It felt like minutes, hours, years as Madison stepped inside the room. She was the last to enter after Aimee and Fiona. She could feel her pulse quickening and her whole body seemed to be shaking.

"Drew!" Fiona and Aimee greeted as they approached the bed.

"Hey guys," Drew greeted.

Hearing Drew's voice made Madison look up. She was still standing by the door and she had her eyes on the bed. But she could not see Drew since the other three visitors were covering him from her view.

Mrs. Maxwell stood up from where she was seated and smiled at the girl by the door. "I'll be back, okay?" she murmured. Madison nodded and Drew's mom finally left.

"Damn, Drew! You look very different," Aimee gushed as Madison slowly approached them.

The patient gave a throaty laugh that usually gives Madison the chills. This time, it was no different even though he sounded a little weaker. Fiona looked back at her and motioned her to come.

When Madison was finally standing by the bed, she was surprised to see that Drew was looking at her. Even though he was talking to Egg, he had his eyes on her. Studying him, she observed that he seemed better even though he's still a little pale.

"Hey Maddie," he smiled.

Madison felt her heart swell when he said that. She sucked up the tears that threatened to escape. "Hi Drew," she said gently. Looking up, she met Aimee's eyes who mouthed "He's hot!" She wanted to laugh at that.

The moment easily passed since Egg tried to get Drew's attention again. Madison decided to sit on a white sofa beside the bed and her two female best friends sat beside her. She felt glad about that as if they read her mind.

They chatted about their old days together and Madison would sometimes comment though she was not completely joining the conversation. She noticed Drew giving her glimpses. She also expected Hart and Vicky to get in but it seemed that they're avoiding possible conflicts.

"Hey Maddie, are you hungry?" Aimee suddenly asked.

"Not really," Madison said, shaking her head. She hadn't eaten yet but the whole situation was making her stomach do flip flops.

"How about you, Drew?"

"I'm done with my lunch," he responded.

"Oh really?" Aimee remarked. "Well, how about that, I'm famished. Aren't you Fiona?"

Madison realized something was up with the way Aimee was looking at Fiona.

"Let's go eat, Walter," Fiona declared as she stood up and approached her boyfriend.

Egg easily picked up what the two girls were trying to do. "Maddie, I think you should stay in case Drew faints or something," he said, letting himself be pulled away by Fiona.

"See you later," Aimee exclaimed as she did a twirl before the three of them left.

Silence overwhelmed the floor as Madison gazed at the door where Aimee, Fiona and Egg disappeared. The nervousness she was feeling earlier was slowly coming back. She looked down at her hands on her lap, clutching the shorts she borrowed.

"Maddie?" Drew called out that made Madison looked up by the bed. He was looking at her intently but there was something soft on his eyes.

"How are you?" Madison asked as she stood up and approached the hospital bed. Knowing that she and Drew were finally alone, made her feel lightheaded. She placed her hands at the top of the mattress, which was suddenly a few inches from his. She had the strong urge to grab it.

"I'm fine," he answered. He gave her a smile that made her heartbeat quicken. "How about you?"

Madison felt herself tearing up. She tried to hold them back but to no avail.

Drew saw her crying and tried sitting up. But it was obvious that he was still too weak. Madison hovered over him and placed her hands on his chest to stop him. Upon realizing what she's doing, she paused and stared at her hands. She liked what she's feeling.

Suddenly, Drew placed his hands over Madison's, sending a tingling sensation on her. She slowly linked her fingers on his. She loved what she's feeling.

"I am so sorry," Madison murmured, rubbing her thumb with tears falling from eyes. "This is all my fault."

Drew shook his head, pulling one of his hands from her grasp to wipe her face. "You did not do anything wrong," he whispered back with a smirk. "I was the jerk here."

There was a sudden stillness that swept over them. It was a comfortable one that made the two of the sigh happily.

"You know, I thought if I start dating girls that are exactly opposite to you, I'll be able to move on," he confessed, brushing the strands of hair on her face. It made Madison's heart break, knowing that she had hurt him. "My fight with Hart made me realize that he's right. I don't deserve you. I'm a dumbass."

"No you're not," Madison argued, her face stained with more tears. She was looking at their hands.

Silence again.

"The reason I entered Penn is because Egg told me you'll be studying here," Drew admitted. "Actually, this school was like my 3rd choice but when I heard about that, it became a priority to me. I realized then I never really stopped liking you."

Hearing Drew's profession made Madison feel so happy. She wanted so badly to tell him that she felt the same way but she did not know how to express it. She felt a sudden pull towards him. Slowly, she closed her eyes and pressed her lips on his, continuing the kiss that was once interrupted.