leap.

"So, I was thinking that, since you gave me your phone number, I could give you something."

"Really?" Jasper's voice was curious. "What were you thinking?"

"I was thinking...Cullen."

"I beg your pardon?"

"Cullen," Edward said again. "It's my last name."

"Oh!" Jasper was clearly surprised, but recovered to say, "I'm glad to know you, Edward Cullen. My last name is Whitlock. Jasper Whitlock."

"Jasper Whitlock," Edward repeated. "Okay."


Their conversations continued each day, though not quite replacing the emails; rather, they supplemented them. In their phone conversations they spoke of realities, the day-to-day details of their lives; in email it was easier to talk about their respective histories, their dreams and aspirations...their desires.

A week after their first conversation, Jasper found himself writing the last of his midterm exams. He'd told Edward about it when they talked the night before, hoping Edward might suggest a celebration when it was over; but Edward had merely wished him well on the exam.

When the exam was over, Jasper left campus and headed back to his apartment. He wasn't far from home when his phone chirped with a new message. He opened it, smiling to find it was from Edward. There was no text in the email itself, but the photo attached said it all.

It was a photograph of Edward again; this time he was standing – fully clothed – in front of a cafe that Jasper knew to be on the UW campus. A broad smile graced his beautiful features; and yet another sign was held in his hands. This time it said, Meet me here for dinner tonight?

Immense pleasure flooded through Jasper when he realized, finally, he was going to get to meet Edward face-to-face. It was, he knew, a unique and somewhat backwards way to approach a new relationship – finally meeting long after each had already seen the other naked, though not in person. He shivered at the thought of running his hands over Edward's smooth chest, kissing his lips and face and neck...

...and just like that, Jasper was hard as a rock. It wasn't the most convenient time for it, since he was still three blocks from home. Fortunately, he'd worn reasonably tight briefs that day, and he was more or less contained; though he did opt to return to his apartment before replying to Edward's email.

At home, after peeling off his jeans and briefs to relieve the pressure on his aching cock, he quickly emailed Edward back. Yes! I'd love to, he replied. What time? Edward's reply indicated seven p.m. As it was shortly after three, Jasper had lots of time, and showering and dressing would not do a great deal to fill it. It was a good time to take some of the physical edge off his anticipation. He pulled out his phone and, looking once again at Edward's naked photo, he very quickly brought himself off, moaning quietly as he came.

It was several hours later that, showered, dressed and feeling jitters that were unusual for him, he found himself standing in front of the cafe he'd seen in Edward's email. He bounced lightly on the balls of his feet as he waited, tapping his keys in his pants pocket. He tried not to stare at those who passed on the street, tried not to seek out a hint of familiarity on every face...tried not to jump out of his skin when he realized that the boy who was rapidly emerging from the evening gloom toward him had coppery hair and delicately handsome features...and a shy, slightly crooked smile which he had now turned on Jasper.

"Edward," Jasper breathed, unable to contain his own broad grin when the boy finally stood before him. Mentally he catalogued little things about Edward that hadn't been visible in the photos: he was almost the exact same height as Jasper; he had a smattering of tiny freckles across his nose and cheeks; there was a scar under his lower lip, a tiny divot that looked like it had once been a piercing.

"Hi, Jasper," Edward replied, his green eyes shining as they reflected the lights from the front of the restaurant. He too was absorbing a thousand details about the object of his affection, someone upon whom he'd never laid eyes, not in person; but who was so much more beautiful than his pictures did justice to. As he'd walked up the street Edward had debated with himself – would he step in to kiss Jasper hello, or just extend his hand? Now, in the moment, the hand won. Edward had spent quite a bit of time picturing things he wished to do with Jasper, and as silly and romantic as it may have been, he wanted their first kiss to be soft, unhurried and tender – not a quick peck.

"I'm so glad to finally meet you," Jasper said earnestly, taking Edward's extended right hand in his own. They didn't shake; just held hands, time seeming to slow as they looked into each other's eyes.

After a pause Edward murmured that he, too, was glad to meet Jasper; and finally Jasper gestured to the restaurant and said simply, "Shall we?"


Dinner was a surreal event. Though the cafe was reasonably crowded, to them the others could have just not existed. The noise and bustle of the crowd faded into a soft hum of white noise around them; they talked endlessly, never a pause in their tête-à-tête, aside from the occasional moments when one would find himself staring dreamily at the other and realize he'd missed his cue in the conversation.

Only when dinner was over, after they'd shared a crème brulée for dessert and found themselves standing back out on the sidewalk, a little ways down from the restaurant, did their conversation flag. It was then that Edward realized how intently Jasper was looking at his mouth; and his stomach did a flip-flop. His breath caught in his throat as Jasper slowly leaned closer, and when he was certain of what was to happen, he closed his eyes and leaned to close the remaining millimeters between their lips.

Their lips brushed softly, once, twice; and the third time Edward's hands tentatively reached out to settle onto Jasper's shoulders, gently keeping him from moving away. When Jasper responded, Edward finally released that breath, relaxing into the sensations. The kiss was every bit as perfect as he'd hoped. Jasper's hands slid lightly around to Edward's lower back, where they traced up and down under the jacket he wore. Edward twisted a little as the light touch tickled him. Against his lips, Jasper's mouth turned up into a grin; he chuckled.

They pulled back enough to look into each other's eyes. "I like kissing you," Jasper murmured.

"I think you should do it some more," Edward replied, feeling a little cheeky.

Jasper's reply was unintelligible as it was mumbled into Edward's open mouth. Their tongues touched for the first time, and the little sound that escaped Edward was less than a moan but more than a squeak. Jasper's fingers carded through his hair; and it had been so long since Edward had really been touched by anyone that he actually pulled away from the kiss, letting his head fall to one side, his eyes closed and his jaw slack, and just felt.

It was when Jasper whispered, "You're so beautiful," that Edward finally roused himself from the gentle comfort. He gave Jasper a beatific smile.

"Thank you," he said, shy though his face was flushing with pleasure at the compliment.

"May I walk you home?"

"Yes," replied Edward simply. Jasper laced his fingers through Edward's and they started off toward Edward's apartment. Since they'd already compared notes on where they lived – about five blocks away from each other – Edward didn't have to point the way. They walked slowly, enjoying the evening and their proximity to each other. The streets were busy; many students, having finished midterms, were out enjoying some well-earned celebration. Edward barely noticed those around them, though; he only cared that Jasper's hand was pressing so warm against his, remembered the feel of Jasper's soft lips against his.

When they got to Edward's building, they paused in front of the door; Jasper looked as though he was about to bid Edward good night. Edward knew he couldn't let that happen. He took Jasper's other hand so that they were holding both hands between them, and looking into Jasper's eyes, he whispered, "Stay with me?"

Jasper's eyes widened, but there was a smile in those eyes. "Are you sure?"

"Yes," Edward answered without hesitation.

"I'd love to stay."


Upstairs, Jasper discovered that Edward's body was even better in person than it was in photographs. After they'd discarded their coats and shoes and made their way to Edward's room, their shirts were the first things to hit the floor. Jasper traced the definition of Edward's chest, remembering with pleasure how alluring he'd found it, that first night he saw the picture on the website. Edward was in shape – defined – but not ripped. Jasper's lips followed his fingers across those pecs and down abdominals that rippled under smooth skin. Again Edward closed his eyes and gave himself to the sensations, noticing that Jasper was careful not to tickle this time.

When Edward's slacks fell to a puddle beside Jasper's, it was his turn to explore. With his nose he nuzzled Jasper's cock through the thin cotton of his briefs, inhaling the slightly musky scent and feeling his own cock jump as he did. He felt Jasper's hips flex slightly toward him, and in response, he pressed his face deeper into Jasper's groin. It was a dance, a game of who wants it more – who could press the most skin, give the most sensation. When Jasper groaned and twisted his hips to Edward's face, Edward grinned, knowing it really didn't matter who won this game – really, they'd both come out on top.

So to speak.

Jasper flipped Edward onto his back, hovering over his body on his hands and knees. He smiled, leaned in to kiss Edward softly, and then he reached for the waistband of Edward's briefs. Edward lifted just a bit, letting Jasper slide them off, and he was exposed. He knew it wasn't the first time Jasper had seen him; but it didn't make it any less nerve-wracking. Fortunately, Jasper chose that very moment to again wax poetic on Edward's beauty, and punctuated it with a swipe of his tongue up the underside of Edward's hard shaft.

Edward's body rose from the bed, a reflex to the unexpected sensation; but Jasper placed his hands on both Edward's hips, keeping his midsection, at least, pinned to the bed. He opened his mouth wide and, a bit at a time, took Edward's cock into his mouth until the head pressed against the back of his throat. He released it, pulling back, and let his tongue slide in under the foreskin before going down again. He kept up the pattern of attack and retreat until Edward was panting and moaning, knowing he would come soon if Jasper didn't give him a reprieve.

"Hey," he said, his thumbs stroking Jasper's cheeks where they were hollowed with his activities. Jasper released him and grinned, his cheeks creasing into deep dimples. Edward couldn't help returning the smile before he said, "My turn."

Jasper rose to kneel on the bed, and Edward sat up so he could slide Jasper's briefs down his thighs. Jasper's cock was thick, if not the longest he'd seen. Edward gently grasped it just under the head, sliding his thumb over the stretched-smooth skin of the head. Jasper struggled to remain upright, and Edward smiled. "Lie down," he suggested, and directed Jasper so he was lying on his side facing Edward; then reversed his own body so that they were each lying on their sides, facing each other, cock-to-mouth. It was nearly impossible, Edward realized, to completely engage what was being done to him and give Jasper's cock his full, undivided attention, at least at the same time. They fell naturally into a seesaw pattern, sensing when the other was close to release and backing off to prolong the enjoyment, and feeling the other redouble his own efforts.

Finally Jasper pulled away, and moved to lie atop Edward, straddling his hips and pressing their cocks together. Edward groaned, feeling the weight of Jasper's body on him and the touch of their cocks sliding against each other. He reached for a bottle of lube; just a few drops had the intended effect, and Jasper cried out the first time he slipped through the new slickness.

"I want to come with you like this," he moaned.

"Yes," Edward hissed. "Fuck...yeah. So good...make me come."

Jasper increased the depth of his strokes, gliding more of his length along Edward's. Edward wrapped his legs around Jasper's, locking their lower sections together and flexing his own hips. Beads of sweat were forming on them as they writhed, seeking release together.

Edward was so close. He knew just a few more strokes would have him coming. He thought of them both spilling their jizz, the two mixing together, painting their stomachs...

"Oh, god! Jasper...fuck!" He came, moaning Jasper's name without a hint of the self-consciousness he usually felt with a new partner. In fact, he had barely a conscious thought at all, beyond the reality of the climax that was battering his body. He knew, though, when Jasper suddenly tensed above him and then, burying his head in Edward's neck, groaned and whimpered through his own peak.

When the sensations were finally enough-and-too-much, when they stopped looking for more press, more thrust, Jasper's suddenly limp body rested completely on Edward's. Wordlessly Edward stroked Jasper's hair; and they lay in silence for a time, just trying to catch their breath and let their overheated bodies return to a state somewhat closer to normal. It was Edward who got up – it being his apartment – to get a cloth and clean them both off, and as he gently wiped their release from Jasper's smooth stomach, Jasper looked up at him.

"When you said, 'Stay with me,' did you mean stay?" he asked hesitantly.

Edward didn't answer right away. He finished cleaning Jasper off, then did the same to himself. After tossing the cloth into the clothes hamper, he stood beside the bed, looking over Jasper's prone form. "I meant stay," he said hesitantly, adding, "but it's okay if you want to go."

"Oh, hell, no," Jasper said, unable to contain his grin. "As long as you want me here, I'm here." He snuggled down into the bed, folding back the covers so Edward could slide in beside him. Edward, feeling a sense of relief, did just that, turning to press his back up against Jasper's chest.

Jasper wrapped his arms around Edward and let out a deep sigh of contentment. "Thank you for tonight," he murmured. "It was the best night I've ever had."

"Me too," Edward answered honestly. They lay there in silence until he felt Jasper's limbs begin to twitch as he fell asleep; and then Edward added, "We really must do it again sometime. Soon."


Hope you enjoyed the continuation! I think we'll see one more chapter of this story, just to tie things up nicely. :)