You know that feeling when you just want to write? Well, this is what happens.

This is only my second RENT story ever and I'm not sure if it'll be a multi-chapter or not. Ever since I read Gregory Maguire's Wicked, I've loved the idea of looking into the life of a character before the fact and, recently, decided to do…well, this. In both the musical and movie, Roger and Maureen's relationship is really undefined and I know that there are people that agree with me. So, I began to wonder what would happen if they had some past history. And this was spawned, haha!

If it DOES become a multi-chapter story, the others will obviously be introduced and it will probably be Roger/Mimi and Maureen/Mark then Joanne. Just to keep canon, you know. :) But I guess that depends on what the general opinion is. So, if you're reading, let me know!

Finally, about my timing. I have not seen the musical, but I know that there isn't a set time. The movie is set in 1989-1990, which is technically inaccurate because AZT didn't even become an official HIV/AIDS medication until 1990. So, in my mind, the Christmas where everything began is 1995 while the following events occur in 1996. So, Roger and Maureen would be twenty-four/twenty-five in the play/movie. That's just how sad I am…I think about this stuff :P

Bloody hell, this is probably longer than the actual chapter. Anyway, please review!

To Return To A Friend

Ostensibly, Roger Davis and Maureen Johnson are not particularly close.

Why would they be? They have nothing in common except for their ideals and their friends. Maureen is loud and vain and excitable and self-centred, not out of place on a stage and known to have a wandering eye. Roger is her polar opposite—introverted, angry and just a little self-destructive. The people around them always wondered what would happen if the pair were left alone for an extended period of time.

(Collins used to joke about locking them in a closet and seeing what happened, but that idea never came to fruition. Besides, Collins doesn't joke much anymore.)

But if someone were to look just a little bit closer…

If Mark were to ponder a little on the way Maureen leant her head on Roger's shoulder once, when she was drunk and tired…

If Joanne were to think about the way Roger worriedly cupped her face and asked if she was hurt the night of her protest that Christmas...

If Mimi were to wonder why they never seemed uncomfortable or unhappy around one another, when they are so different that there should be no conceivable way for them to get along…

Perhaps they would find themselves skimming the surface of a relationship much stronger than they gave it credit for. After all, there was so much time unaccounted for.

They had moved into the loft together. Collins doesn't know what happened before that—should've asked, never thought to ask, glad he didn't ask—just that they were two kids in need of some generosity. Mark had moved in shortly after and everyone else just fell into place behind him.

Sometimes he wondered how long they had known one another before that. A few days, weeks, months? Years?

But he never wondered much, and certainly never remembered to ask. None of them did. Neither Roger nor Maureen offered up the information—maybe they were ashamed, or it was very personal. Maybe it was something they wanted to just be theirs. Maybe there was nothing at all to offer.

But let's say there was.

Let's say it went something like this…