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"There it is! Fundamentals of Biochemistry!" Madison exclaimed happily.

Madison Finn instantly covered her mouth upon realizing how loud her voice had been. Luckily, no one reprimanded her inside the library for being so noisy. With care, she slowly pulled the old and heavy book from the shelf which was filled with other Science-related books.

The freshman student of University of Pennsylvania headed towards the nearby table. It had only been a week since college started yet Madison felt like she's already behind her studies. Her professors were giving them loads of homework and projects and she knew it's just the beginning of her hectic college life.

Once settled, Madison pulled out her brand new orange laptop. It was her mom's "going away to college" gift to her. Thought it was the same color as her old computer, the features were definitely much better.

Madison slowly fingered its shiny keys and logged her password. A photo of her and her three lifelong friends, Aimee Gillespie, Fiona Waters and Lindsay Frost popped out as a desktop background. It was a shot taken during their last days together in the Far Hills beach before their independent lives started out. They were all laughing over a joke Walter Diaz, Fiona's steady boyfriend and Madison's best guy friend said while taking that picture. Now, hers truly was in Philadelphia with the hopes of become a vet someday, Lindsay taking up Musical Theatre in New York Film Academy, Aimee pursuing her dreams as a dancer got accepted in Juilliard, and Fiona becoming a Computer Science major in Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a soccer varsity scholarship under her belt.

With a smile, Madison put on her eyeglasses and diverted her attention over the Biochemistry book.

"Madison Finn?"

Madison looked up when she heard her name called. In front of her stood a tall guy with dark brown hair with a medium physique. He has on a long black shirt with his sleeves pulled up and a pair of khaki pants. Hanging on his shoulder was a large brown body bag with several books on his arms.

"Yes?" she asked, trying to locate in her memory the familiar face in front of her.

The guy chuckled and placed the books he's carrying on the table. "Hart Jones? Remember?"

Madison felt a tingling sensation upon realizing who he was. Of course how could she forget her very first crush back in 7th grade? More so, he was her very first boyfriend. However, the Hart Jones who had moved away from home she had known looked boyish then. The Hart Jones in front of her looked more matured and, well, good-looking.

Closing her mouth from shock, a shaky smile appeared on her face. "Hart! What a surprise!" she cried.

Someone shushed them from behind that made Madison bit her lips. Hart laughed softly again.

"Mind if I…?" Hart asked and tilted his head towards the table.

"Sure," Madison whispered as she moved away her stuff so Hart could place his.

She could not believe that Hart was really in front of her now. When he left, they still tried to communicate with each other like in a long distance relationship. But after some time, they kind of lost touch.

"You look really different," he admitted. "Your hair is longer and surprisingly, you're wearing eyeglasses."

"I know," she laughed and removed her glasses. "But I just wear them when I'm using the computer. Opposite to me, you're no longer wearing yours."

"Contact lenses," Hart explained, pointing at his eyes. "So… How have you been? How's everything been in Far Hills?"

Madison was about to divulge on him everything he missed back home when they heard the same person asked them again to be quiet. She couldn't help but roll her eyes and shook her head. She noticed her male company check his watch and groaned.

"I didn't realize it's that late already. Just 10 more minutes before my next class," he complained, preparing to leave.

"Um, so I'll see you around?" Madison blurted out, her heart beating twice its normal rate.

Hart stood up and carried his stuff. "Sure. How about breakfast tomorrow?" he offered.

"T-that would be great," she replied, trying not to stutter from nervousness.

The two exchanged numbers with Hart saying that he'll just text her where they will meet. With a last wave, he finally said goodbye and left.

Madison placed her hands on her cheek, checking her temperature. Did Hart notice her blushing throughout their exchange? She could not wait to reconnect with the guy she had been liking for forever. The thought made her giddy as she stood up and fixed her stuff as well for her next class.