Chapter Four: A Lot of Boring Story Stuff

"Where were we?" asked Jelly. "Ah, I was at the very beginning. There was Kitty-One-Kenobi, Misoschnitzel, Deuteronomy, who was just a young kitten, and Mcllama-Billie-Bob-Flapjack-McGee. Oh yes, I forgot one, no two!"

"I've never heard this before." Said Bomba and Demeter at the same time.

"That's because I never told you. Not many of the cats know." Explained Jelly.

"Who else?" asked Rumpleteazer.

"Coricopat and Tantomile and, of course, Old Deuteronomy. Now, back to the story. The other 2 were Jooffelees and Illusion."

"Jooffelees sounds like Mistoffelees!" exclaimed Mungojerrie.

"His mother is one of her descendents. Her parents were Misoschnitzel and Jooffelees. The six travelers were looking for a place to sleep. They needed to find a place quickly and Flapjack ran ahead. This was because his mate, Illusion, was expecting kittens that would be born sometime very soon. Illusion was a small white, tan, black and yellow cat while Flapjack was darker in color. Illusion stayed behind, while her mate ran ahead, with Jooffelees who helped her up the many times she fell. Illusion, being a very selfless, helpful cat, hated this. Meanwhile, Flapjack was tripping over his own paws in the darkness of the alley. Thank your ancestors he tripped over that last tire because if he hadn't he would have walked right past the Junkyard without noticing and that was the only shelter for miles. To make matters worse, it started to rain. It was then that he noticed the junkyard. He ran back to Illusion, who had collapsed on the ground. He told them of the shelter ahead and Kitty, Miso, and Jo helped 'Lusion to her paws while Flapjack grabbed Jooffelees' kitten, Deuteronomy, in his jaws and led them