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Epilogue: Fifteen years later


"Anna, sweetie, are you absolutely one hundred percent positive that Mr. Rabbit is under here?" I called out to my three year old as I kneeled on the ground rather uncomfortably so I could look under her bed for the before mentioned stuffed toy. Under the bed is like no man's land for toys, you never know what you may find.

"Yes Mommy." Was the only answer she gave me, which wasn't very helpful.

Granted my youngest daughter wasn't one to waste words, she was the quietest out of the bunch and so self efficient for her age that I couldn't help but jump at the chance to help her look for her toy when she asked for my help rather than finish getting ready to leave. It also didn't help that she was the only one out of my children so far to have her father's green eyes and his auburn hair that fell in really soft curls. She just has to look at me and I swear I would let her get away with murder.

Not that she was the child I had to worry about when it came to thoughts about committing a crime.

"Mommy, Mommy, MOTHER!" I was so engrossed in trying to get my head further under the bed that I didn't hear the stampede of my other hooligans and managed to bang my head in surprise, letting out a string of choice words under my breath as I carefully slid out to lean against Anna's small princess bed. Standing in the door way to the girl's room were two very irate seven year olds, one holding a broken action figure while the other held a headless Barbie doll as they continued to bicker back and forth…this should be good.

I clapped my hands together twice to get their attention. I waited until they quieted down and I had two sets of brown eyes looking at me. "One at a time you are going to explain what happened. Mason, you may go first."

"We was sitting in the den watching the Saturday cartoons and staying out of trouble like Daddy told us when Mae started trying to put her feet in my couch square."

"I was not! You put your feets in my couch square first!"

"And when I told you to move you didn't so I pushed you off."

"You didn't have to kill Barbie!"

"You can't kill something that isn't alives to begin with. And I wouldn't have pulled her head off if you didn't break off Batman's legs!" Edward and I have been trying to teach our children about the importance of personal space. Some parents worry about their kids hitting each other in retaliation. Lucky for us our children have never hit each other…they just break each other's things.

It was only nine in the morning and I already wanted to go back to bed. "Enough you two." I put just enough steel in my voice to let them know they were in trouble. Edward once told me that when I yell my voice goes up into impossible decibels that only old Scamp and his new friend Mittens the kitten could understand. "Both of you are going to help Anna find Mr. Rabbit, no fuss and no fighting. If I hear one more argument before your father comes home I am going to call him and tell him to turn around and bring your cousins home. We will get Mrs. Cooper from next door to watch you instead and you will have to listen to her go on and on about the good old days. That means no TV, no video games, and no junk food, is that understood?" Normally whenever the kids have to be punished Edward does it, he claims that I get too creative.

"Yeah! No cookies!" It's so cute when little Anna chimes in, hands on her hips and feet spread apart.

"We'll be good, we promise!" My hooligans chanted and rushed to help their sister find her Mr. Rabbit. I know that I should have gotten up to finish getting ready to leave but the three of them were just too cute when they weren't arguing, besides I could just throw my hair up in a pony tail and be ready to go. Also at about five months with babies four and five on the way I couldn't get up off the floor. Six percent chance of having multiples my ass, doctors obviously don't know about the Cullen curse. I love all my children but I think having five kids is enough for us. Poor Edward had to get the old snip-snip after my last doctor's appointment when we found out we would be having not one baby boy but two. Mason claimed that it was God giving him a present to make up for giving him another sister the last time we had a baby…where do kids come up with this stuff?

Mae found Mr. Rabbit behind Anna's pillow right before the door bell rang, alerting us all that we had visitors. The kids paused in their actions like a bunch of hunting dogs that caught a scent, and then all ran out of the room like bats out of hell.

It wasn't long before my handsome devil of a husband was leaning against the girl's door frame looking drool worthy in black dress pants, light blue shirt and black jacket, his eyes twinkling at me as he took in my position on the floor. I am sure one of the kids told him mommy was on the floor and couldn't get up. Even after ten years of marriage he still had the ability to make my blood boil.

"Bella, honey?"


"Why are you on the floor?"

"Anna needed help finding her bunny." He shook his head, trying unsuccessfully to hide his grin, as he pushed off the door frame and walked over to help me stand. Once I was steadily on two feet he pulled me in for what I think he intended to be a simple peck on the lips but my hormones weren't having that.

"Bella," he sighed when we finally broke apart. "If there weren't so many damned people waiting for us I would heavily suggest we give Cabby the keys to the minivan to take all the kids to the park so I could have my way with you."

"You, Mr. Cullen have such a way with words. But you know for a fact Mama Sue would kick your ass if we miss Seth's big day and for letting her grandson drive with only a permit." I gave his pouty lips one last kiss before I broke out of his hold to head downstairs, pulling my hair into a pony tail on the way.

"Why would she only kick my ass?" He asked following me.

"Because I am currently carrying her grand babies." I told him matter of factly as I reached the landing and took in the sight of my living room, which was currently filled with three teenagers, a pre-teen, six children ranging from eight to three, one fifteen year old cat and a grey fluff ball of a kitten. Since Edward and I lived in Seattle we decided to let our house be used for babysitting central and for the after party. Edward had gone to pick up all the nieces and nephews from the hotel; we were going to meet all the adults at the UW campus. Even though Edward was able to help get Seth a couple of extra tickets (Edward teaches Music Theory and University band there) we couldn't get enough for all the kids to join us. All the cousins together were quite the sight to behold.

The oldest of the bunch at fifteen was Chris, aka Cabby. He is the spitting image of Jake, height, temperament and all (that included baking thank God, not that anyone is willing to say that to Leah's face). He just finished his freshman year at the old Forks High and was already training for football season. His younger sister Mari was lucky enough to get more Swan genes. She is a bit on the short side for a twelve year old but that doesn't hold her back one bit from hanging with the big boys when it comes to watching sports on TV or from shopping all day with her mother.

Following Cabby in age would be fourteen year old (two weeks from fifteen) twins Callie and Lillie. Yep I said twins (evidence of Cullen curse), Alice was correct in her prediction, much to Rosalie's horror when she went for the first ultra sound at her new doctors. It was a bit rough for her and Emmett when the girls were first born; they took turns going to school part time and working, our parents helping them when they could by watching the girls while they were working or at school. They were the first ones to get married at the age of twenty, which surprised us all a little bit. Both girls have Rosalie's features and her eyes, but Emmett's brown hair. What the family found funny was that while Callie had curly hair, Lillie had straight. For a while when the girls were toddlers, their hair was the only way to tell them apart before we got to know their personalities. They happily help out after school at their parent's car garage in PA where Emmett and Rose are known for restoring and fixing classic cars using original parts and paint colors. You know what they say: a family that fixes cars together stays together.

After the twins is Dana, Sam and Emily's little girl of eight. She is a quiet child but when the entire family gets together for once a month dinners in Forks, she can normally be found trailing after Mason and Mae on whatever adventure passes their fancy. One would think that having her father and Pop-pop Charlie as police officers that she would persuade my devils to stay out of trouble. It just so happens that every idea my hooligans come up with, Dana finds away to make it plausible. She is the only one who Mae allows to call her by her actual name (Esme) and vice versa (Dana Sue).

Alice and Jasper were not immune to the Cullen Twin curse but they get points for being the second pair to get married after college but the last to start having children due to their chosen professions. After Alice gained a degree in fashion design she shocked us all by not trying to get an internship with any of the major designing brands but instead getting a job working in New York City as a costume designer for one of the Broadway clothing companies. Jasper of course followed her to New York City where he started by playing in the musical orchestras and worked his way up to being a music composer. Once a month Alice and Japer would fly in for a week to see everyone back home and Jasper would collaborate with Edward whenever he got musical writer's block. However, four years ago when Alice had Jane and Alec, Alice decided that she wanted to raise the kids where they would be surrounded by family. They moved to PA where Alice opened a costume shop next door to Jasper's musical instrument store. Little Jane is a tiny female version of Jasper who normally allows for her hyper active brother Alec to lead the way for her. Alec is Alice incarnate …enough said. He does help out when it comes to Anna's shyness, mostly because he won't let her get away with sitting by herself and whatever Alec does, Jane does. They are an odd trio but they work.

If I didn't need to save my camera's memory card for later I would be snapping pictures like nobody's business. I have always loved seeing how they all interact with one another, the older cousins making time to see the little ones. Cabby even went as far as missing a school dance in order to not miss the monthly dinners at either Esme and Carlisle's or Mama Sue and Dad's place. I was startled out of my musings when I felt something wrap around my shoulders. I turned my head just as Edward finished placing a light shawl on my shoulders and place a small kiss on the top of my head.

"Come on, traffic is going to be a B-I-T-C-H if we don't leave now," he whispered. "Come and give your mom and me a hug and a kiss before we leave." He called the kids over in a louder voice. Mason and Mae gave us each a quick hug before running away to play with their cousins. Shy little Anna had to be pried off my leg by Edward as he explained that saying goodbye did not mean we were disappearing forever. It is going to kill me this August when I have to start sending her to day care. Best part about being a free lance writer is that I can work from home and be there for the kids, but Edward and I agreed that two newborns and a toddler would be too much to handle on my own. I successfully managed to not shed a tear until Edward and I had safely made it into the car and out the driveway. I thought I could discreetly wipe it away, but Edward has been watching me like a hawk lately (you slip and almost fall when you are pregnant one time and everyone assumes you are going to do it again).

"You okay, Angel? I could always call Charlie and let him know you aren't feeling well." His right hand left the wheel to grab his cell phone from its clip on his belt. I took his hand in mine before he could reach it.

"I'm fine. I was just thinking about how time never seems to slow down when you want it too. It feels like just yesterday Seth was waddling around and now he is graduating college. If I could, I would keep our little ones small and innocent forever."

Edward let out a laugh, rubbing circles on my hand with his thumb, his eyes never leaving the road. "You and I both know that Mason and Mae inherited way too many Swan genes to ever be completely innocent, same goes for Lil and Cal. Rose used to call us all the time about what new scheme they pulled on their teachers, remember the one where they managed to trick a substitute they were the same person until Rose ran up to the school to give Lil her lunch box." For the rest of the drive we traded storied back and forth of the mishaps our nieces and nephew went through and what we can all expect as the others get older. In no time at all Edward pulled into the parking lot for CenturyLink Field and spent a couple of minutes trying to find a space while avoiding all the people who were walking around. As Edward was helping me get out of the car, I wondered how we were going to find everyone when I heard someone a couple rows behind us bellow.

"OVER HERE LOSERS!" Edward and I turned around just in time to see Emmett waving his arms to get our attention and then Rose hit him on the back of his head with one of her hands. "Ouch Rose, why did you have to hit me on the back of the head?" I shook my head as Edward guided me over to where Emmett and Rose were located.

"Because I just got Jackson to fall asleep." She gestured to the sleeping bundle in her arms. For a one month old, Jackson was a bit on the large side, weighing in at ten pounds three ounces when he was born. They had difficulty having another baby after the girls so it was a nice surprise at thanksgiving when they announced they were finally pregnant at thanksgiving. Since he was a baby, he didn't need a ticket. I gave him a light kiss on the head as I gave Rose a hug…or a close to a hug as my stomach would allow. "He has gotten so big!"

"He's not the only one! It's been a month since we last saw you and you look about ready to pop." Emmett's laughter at his own joke turned into a howl of pain as both Rosalie and hit him. I love my brother but sometimes I could do without his mouth.

Edward decided to diffuse the tense moment, incase Emmett was about to say something else. "Where is the rest of the family?"

"They went inside to get seated. Alice texted me their location, I think they are sitting with Clare's Mom and her grandfather." Rose informed us while walking to the stadium. "We really need to thank her for giving us her extra tickets so that Mom, Dad, Alice and Jasper could see Seth graduate too." Seth met Clare in one of his computer science classes during his sophomore year with the Huskies. She asked if the seat next to him was taken and the rest was history. That thanksgiving break Seth brought her home to meet everyone and we knew she was a keeper when she didn't run away screaming. The kids already call her "Aunty C" and she survived babysitting detail more than once with a smile on her face (bless her heart and her sanity).

"You know Seth considers Esme and Carlisle as second parents and I quote 'Allie is my favorite sister' from when he was eight and she willingly sat and watched a cartoon marathon of all the Ninja Turtle cartoons and the movies when she was home from college for spring break." At one point or another we have all been Seth's favorite sibling one way or another, it just depends on what type of mood he is in.

It turned out that we didn't need Alice's directions to help us find where everyone was seated after all. It was hard to miss the bouncing pixie that was jumping up and down on her seat and waving her arms in the air that would make a ground agent directing plane traffic proud. She screamed "WE ARE OVER HERE!" so loud that the entire section looked to where she was standing. For someone who is still so tiny, she sure knows how to gain attention.

"Alice calm down!" Edward yelled back as he helped me maneuver safely through the crowd after Em and Rose. Once we reached her, Alice climbed down from her perch to give us each a hug and explain where we would all be seated. "Bella, you and Edward get the aisle seat and the one next to it," I thanked heaven almighty I wouldn't have to climb over anyone or get stuck in between the rows of seats. "And you, Rose and Em, get the two aisle seats in front of them in case Jackson gets fussy and you have to take him out. We thought since there were so many of us we should use half of two rows to stay together." In mine and Edwards row was Alice, Jasper, Leah, Jake, Sam and Emily. Rose and Emmett were seated next to Esme, Carlisle, Mama Sue and Charlie waved at Edward and I while still in conversation with Clare's mother and grandfather. This was the first time they were all meeting each other and I kept my fingers crossed that we wouldn't scare them away. It isn't easy for such a small family to get used to one as large as ours...they will be meeting the rest of the clan as well as the Texas Whitlocks later at our house for the after party.

The graduation ceremony was nice, a bit on the boring side but still nice. Since we couldn't talk while the Dean of the school, Valedictorian, or the speaker was giving their speeches we all texted random comments to keep ourselves entertained, that included the two graduates. I couldn't figure out where in the sea of caps and gowns Seth was located, which sucked. I mean everyone is here to see their loved ones get a degree; we should at least be able to find them damn it! I snapped a bunch of pictures for all the kids anyway. If they ask where Uncle Seth is I can always point to a spot randomly and say "He is right there!" Besides, Mama Sue and dad had a couple of pictures done professionally so they could put his college graduation picture on the wall with Leah, Sam, Emmett's and mine. Edward and I did slip out a couple of minutes before the ceremony officially ended along with Rose and Jackson; we wanted to make sure we got to the cars safely before the masses could rush to the parking lot in a stampede and trample us…those were Mama Sue's words as she texted us…see even the parents were doing it. Being the first to the cars also meant we were able to head home before the rest and help Uncle Peter, Aunt Charlotte, Garrett, and Kate set up for the party at the house. By the time the rest of the family arrived we had streamers and balloons everywhere on the deck, kitchen, and living room that the older kids insisted on hanging (minus my two for trying to wrap each other up as Mummies) while the younger ones colored the "Congratulations" banner . The food was all laid out on two connecting fold out tables buffet style with a couple of coolers on the ground at the end, one for alcoholic drinks the other for non alcoholic.

"The fun has arrived!" Emmett bellowed as he led the way into the house for everyone else. Seth and Clare were the last to walk through the door after Clare's mother. When they crossed the threshold we all threw confetti at them, I didn't mind the mess so much because it was Edward's week to vacuum and the cats were safely locked away in Mason's room to keep them from getting underfoot.

It is always a blast when we manage to all get together, trading old embarrassing stories as we all stood around the food table while the kids played in our small backyard in the suburbs. It was something I had started to miss, not being with everyone back in Forks. Don't get me wrong, Seattle is nice and everything but nothing can replace being surrounded by family. Nothing like seeing Aunt Charlotte, Esme and Sue incorporate Clare's mother into their little group, she is the only mother to ever have the honor of their company after the Rene incident (we never did find out what happened to Rene after she finally made bail). The men were all corralled around what looked like a tiny portable TV…figures that they would find some sporting event to watch. Leah, Kate and Emily were off to the side playing a drinking game with Alice as they watched all the nieces and nephews playing, every time one of their kids yelled "mom" they had to take a sip…surprisingly it was the teenagers who said it the most as the younger kids hit them with Styrofoam weapons. Rose stood with them while she feed Jackson trying to explain to Clare all that she had to look forward to if Seth ever made an honest women of her.

"Hey Bells." I jumped a little and almost dropped my cup of orange juice. I had been so lost in thought watching everyone that I didn't notice Seth walking up behind me. He grabbed my arm to help me keep my balance. "Whoa there little Mama, wouldn't want you fall over. Wouldn't want Eddie boy to kick my ass for coming over to talk to my favorite sister, now would we?"

I sent him an annoyed look. "What do you want?"

"Can't I just come give my sister a hug on the evening of my graduation?" He told me as he gave me as close to a hug as he could manage with my stomach between us.

I chuckled. "Normally I would say 'yes you can' but you never call any of us your favorite unless you need something. You forget that I have known you since the day you were born and that I have three kids under the age of eight. Out with it."

He gave me a sheepish look. "Can we talk somewhere private?"

This ought to be good.

"Grab a couple of the empty food platters and meet me in the kitchen." I poured out the rest of my juice behind my back and called over to Edward. When he looked my way I yelled that I would be right back after getting another glass. That should keep everyone from walking in on a little brother / sister bonding time.

Seth was pacing a hole through the kitchen floor by the time I got there. Normally Seth is a bit on the confident side, seeing him look nervous like this made me worry. "Seth, please stop moving and tell me what's wrong."

"I don't really know how to go about this." He told me running his hands through his hair as he stopped moving.

"Is it about the job offer for that technical security company here in Seattle? You don't have to accept it if you don't want to. And you can stay here if you need to until you find something."

"No, it's not that. This won't be affecting just me."

"Oh my God you knocked Clare up!" I gripped the counter behind me for support. It isn't that I wouldn't be thrilled but they only just finished college and didn't have jobs yet. "How are you two going to support yourselves? You are going to have to move back in with Mama Sue and Dad, they are the only ones with enough extra space. There has to be something in the water. The women in this family just have to walk into the same room as a man with a dick-"

"WHAT! No!" Seth interrupted my tirade and took hold of my arms gently. "Breath Bella, that's it take a deep breath." He sounded like he was talking to a child. "Clare and I aren't pregnant. I want to ask her to marry me and I want you to help me pick out a ring."

"Oh, that's good for a second there…" then the rest of his comment hit me. "OH MY GOD! You are getting married?" He covered my mouth.

"Shh. I have to ask her first. I figured I would ask you to help since you were the least likely to spill the beans."

" have a point there."

"So, will you help me pick out a ring?"

"Yes, on two conditions."

"What are they?" He asked, squinting his eyes a little.

"The first one is that I get to tell Edward." I held up my hand to stop his protest. "He can help you plan a nice romantic proposal like he did for Jasper and Emmett. You can't tell anyone that he helped them."

He thought about it. "Okay and what is the second condition?"

I gave him my innocent smile. "You have to pay me a five dollar fee."

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"You seriously did not say that to your brother, did you?" Edward commented when we were alone in bed later that night after everyone left to go back to the hotel except for Seth, who is currently sleeping on the floor in Mason's room since he begged oh so nicely. In reality he was staying over so we could ring shop early tomorrow morning before the rest of the family comes by again before heading back to their respective homes.

And Clare's mother and Grandfather are staying the night at "her" apartment…they didn't know that they have been living together for a year now…they are a bit old fashioned.

"I sure as hell did." I told him as I snuggled more comfortably into his arms as he held me against his chest, his left hand rubbing small circles on my stomach.

"You should have charged him more than five dollars after the amount of money we have all lost to him over the years." He chuckled.

I slapped his arm lightly. "The poor guy was sweating bullets just trying to ask for my help. I wasn't going to add any extra stress." He kissed the top of my head to hide his smile.

"So the baby of the family is thinking of getting married?"

"I know." I groaned. "I feel so old. Just yesterday he was the little ring barrier at Sam and Emily's wedding and now he graduated from college, going to have a real life job and is thinking of marriage. How old do you think we will be when these two get around to marriage?" I asked, pointing to my ever expanding belly.

He kissed me roughly on the mouth. "You will never be old to me. Remember, you are my Fallen Angel."

"Don't remind me of that." I told him as I lay my head on his chest to hide my blush. "I was mortified. I had finally gotten the courage to talk to you that year at camp and I ended up falling on top of you."

Edward laughed and tilted my chin back up. "You sure did leave me with a lasting impression. If it wasn't for that Band Camp incident I might not have ever been smart enough to notice you when we met again in Forks."

"And you wouldn't have composed my song." I leaned up and kissed him.

I fell asleep that night like I do almost every night, listening to Edward hum the song he wrote me so long ago with the new sections he added for each of our children.

I wonder what he will add for our new additions?

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